Shortest URL Shortener – is the best URL shortener I ever seen. Up to my knowledge this is the only site that provides world’s shortest URL.

Even though it works as ordinary URL short services.  Using indeed is simple. Go to and enter your desired link there and you will see the shortest URL domain name you ever observed in any URL short services.

Using this cool URL short service we resized this post’s URL into small size.

Original link :

Short URL : [Link Disabled]

The new URL is a whopping 54 characters (79%) shorter! They also provide you HTML and Forum code.

So why to use this Short URL Service instead of other URL services available?

  • is the shortest domain name available.
  • doesn’t use look-alike characters, such as l, 1, I, 0, and O.
  • is not serious about cases, so you can easily read your URLs to someone over the phone or send them via SMS.
  • is a palindrome – if you are ignoring the dot.

Updated: Due to constant abuse, this service has been discontinued.

You can also try other famous URL Shorteners like,,, etc.

HBB launched its own URL Shortener, but it will used only for our own resources.

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13 thoughts on “Shortest URL Shortener –”

  1. also the shortest url…
    .-= sudharsan @ technoskillonline’s last blog…Tips to Boost Pagerank – Next PR update March-April 2010 =-.

  2. Threely ( is way better… it has all the features of and more, like customizations!

    I use threely’s for my tweets all the time…


    1. I agree Nina ! But overall debut performance I guess UNU is really cool !

      As a lover of website design, I really like the look of UNU ! πŸ˜‰

      Thanks for commenting ! Cheers !

  3. url shortners wars are going on too much of url shortners that’s only credit goes to Twitter,does we really need too much url shortners now.

  4. Hey,

    I have been using for a while now, it has got great API support and simple tracking, just add a ‘?’ after the link and you get the stats.

    For instance, if its enter unu/abcd? and you will get details of the link and how many times it was used. Its simple and does’nt suck bandwidth.

    Good to see featured here, its one of my fav’s, second comes

    I tried making for my sister anu, but its already taken πŸ™


    1. Wow ! Thanks for sharing mate ! πŸ™‚

      The stats are really cool .. it would be nice if they could password-protect those URLs !

      Cheers for your sis Anu ! πŸ™‚

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