Top 3 Retail Marketing Agency Advertising Trends For 2014

Every Australian retailer should be aware of the latest retail marketing trends. These trends can enable a store working in conjunction with a retail marketing agency to reach a larger audience and bring in more customers than was previously possible. Following are the top three trends for the 2014-year, as well as a brief overview of why they are crucial to business growth.

1. Video Marketing

There are two main reasons why video marketing is so effective. One reason is the fact that people are more likely to buy a product after seeing it on video. Another reason is the fact that optimising a YouTube video for Google is one of the few effective SEO tactics that Google has not targeted with its recent algorithm updates. Given the fact that video advertising is free and up to 1.5 billion individuals are set to be watching online videos by the year 2016, a business could hardly hope for a more effective advertising platform.

2. “Super-Targeting”

Company and retail marketing agency owners alike are starting to realise that customers will interact with a company numerous times before making a purchase. For this reason, many a retail-marketing agency will use tactics such as remarketing to provide continual online advertisements to individuals that may only visit a site once or twice. Many retailers are also starting to look for ways to track customers as they use various devices. (i.e. laptop, smart phone, iPhone, tablet, etc.)

The ever-increasing level of online competition has made “super-targeting” a must. Companies that cannot handle this form of advertising in-house would do well to work with a retail-marketing agency that has experience with this form of advertising. Super targeting not only increases the odds of making sales but also helps a company learn more about the needs, wants and concerns of potential customers.

3. Networking

While working with a retail-marketing agency is a highly effective form of networking, this is not the type of networking that is fast becoming one of the most popular marketing trends for 2014. Instead, many companies are looking for global partners that can introduce their products to new markets. An Australian company that is interested in growth and expansion may want to partner with a similar industry in a different country or even a different city; such networking benefits both parties and is often a highly profitable venture for all involved.

Any business owner serious about turning a profit this year may want to consider implementing one or more of these top three retail advertising and marketing trends. Both multinational corporations and small, start-up enterprises use these techniques. A company can engage in one or more of these forms of advertising either with or without the assistance of a retail-marketing agency; however, working with such an agency is often a wise move. A business like Traffic retail marketing agency saves a business owner a lot of time, help him or her learn various online advertising techniques and strategies and make it easy to get a small business off to a successful, profitable start.

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