Norway Is The Next Online Gaming Capital

Norway is the next online gaming capital. This trend is going to surprise a lot of the spectators and trend spotters that have been keeping their eyes on the gambling world for a long period of time, since Norway has had such an ambivalent history with regards to gambling.

Online slots or how the Norwegians says: online casino spilleautomater jack and the beanstalk, have been particularly successful in Norway. Websites like the Himmel Spill website at are becoming popular all around the world and with the gaming community at large, offering people the sorts of slots that are very difficult to find elsewhere.

Norway Is The Next Online Gaming Capital

Slot machines were once much more regulated in Norway, but to a certain extent, this legislation has been trumped by the technological changes that have brought online slots into an entirely new era. A lot of the earlier legislation written about slot machines was all about the physical slot machines in land-based casinos. It seems that many of the lawmakers at the time hugely underestimated the tremendous rise of online casinos and online slot machines around the world and in Norway in particular.

In 2004 alone, slot machines generated twenty-six billion Norwegian dollars. In spite of the positive effects that gambling has on all economies, including the Norwegian economy, the Norwegian government is still ambivalent about gambling. However, the gambling industry has changed a great deal since 2004. In 2011, the Norwegian government was still working to fight online gambling companies, especially in such a way that they would prevent the flow of Norwegian money overseas. Still, companies like Norske Tipping were able to operate even then. Five years later, it appears that the Norwegian government is losing the fight altogether.

Online slots or how the Norwegians says: online casino spilleautomater jack and the beanstalk are popular enough that websites that introduce them can start to become profitable at a very fast pace. The website is relatively new, and it has already become one of the most popular online gaming sites that people can visit today. Online companies of all kinds are extremely resourceful, and it is getting more and more difficult for governments to enforce laws related to many online companies.

Slot games have been growing in popularity in Norway since the 1990’s, and they have only become more popular since the mid-2000’s. As the Norwegian government starts to back off and relax its attitudes towards online gambling and gambling in general, they’re going to manage to unintentionally help the industry even more.

When something is made thoroughly legal after a long period of declining regulation, there is usually a rush to enjoy it for the first time by the people who weren’t willing to do something of questionable legality. Many international online gambling sites are going to spring up as the barriers are lifted and they are given the opportunity to make money in a way that would have been difficult even five years ago. Norway is the next online gaming capital, and speculators should keep their eyes on it.

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