10 Modern Living Room Decor Trends to Upgrade Your Home Decor in 2020 

Every year brings new trends and contemporary styles that can change the look of your home decor. Designing your house with new styles can make your home look livelier and more enchanting. 

Modern Living Room Decor Trends To Upgrade Your Home Decor

If you are thinking to recreate your living room with new living room decor ideas, then you need to think beyond just decorating it with colors and furniture. The use of various ranges of materials in today’s living room decor is a common thing. Present living rooms make use of a themes on which the decoration and the components of the living room depend. Rather than going with the mainstream styles and designs for your home decor, you can opt for some strategic and functional styles that will make your living trendy and functional. What’s more is nowadays is there are options of taking living room furniture on rent if you want pocket-friendly options.

Thus, if you want to update your home decor then 2020 can be a great start for incorporating new designs and styles for your house. To help you with that we are enlisting some of the trending living room home decor trends in 2020 which are as follows: –

Top 10 Living Room Decor Trends For 2020: –

A Touch Of Nature in Your Living Room Decor 

  • Classic Wood Furniture and Hint of Green to the Walls :

With the increasing technology, we all want an advanced technological living room home decor but for a change, we can try to connect our house with nature. Giving a naturalistic touch to the house will make it livelier. According to Watara Homes, people who renovate their houses will consider this often. Adding wood furniture and shades of green to the walls can make your heart soothe and relax after a long tiring day.

  • Eco-Friendly Furniture for Your Home

With the devastation of sustainable resources, people are concerned with own products that are eco-friendly and can be recycled in the future. It’s better to furnish your home with good quality and eco-friendly furniture that will last longer and can be recycled later. You can use furniture that is made of FSC certified wood and water-based adhesives as your living room furniture.

  • Artistic Decor with Bamboo Furniture for Chic View
Untitled design.png

The popularity of bamboo furniture with rounded lines instead of metallic furniture has steadily grown over the decade since it gives your living room decor an artistic touch; like the signature style of “crisscross legs” or authentic bamboo scroll frame for the walls. It may look a bit aged, but it will give a vintage look to your home.

  • Geometric Lines in Wallpapers and Vine Designs on Furniture
Untitled design (2).png

You can put some geometric lines in your home decor that will bring a soft texture to your home. You can opt for less linear designs in your home decor and, rather, try setting your home with pieces of serpentine shapes and curves. Adding these kinds of structural shapes will help to transform your home strategically.

  • Biophilic Designs 

Biophilic design in your home decor always connects you with nature. This kind of style focuses more on natural light, wind, environmental elements. Adding some houseplants, wavy structures can make a home look organic and naturalistic.

  • Contrast Color Profile in Wallpapers, Furniture and Room Decor 

Most of the times monotony in the color profile of the living room furniture, wallpaper decor makes the rooms long bland and dull. Thought it was been a popular choice since the late 90’s, single color profiled living rooms are gradually going out of style for modern millennials. What’s hot in the living room decor trend nowadays, is contrasting colors in throughout the room. The diversity in colors of wallpapers and furnituremakes the ambience more upbeat and lively. In this New Year 2020, you can get a wide range of colors in your palette including soft pastel colors. 

  • Reflective Furniture and Neutral Shades  

Modern living room decor style includes neutral shades, modern furniture and simple home designs yet classy for your home decor. Creating your living room with natural things like wood, flowers, textiles that makes a comfortable atmosphere has become a popular choice for corporate home owners. Reflective furniture the with glass finish give off a high-end and a very modern vibe to the living room. 

  • Use of Unconventional Materials and Neon Lights for Techno Living Room Decor Style
Untitled design (4).png

Techno decor style is one of the complicated decor styles that you opt for your home decor which has recently come into the mainstream decor trend. It gives a detailed style for your home decor and involves correct and intricate use of the living room space to create 3-D graphical designs for the room. This kind of decor styles include the use innovative and unconventional objects like pipes, metal bars,  metal based living room furniture and neon/ fluorescent lights to create a pop-cultural outlook to the room. Like decorating your living room with glass, metal and plastic give a correct blend of materials to make your living room a bit more edgy. 

