6 Profitable Ways to Grow Your eCommerce Business to Next Level With Shiprocket

eCommerce businesses often struggle to grow with the challenging market competition and ever-increasing costs. Companies usually spend a significant chunk of time in processing physical products especially when they have to ship it to the customer. A lot of resources and time are spent on the tasks that could otherwise help in the growth of a business.

Profitable Ways To Grow Your ECommerce Business To Next Level With Shiprocket

Growing eCommerce business to the next level is much more than just taking orders. It is expanding the customer reach of your business, streamlining the order fulfillment process along with other crucial things such as making delivery a hassle-free affair.  

But shipping products is one thing that is necessary for a business that owns physical products. The question is, isn’t there a better alternative to handle these tasks than accomplishing everything manually?

With shipping automation tools like Shiprocket in the market, there is finally a lot of opportunities for business to focus on their growth and innovation of products. Let us discover, how companies like Shiprocket are helping organizations achieve their goals and soar high in their niche.

Post Order Experience

Online commerce does not merely end with package delivery. One of the most critical aspects is the post order experience that can turn a seasonal shopper into a loyal customer. The lack of it can be considered as a missed opportunity in capitalizing on your seasonal shoppers. But even though, plenty of eCommerce logistics companies cater to the cost and timely delivery demands of businesses, very few of them focus on the post order experience.

Having said that, it is now possible to create an experience for your customer, once you ship the order. On the one hand, it is profiting your business by reaching out to the buyers to get their feedbacks, reviews, experience along with offering more products that will complement the customer’s purchase. While on the other hand, the buyer feels valued and their shopping experience feels enriched.

Optimize order fulfilment

The entire process of Order fulfillment is full of challenges. Right from managing your inventory to scheduling a pick-up and more, order fulfillment is a full-time task. It gives rise to an urgent need of integrated solutions that will help in streamlining and supporting the eCommerce growth of businesses through order fulfillment from a single platform. With modern shipping automation platforms, you can find various tools to simplify your shipping along with saving time and money at the same instant.

Now, businesses can integrate their selling channels such as Amazon, eBay, Shopify etc. under a single panel and decide to scale their operations as and when they like. Ultimately, it is giving rise to flexible and dynamic eCommerce growth.

Lower shipping costs

The eCommerce industry is growing at an unprecedented rate. This growth is also providing a surge to the parcel delivery costs around the world. Therefore, delivery costs account for enormous expenses for a business. But for a small business to stay competitive in the market and bear the burden of these costs can be daunting.

Thanks to automation enablement companies that are helping to reduce the costs involved in delivering packages for businesses. The diminishing prices are on account of multiple logistics partners that are eager to offer competitive rates. Alternatively, it is also helping sellers offer promotional free shipping to the buyer, with much fewer costs to bear. Lower shipping costs on the other hand also compliment business and increase the chances of a sale.

Make returns easy

As many as parcels get delivered successfully, so are a significant chunk of them returned to the merchant. eCommerce returns are growing exponentially, at a rate of 98.4% over the past four years. And there are hardly any chances of these figures reducing. The real question is how to prepare for these returns so that it doesn’t affect the growth of your business?

Each return order accompanies a shipping cost. As most of the businesses incur it themselves to provide a hassle-free shipping experience to the customer, it ultimately accounts for large expenses.

The remedy for this problem might not be absolute, but shipping software such as Shiprocket aim at reducing these return order costs for businesses so that shipping remains a hassle-free task at the seller as well as the buyer’s end. Logistics companies usually charge the same fees for return orders as they do for forwarding orders unless tied up with a handpicked shipping software.


Most of the eCommerce businesses find it hard to conduct market research in finding the most betting shipping solution for their business. Some of these hire a full-time person to do the job, and others use some research mechanisms that end up taking plenty of time and resources.
However, with the wave of automation sweeping off the eCommerce industry, there is a better and effective way to accomplish the task of finding a right courier.
Technology’s latest Courier recommendation engine uses an advanced machine learning algorithm to find the best courier partner according to a businesses’ shipping needs.

Furthermore, we are living in an age where customers no longer want to wait for days to receive their products. With CORE to their rescue, sellers can set their shipping priority as ‘fastest delivery’ and find the top logistics partners who can cater to their needs at relevant costs.

Increased reach to customers

Reaching out to customers is one of the most imperative tasks for entrepreneurs all over the world. Primarily when you’re occupied with processing your orders, targeting newer areas, and buyer segments can be tough. Amidst all these atrocities, Shiprocket helps a business reach out to 26000+  PIN Codes in India and over 220 countries across the globe.

There is also a lot to thank the growing online marketing, as businesses can find new customers and markets just a click away on the Internet. Statistics suggest that nearly 6 billion searches are performed on Google every day. Some people are precisely searching what you’re offering. By adopting smart digital marketing practices and shipping remedies such as Shiprocket, you can reach out to these customers no matter if they are shopping in India or anywhere in the world.

As we step more and more into the future, the logistics industry will be seen moving towards adapting automated services for various operations. It will not just be a leap for the growth of business but also a smart option to operate with maximum efficiency. Finally, companies will be able to focus more on innovation and customer satisfaction. And the hassles in order fulfillment will exist, but that’s what companies like Shiprocket are here for.

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