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Royal Weddings: Why We Can’t Get Enough


If Prince William and Catherine’s wedding in 2011 was anything to go by, the 19th May will be one of the feelgood moments of the year. At midday in St Georges Chapel, Windsor Castle, Prince Henry ‘Harry’ of Wales and Rachel ‘Meghan’ Markle will tie the knot, lifting the spirits of most of the nation at the same time.

Royal Weddings: Why We Can’t Get Enough

Indeed, it was Princess Diana’s wedding to Harry’s father Charles in 1981 that is mostly seen as a ‘high-point’ in terms of interest in the Royal Family. That event was seen by an estimated 750 million people worldwide and, while we consume media in a different way today, a similar level of interest is expected in Harry and Meghan’s wedding.

Wills and Harry have raised the stock of the British Royal Family

In a way, the romances of the two princes, William and Harry, have revived interest in the Royal Family not seen since their mother was alive. In the 1990s there was something of a disconnect between the British public and the Royals, partly fuelled by the events surrounding and the reaction to Princess Diana’s death.

The Princes have done a lot to mend those fences with the British public, their outgoing personalities allowing the average person to feel more empathetic with the pair. Harry, in particular, has displayed both the flaws and positive attributes of any young man growing up, making him seem more like ‘one of ours’.

Media scrutiny over Harry and Meghan has been massive

While it is hard to judge whether Harry’s wedding will eclipse Wills’, it cannot be doubted that it will be a huge event. There have been a handful of royal weddings since Diana and Charles, including Prince Andrew, Princess Anne and Prince Edward, but nothing that compares to the hype surrounding William or Harry’s. Indeed, media scrutiny has been massive in the lead up to this wedding, with Meghan Markle – and her family – coming under the kind of spotlight not even seen in Hollywood.

It All Ends with Branding

Although many don’t see what the fuss is about, generally the British nation loves these events. Expect plenty of parties and events over the weekend to celebrate the wedding, along with the odd grumble about the fact that there is no extra bank holiday to mark the occasion.

Suits co-star likely to be at the event

As with any momentous event, bookmakers too have got into the spirit of things and are offering odds on all things Harry and Meghan. Indeed, many casual punters will see having a bet on the guest list – ranging from 1/100 Patrick Adams and the Obamas at 3/1, right up to Donald Trump at 100/1 (all odds from Betfair) – as a fun way to take part in the occasion.

The Royals now have a permanent spot in many bookies’ novelty bets section, so you can check out the latest Royal Wedding Betting to back things like the weather (13/8 it rains, 4/9 it shines, odds also from Betfair) and find the latest promotions.

Press fascination with couple is likely to continue

Will this fascination with the young royals keep up after the wedding has finished? You can be sure that the media will keep the spotlight on the couple. Certainly, tabloid journalist and paparazzi will be staying on the lookout for any signs of a royal baby.

But for Harry and his new bride Meghan, it seems that they have gained the good graces of the British public. It remains to be seen whether it’s the zenith of our love affair with royal weddings or just the beginning of a new chapter in Britain’s obsession with all things Windsor.

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