Online Casinos And Payment Security

One of the primary concerns of potential players when online casinos first appeared, was that this type of gambling would be unsafe in comparison to land-based facilities. The internet was still a relatively new phenomenon when the first online casino was established, and some people were still skeptical in regard to payment technology.

Online Casinos And Payment Security

On the other hand, there was also uncertainty in terms of how successful online casinos would be. People where used to land-based casinos and other gambling facilities and it seemed that the internet can’t capture the social moment and that it will fail for that reason.

Still, there were investors and casino enthusiasts that online gambling is too good an opportunity to miss out on. In the first few years, there weren’t a lot of payment options, or a lot of games. Things soon changed and nowadays it is a lot safer to gamble at a reputable casino online, as opposed to a land-based facility.

Casino Payment Options

Most online casinos offer at least several payment options. Credit and debit cards are accepted pretty much everywhere, and deposits are processed instantly. In most cases, there will be no fee, other than the fee that your card provider might charge. Cards are also accepted as a withdrawal method, although withdrawals usually take longer than deposits, and the amount of time could vary from a day or two up to five working days. If your casino provider is registered in the same country as your country of residence, that period might be shorter.

While credit and debit cards might be the most common, they aren’t the only payment option, by any means. Multiple popular e-Wallets such as Skrill and PayPal are also accepted. Deposits are also instant, whereas withdrawals are actually faster than credit or debit card withdrawals. These methods are preferred by players who don’t want to share their credit or debit card information online, or those who don’t want to fund gambling activities with their card.

Depending on your country of residence and the casino in question, there might be locally available e-Wallets that are also supported. In addition to e-Wallets, prepaid cards are also an option, depending again on your country of residence. Last but not least, wire transfer payments are also accepted by certain casinos. Although these payments take long time to be processed, some people prefer them as they see them as safest payment options, or simply don’t want to be bothered with online payment options.

Security Measures And Protection Systems

When it comes to security there are two aspects. First is protecting the transaction itself, so that no third parties will be able to gain access to transaction details and potentially steal funds from either the player’s account or the casino’s account, and the protection of financial data. Casinos use top-notch state of the art encryption technology which ensures that all data in the transaction process is encrypted, i.e. cyphered so that even if a third party gains access to the information they won’t make much use of it, or to put it simply, they will not able to understand it.

Casinos keep players personal data, as per the instructions of the latest data protection protocols such as the GDPR in Europe and this data cannot be accessed by third parties either. Casinos also use malware protection software to protect their systems from intrusion and malware attacks.

So, if you’re looking to play online slots and other casino games like Roulette and Blackjack, security should be the last of you concerns, particularly if you register with a reputable online casino.

By comparison, if you play at a land-based casino and you get paid in cash you might have to walk with a lot of cash on you and if there are a lot of players at the casino at the time, they might be aware of this fact.

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