4 Reasons Businesses Should Offer Hosted Email

Everyone needs email. In fact, the average person checks their email around 15 times every day.

Often, companies with the ability to provide their clients with hosted email services simply don’t bother. This is usually because they’re failing to see the potential benefits they can receive from offering hosted email to their customers.

Reasons Businesses Should Offer Hosted Email

Here are 4 reasons businesses should offer hosted email:

1. Encourage Customer Loyalty

Customer expectations are constantly increasing, and customers have more businesses to choose from than ever before. A report by Salesforce found that 76% of customers say it’s easier than ever to switch from one brand to another- until they find a customer experience in line with their expectations. This puts the power in their hands, and businesses that exceed their customers’ expectations will be rewarded with brand loyalty.

Providing customers with hosted email is a great way to give them that ‘something extra.’ This makes it more likely that they’ll purchase your other products and services in the future.

2. Improve the Customer Journey

Being competitive isn’t just about launching innovative new services and products. Sometimes, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel, and businesses can play to their strengths be providing fast, secure, reliable hosted email services for businesses of all sizes.

By offering email services, B2B businesses have an excellent opportunity to offer other trials and offerings, gradually expanding the buy-in and increasing customer lifetime value.

3. Increase Brand Awareness

The average consumer is exposed to see between 4,000 and 10,000 ads every day. Customers have reached saturation with this type of advertising, and are automatically tuning out most of these ads (assuming they haven’t already used an ad blocker).

As previously mentioned, most people check their email multiple times a day. When you offer hosted email, those people are seeing your branding, website, and promotions every time they log in. This creates brand awareness, keeping you and your business top-of-mind.

Email marketing continues to evolve each year, but it remains one of the best ways for businesses to stay relevant to leads and customers. In fact, 79% of B2B marketers consider email to be the best distribution channel when it comes to demand generation.

Offering hosted email is a great way to build your own email list, which means you can offer them content upgrades, new services, customer support, and more.

4. Grow Consumer Trust

It’s not uncommon for email services to shut down unexpectedly. This can be devastating for both individuals and businesses and can mean that they lose their entire email history, contact list, and more.

Often, this is because email providers choose to focus on other products like mobile and entertainment. The good news? This is an excellent opportunity for businesses who do offer email to differentiate themselves in the marketplace.

These days, it’s easier than ever to outsource your email services to an experienced, secure vendor. For businesses on the fence about offering hosted email, this can be an excellent compromise- since you’ll improve customer experience without needing to run your email platform in-house.

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