The Single “Easy As Pie” Tip To Make Your Website BOOM – Guaranteed!

Whatever Business you are running, it is likely lead streams and potential business opportunities are being burned up if you fail to engage clients properly. We get complaints about how websites don’t get enough leads, but on closer inspection the solution is very simple – why should they get business if no one is hustling for any? The use of the “Call To Action” has effectiveness second to none in any industry in any business. So, what exactly is a call to action and how do you get one? The answers are as simple as the CTA itself, and our guide below has you covered when it comes to this essential marketing tool.

Tip To Make Your Website BOOM

Want To Make Your Website BOOM?

CTA for short, the call to action is the single most important aspect of your business. Generally either an image or line of text that prompts your audience to take action to purchase a product or sign up for your service, the CTA connects your business to your visitors. Quite literally, the goal is to get your visitors to “take action” regarding your business.

The action you are hoping they take varies depending on your business. Your pages MUST highlight your CTA throughout, and the CTA itself should stand alone as the most important aspect of every page. In other words, focus on building powerful action slogans, sign up forms, or even downloads that relate to your business.

A call to action can be placed virtually anywhere – at the end of a blog post, on the bottom of your home page, or anywhere else that is applicable. The key is to understand that you have to do more than simply throw up a neon “Click Here” sign to get results. You have to use intelligent CTAs that relate to your business.

With that in mind, here are five calls to action you need on your website:

The Easiest CTA – “Get a Free Quote!”

If you own a business that offers a service, then you have to use the “Get a Free Quote” call to action. Not only does it prompt action, but it also gives visitors a reason to do so! You are offering something of value in return for their action, which is a highly effective technique.

Essential CTA – Prominent Phone Number Placement

Say you’re discussing a subject that relates to your business on your blog, at the end of the post you MUST add your phone number to get leads and results. Additionally, make your phone number apparent at the top of your home page, contact page, about page, footer and anywhere else it’s relevant. The goal is to give your visitors easy access to the contact information they require.

$$$$ CTA – Provide a Discount for a Limited Time

A limited time offer is the ideal way to get people to take action. The scarcity effect is powerful, and causes people to take action far sooner than they might otherwise. If you can, offer a discount on your service or product and advertise that wherever possible on your pages.

Social CTA – Sharing Buttons

Although it’s one of the simplest forms of CTAs, it works incredibly well for generating new visitors to read about your business. If your web design is void of social sharing buttons, implement them immediately and restructure your pages to be share-friendly.

Get Involved CTA – Generate interest for upcoming events

Should your business be hosting a special event, or some other in person promo, advertise it! You can easily place a sign-up form for your visitors should they want to attend your event. This generates interest in it and makes it easier for your audience to make it their priority.


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So… matter what type of business you own, a CTA is crucial for making the most of your site! Don’t believe us, try any of the CTAs above and see for yourself.

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  1. @ Pradeep Kumar

    It is a picture or line of content that prompts your guests, leads, and clients to make a move. It is, truly, a “call” to take an “activity.”
    I am agree with you.


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