  • Minimalistic Living Room Decor Trend in 2020 for Spatial Living 

Giving excessive styles in your home decor may often give a congested and messy look to your living room. So, according to your preference you can create a living room that will have minimal use of materials in your living room along with basic furniturewhich when looking from outside will create harmony together and provide a lot of open space and air. In case you want a budget friendly option, you can take living room furniture on rent as well from Cityfurnish and enjoy our amazing furniture rental services.

  • Loft Style Living Room Decor with High Ceilings and Large Windows
Untitled design (6).png

The word loft says it all about the loft-style living room decor. You need to imagine a room with no walls and partitions but a room with high ceilings and big windows. This type of room lets in a lot of natural light from outside and gives off a great view of the nature or backyard making it really kid-friendly and also suitable for aged members.  Nowadays, trending is the red brick walls with metal living room furniture and wooden panels that will give a rustic look to your living room.

  • Warm Lights and Bright Patterned Furniture 

According to this living room style, you can use good quality and reliable products that are functional, lightweight and occupies less space. Many interior home designers have been catching up with this trend by complementing rooms with bright patterns, plush furniture, and bright lamps to give the home decor a right blend of western and traditional styles. Putting some brightening and creative elements of unique style will create a soothing and somewhat inventive space for your living.

  • Leather Furniture for Your Living Room

Everyone, enjoys a blend of old- School and new age decor styles in their homes every once in a while. Therefore incorporating leather living room furniture like couches or recliners or bean bags can make a bold statement. It can also help to bring about a hint of luxury and gravity to the overall environment of the living room. It you are someone with a rich and deep taste you can more than definitely go for deep shaded leather furniture for your living room to elevate the decor to a rather classy and vintage style. Leather furniture are also comparatively easier to clean and maintain as compared those made of other materials like fur or velvet. Being waterproof makes leather furniture quite easily washable without having to worry about the hassles of damaging the material or the colour fading. These type of furniture also goes with metal and steel room decor making them a popular choice these days. 

  • Home Assistants in the Living Room for Smooth and Optimized Living

The use of a home assistant is a very common technology we can use in today’s living room. It is the first step towards home automation and to a greater future. Optimization and automation are something that people look for nowadays. People prefer an assistant that can control as well as monitor different appliances in their living room. The use of home assistant makes it very easy to control electrical appliances, as well as ensure proper flow of information even when you are not in contact with any electronic appliances, for example, your phone or your laptop. The use of home assistance is a major plus point for working parents who spend most of their time outside. The use of a home assistant also ensures optimum utilization of household electrical appliances ensuring no wastage for unnecessary use of electrical appliances. Home assistants are even able to provide security solutions by detecting possible threats.

  • Multipurpose Integrated Furniture for Optimum Space Occupancy

This is the age of integrated furniture. Nobody really wants a table that serves only specific purpose for single rooms. It should act as an integrated study table as well as dining table. In short, people want modern furniture that can replace the need for several other furniture, in other words, the new age requirement is of integrated furniture. Furniture that can fold up into compact units or that can be stored without taking up much space. Space is a primary concern in the present-day scenario, so the optimum utilization of the available space is a necessity. Hence integrated furniture that have multipurpose usability are in high demand in the living room trends of 2020

The modern-day living room is no longer the place it used to be, it is not that same place consisting of a sofa in the corner, fireplace in another and other stuff to decorate. In this present-day scenario living room is a work of art comprised of things ranging from abstract art wall hangings and decor that has been designed by famous artists. Living room decorations of this century comprise of multiple-use furniture, self-adjusting, and self-changing living room scenario home assistance portable furniture and whatnot. But it’s not always possible to design a living room with high-end furniture, so if you want to get a taste of the modern living experience, then you can always check our exclusive furniture rental services from Cityfurnish. 

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