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9 Must Have Pages For Your Blogs & Websites


Must Have PagesBefore you lay the foundation for your dream house, you need to estimate your costs, select a design, choose the materials and architects and set up the contract. Similarly, designing your blog requires that you spend hours choosing a niche, plan, structure, and site design among others.

Setting the right foundation for your blog is the key to its success. There is a good possibility that people visiting your site are looking for joint ventures, advertising options, networking, or other information.

Creating the right pages on your blog will help you reach out to your readers and imbibe in them the confidence in your abilities. Once your blog is set up, ensure that you have these basic pages to make your blog complete. Below we will see 9 must have pages for your blog or even your small business websites. Newbie bloggers are not aware about the important of these pages. These pages indeed optimizes your blog homepage.


An “About” page is the sum total of you and your blog. It gives an insight to your readers about who you are, what you do, what your blog is about, and the story behind it all. It helps build a trust relationship with readers and help them understand you better. If you are not sure how to create an “About” page or need help, guidelines, or tips, you can check out Darren Rowse’s articles.

Disclaimer/ Disclosure Policy

Disclaimer meaning: (n.) One who disclaims, disowns, or renounces.

Disclosure meaning: (v. t.) The act of disclosing, uncovering, or revealing; bringing to light; exposure.

With the New FTC Guidelines in place, it is becoming increasingly necessary that bloggers protect themselves against any potential conflict of interest that may arise between themselves and what they are blogging. If you want to be taken seriously as a blogger then its time you added a disclaimer/disclosure page to your site. For help with how to write a disclaimer/disclosure page, check out this ehow article and a few sample disclaimer/disclosure pages.

e-how –

Shoemoney –



A contact page serves as the primary contact point for your readers. Even though your readers or potential advertisers can connect with you by other means, it is essential that you have a specific contact page listing the contact options. Generally, having multiple contact options helps; Social Media Connect, Contact Form, Email, and Phone Number are some of the most commonly used connect points.

HellBound Bloggers –

Promotional Landing Page

If you have been blogging for a while and are aware of the various promotional methods, you should be aware of this one. This page is dedicated to promote YOU. Use this page to promote yourself and what you have to offer to your readers as a blogger; be it products, services, or content. Use the landing pages as a conversion weapon to convert your readers into subscribers. Copyblogger offers some excellent advice on creating landing pages.

Create Your Own Website Using For Free

Tip: Use your landing page link in your author bio for a better conversion rate.

Comment Policy

If you run a blog that accepts comments, then it’s imperative that you prepare a comment policy to inform your readers about the guidelines on writing comments in your blog. For example, your comment policy may state that you will reject comments that are inappropriate or hurt others sentiments. Let your readers know that comments can be edited or deleted accordingly. This allows your readers to understand how, what, and why to comment and how comments are handled. Check out hellbound bloggers which has a good comment policy page.

Privacy Policy

Adding a Privacy Policy page on your blog assures your readers that their personal information is protected and secure and indirectly encourages readers to comment on your blog which in turn improves the conversion rate. If you are a blogger who offers email subscription, newsletters, sales, or surveys this is absolutely essential. Ehow has a good article on how to write a privacy policy.


Archives are like libraries that have tons of books. It’s a gold mine, full of information that is waiting to be explored. This page makes it easy for first time readers to reference articles written earlier. Most WordPress and Blogger themes come with a default Archives page although you need to activate it. If you have web development skills you can customize it to your requirements.

Thank You

This is a good way to build a relationship with your blog visitors. Thanking them for their comments or feedback or for taking a survey or for enquiring about your product will create a good impression. Your readers can be redirected to this page after they share their views purchase a product, subscribe to your blog or visit your site. Here is an excellent example of a very well made thank you page.

Also read more about how to improve your Thank you page at


Money is, most often than not, the motive behind most of our actions. One of the best ways to encourage potential advertisers to sponsor or advertise on your blog is to highlight your blog achievements such as statistics, ranking, and other key details on this page. See what these top bloggers have to showcase.

PS:  I’ve added mine too 🙂

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