5 reasons to choose Samsung ACs this summer

Quality product equipped with modern technologies offering great value for money is what most Indians associate with the name Samsung. This South Korean electronic equipment manufacturer entered the Indian market in 1995 and has been a major player in its consumer electronics segment. 

Reasons To Choose Samsung ACs This Summer

Samsung AC had only a 5% share in the almost Rs.16,000 crore worth Indian air conditioner market in 2019, and to become a segment leader, the company decided to make further investment. The company has recently updated its product range for 2021, and there are several reasons for consumers to opt for a Samsung AC this year.

Top 5 reasons to select Samsung ACs in 2021 summer

  1. Innovative technology

Samsung is popular all over the world and in India for its advanced technology. In this instance, the Wind-Free feature available in the 2021 line up of ACs needs special mention. This technology has integrated 23,000 micro holes in the product’s body, which has improved the air-flow throughout the room.

Also, this system now has the support of a PM1.0 air filter that captures even the ultrafine particles to ensure a cleaner air-flow.

  1. Smart and connected features

The current Samsung AC models have smart and connected features that improve user experience. Facilities like Wi-Fi and voice control allow individuals to control air conditioners through their smartphones and smart home speakers. 

The geo-fencing based Welcome Cooling feature is a smart addition, which cools the rooms before users reach their home.

  1. Intelligent power savings option

The trademark 5-in-1 convertible technology has made Samsung air conditioners energy efficient. This feature allows customers to control the capacity of their ACs as per their requirements.

For instance, in case of a crowded room, they can opt for Party Mode, which increases the cooling capacity. On the other hand, if a user is alone at home, he/she can opt for Home Alone Mode, which reduces its capacity to almost 40%, and saves energy. Furthermore, the availability of a Digital Inverter boost maintains a room’s temperature without turning off the AC. Resultantly, it saves up to 41% energy.

Furthermore, the current models from Samsung use Motion Detect Sensors, which helps an AC to shift to power saving mode if it does not detect any human presence for more than 60 minutes.

  1. Hassle-free maintenance

One of the most notable benefits of choosing an air conditioner from Samsung is its hassle-free maintenance. Modern ACs have the Easy Filter Plus feature that offers the convenience of self-service, where users can easily clean their ACs at home without any help from experts.

  1. Wide service network

Another major reason to opt for Samsung air conditioners this summer is their widespread touchpoints all over the country. Hence, buyers can quickly get their ACs installed and serviced without any delay.

Apart from these, Samsung’s current line-up of air conditioner prices also makes them an excellent value for money proposition. Buyers can now avail the benefits of leading technologies at a pocket-friendly price. Additionally, with the help of a Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card, they can streamline their purchase by converting it into easy EMIs.

Latest models from Samsung to look out for

  • Samsung split AC – AR18RG3BAWKNNA

Price: Around Rs.36,000

Specifications: With a power consumption of 1860 watts, this 3-star AC from Samsung brings a cooling capacity of 5050 watts. Equipped with the latest features, this 1.5-ton AC can easily cool any room of up to 130 square feet with ease.

  • Samsung split inverter AC – AR18TY5QAWKNNA

Price: About Rs.35,000

Specifications: This 1.5-ton inverter AC is energy efficient with 5-star ratings and 1465 watts power consumption, but has a strong cooling capacity of 5217 watts. One of the highlights of this particular product is the availability of dust, anti-bacteria, and HD filter that provide better air quality within a room. It possesses an ISEER rating of 4 W/W.

The Samsung AC range is extensive and includes products with varied specifications and pricing. Buyers can visit the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store to check out the latest stock from the brand, and shop from over 43,000 retailers and avail the best prices.

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