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6 Simple Ways To Reduce Your PDF File Size


PDF files are one of the ingenious ways to send your important documents and files using secured transmission. If you have large volumes of files to be transmitted, you would further like to shrink the file size of PDF files. It is also hard to attach big size PDF files and email it to your friends or clients as transmission time will be huge. It is better to shrink it and send.

Reduce PDF File Size

Here are some of the best ways that are useful for shrinking your PDF files:

1. Use the Save As Command:

When you are trying to save the PDF files, use the Save as Command, so that Acrobat rewrites the entire PDF document as entirely as possible. If you choose the option as save the changes are appended to the file, which means the file size is increased. By default, Acrobat Save As command is also optimized for web page viewing and allows to be downloaded on a page-by-page basis from a network or a web server, thereby reducing the time taken for downloading and allowing better accessibility and viewing performance.

2. Name Destinations: Use ‘em or Lose ‘em:

Named destinations are being used as markers for identifying locations in a PDF file. This comes in handy when the authors decide to link a second PDF file to a specific point in the first document. However, every ten or so named destinations cost 1 kb of place and therefore is best to try to avoid using them.

3. Print file using Adobe Print Driver:

This is one of the easiest ways that actually does the job of shrinking rather than trying to reduce the space that is being used to create a PDF. It is one little trick that when you want to shrink a PDF document, open them and resave them using an Adobe PDF printer. You can locate for this option from the File menu option and choose Adobe PDF in the drop down list of printers. This option saves a real lot of the space by reducing the file size incredibly from even 20 MB to 3 MB.

4. Audit the use of space in the file:

To achieve this, do this, Choose advanced menu option and select PDF optimizer. When you choose the Audit Space Usage button in this dialog box, the audit results will help you to identify the most effective ways to reduce the file size by showing the elements that are significantly large. The report will appear as the number of bytes used by fonts, images, bookmarks, forms and comments, and in toto file size.

5. Manage your graphics:

Graphics are a big problem while optimizing the PDF files with size as the criteria. The best way to manage the graphics is to initially use vector based graphics that scale appropriately, looks better even when they are reduced in size to fit into a smaller space and are much better than the pixel based GIF.

Nevertheless, if you are going to use a bitmap file, prepare it for maximum compression and minimum dimensions without losing the ratio and clarity. For further reduction in the size of the file, use the Advance menu option, choose PDF Optimizer and select compressions options to compress color, grayscale, and monochrome images or choose the option of Enable Adaptive Compression option.

6. Minimize fonts:

Fonts take up a lot of space and if possible do not embed fonts but always try to keep your fonts to the minimum readable size.

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    • Jafaloo | Tech Blog

      These are really very nice tips to reduce the PDF file size. Here is an article which says about editing PDF files (http://www.jafaloo.com/2012/05/07/how-can-i-edit-pdf/)

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      Nice tips to reduce the pdf file size. But there are some online tools available which can also reduce the pdf size. Mentioning the link here: http://www.cvisiontech.com/online-conversion/general/main.html

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      Initially, font size is one of the correct paths to reduce the PDF file size. So, thank you so much for given up here.

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      That interesting. Ebooks are popular nowadays and are mostly in .pdf format. Thanks for sharing tips to reduce .pdf extension file size

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      Thanks for sharing the ways through which we can reduce size of .pdf format file

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      Managing the graphics is very difficult and very hectic process in PDF. they consume a lot of space and lot of memory. I try to change them as much as i can but will not be success all time. I think minimizing the font will do some what help in reducing the size dude 🙂 Thanks for info 🙂

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