Should you get KVM VPS Hosting for WordPress?

If you are moving on from a 100% free blog site, or just starting out with an independent WordPress site you’ve made a smart decision. There may be more responsibilities that come along with a site you need to organize hosting for, compared to the free sites, but the freedom to customize your own site, along with the extra security and 100% ownership of the content makes it very worth it, so long as you make the right choice of host.

Should You Get KVM VPS Hosting For WordPress

So the burning question is what kind of hosting do you want to go for, and in this case, is KVM VPS hosting worth getting for a WordPress blog site? The answer is pretty simple; it’s huge, shout it out YES! Here’s why.

You get your own resources

It may sound a bit greedy but who wants to share a server with random strangers? VPS stands for virtual private server – so there you have it. Your – own – server. Shared hosting is a bit like living in a student house share. It may be cheaper but the security and privacy can be compromised quite easily, and there’s always someone around waiting to use your leftovers before you could even say that was okay!

VPS + KVM = an excellent resource

KVM stands for Kernel-based Virtual Machine, and it is situated right above a server but not dependent on it. KVMs are known for being extremely reliable, and they are also very flexible.

A KVM VPS host is more reliable

Web browsers want instant this and instant that – they want pages that load quickly, images that don’t trigger a spinning egg timer for days, and a site that’s pretty much always available. A KVM VPS hosting option means you are never left with huge stretches of downtime – while a shared server can be brought down by others using it in an instant. A slow or often unavailable website really damages your SEO ranking too, which isn’t very surprising but is incredibly frustrating when this happens and it isn’t your fault.

A KVM VPS host is more secure

Imagine a VPS as a secure building with one entrance to protect, while shared hosting is like a building with multiple ways in and out. Inevitably it is more vulnerable to hackers who may be looking to steal sensitive data from the clients or customers who use your WordPress site or just spread viruses for badness. In some situations, certain sites can be the focus of an attack which is intended to disrupt or close the site. You should take every possible precaution to stay safe and secure.

A KVM VPS host can be affordable

Many people assume that any kind of private server will be crazily expensive but that isn’t actually true in all cases. There are plenty of top quality VPS providers able to organize a contract that best meets your needs for a reasonable fee. Of course, you may expect to pay a little more if you are running a serious and growing business from a WordPress site, but even then this is a very good value option.

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