5 Proven Ways To Get Back To Work After Caring For Your Family

Women always find difficulty in getting jobs after taking career breaks. In 2009, the US Centre for Work-Life Policy study revealed that 73% of returners had trouble finding their new jobs.

Some of the tell-tale reasons why you may consider career breaks include; bringing up preschool children, caring for a dependant, or you may feel like having a break. However, if you set the right systems now, you may never find trouble getting back to work. In reality, you cannot just get back to work as soon as you quit the break. You may even have to seek out some education, which may require you shop for a student loan.

Proven Ways To Get Back To Work After Caring For Your Family

The following values will help you to stay relevant within the break. First, don’t stop networking. Networking enables you to stay connected with your employer. Always remain confident, and avoid any regrets concerning why you took the break. Even if you want to get back to work after caring for your family, chances are you may still have more tasks to handle.

For this reason, you should consider work-life balance jobs. After caring for your family, here are five ways to get back to work.

Become A Data Scientist

This job is as simple as presenting complex data in a clear and concise manner. In reality, Data Science is like a soft skill that anyone can learn. Data Scientists also fit in other areas of financial analysis, market research, and risk analysis.

Data Community Organization finds that data science could also apply in programming, statistics, mathematics, business, and machine learning. If you do data science on a part-time basis, you will network with a lot of companies that may consequently lead you to a full-time employment.

Digital Marketing

The easiest way to enter into this niche is by working for digital marketing agencies. Catching up with a fulltime job can be difficult for someone who is from a career break.

One thing that stands unique about Digital Marketing is its efficiency. Whichever dream job you think getting back to, chances are that digital marketing will help you get there. You will use search engines, websites, emails, and social media to market people’s services as you get new professional acquaintances.

Become A Teacher

In 2014, UNESCO’s Institute of Statistics estimated that the world needs almost 69 million new teachers. In our postmodern world, you can teach anything you feel like teaching. The unique part about teaching is the flexibility that comes with it. For this reason, more people are considering this option.

Teaching is a good transition job, which will make you familiarize with the workplace again. If you teach online from home, you will attract high hourly rates. Despite all, you will work at your convenience. This is beneficial because you will be working without leaving your home. You can still keep up with household chores like: doing laundry, dishes and keeping the house tidy. Plus, if you ever decide to move to a new location, you can take your work with you instead of looking for a new one.

Become A Software Developer

Software developers are concerned with developing applications, and software. Even though a typical software developer is not a software engineer, one can quickly advance into such fields.

Imagine assessing consumer’s needs, and developing software that meets those needs. Definitely, such products sell. Therefore, this is an easy way to get back to work. As a software developer, you can buy a computer system and work as an individual, work as a software publisher, or develop systems for finance and insurance companies.

We have plenty of resources online to help you get started as a software developer. If you love what you are doing, it can be easy to adapt. Software developers can also work for manufacturing companies.

Become A Research Analyst

If you have a background in investigative journalism, then that’s a plus. But it is not mandatory, as this job involves research. Your work as a research analyst will be to prepare investigative reports.

You may have to use basic statistical research methods to collect, analyze, and interpret data. You can analyze past results, identify trends, and provide forecasts. When compared to other jobs, research analysis is easier to get started. This fact makes it ideal for one to get back to work after caring for the family.

It Might Take Time – but it’s Possible

As shown above, you should never let daring statistics shock you from taking career breaks. Your family is more important than your job. These jobs were taken because it’s easy to dive into them after caring for your family.

This doesn’t mean other jobs aren’t out there – you just have to find what works best for you. You may even want to enroll in some college classes just to get a better understanding of your work. Doing this may impress your employer – and they’ll know how much you value your work.

Another critical point to note is that 40 percent of people who get back to work end up getting full-time employment. With patience and hard work, you will get back to work after caring for your family.

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