Why You Should Protect Your Password In Cyber Cafe

You must have used the cyber cafe or public computers to access the Internet or especially your email sometimes. Public computers are most prone to password hacking. Anyone can just install a keylogger (or Keystroke logging) software to hack your password. You need to learn how you can protect your password in cyber cafe with this simple trick, which often confuses the hackers, or say wannabe hackers.

This is one of the most insidious threats to a user’s personal information such as passwords, credit card numbers, private email addresses, phone numbers, and much more.

Protect Your Password In Cyber Cafe

Protect Your Password In Cyber Cafe

It is now very easy for the keylogger to harvest passwords. Each and every keystroke (whatever you type on the keyboard) gets recorded in the keylogger software and the person who installed it can easily view what you have typed in.

Example: If you go to hotmail.com and check your emails. Consider your ID is hellboundbloggers@gmail.com and your password is rapper. The keylogger software can easily record your username, email address and password in its log file.

Risky isn’t it?!

There’s solution to this problem, and you can easily fool the hacker. The keylogger software sees and records everything, but it doesn’t understand what it sees. It does not know what to do with keys that are typed anywhere other than the password or user name fields. So, between successive keys of the password, if you enter random keys, the keylogger software won’t ever come to know where you typed in what.


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In the process of recording the keys, the string that the keylogger receives will contain the password, but embedded in so much random junk that discovering it is infeasible. This is not a complete secure way to protect your passwords but it’ll save you from script kiddies and wannabe hackers. Apart from worrying about this, you should always have a strong and secure password, don’t just create a password randomly with your blog, do use special characters and strengthen them.

12 thoughts on “Why You Should Protect Your Password In Cyber Cafe”

  1. Good informative post. I didn’t know about it. From now I’m going to be aware that some cafes have key logger installed in their computers.

  2. I don’t trust the computers on a computer cafe, that is why I always have my laptop with me. If I need to check something that needs info like password, I just turn on my laptop on a hotspot and viola!

    • Computers in "legit" internet cafes usually have a very robust firewall, as well as other security features enabled to prevent keyloggers and such from stealing your personal info.

  3. It is necessary to select a strong password and also to secure your computer from spyware and malware so that stealthy applications such as keyloggers do not attack your computer. Then only you can ensure safety of your passwords.

  4. Interesting, I actually do the same when I suspect a public computer system may record my key strokes :).


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