Make A Mobile Version Of Your Blog Using Google Reader

In my previous post I explained how to create a mobile site with MoFuse. Creating a Mobile version of a blog through Google Reader is another method for creating a mobile site. You can create a mobile site without any effort. Within seconds you can create one! Your Blog may look elegant and stylish in PCs, when your readers are visiting your blog in their mobile, they see your blog in a different way. The CSS won’t play an important role there. So the images and all the other stuffs will not be in order. Are you thinking your readers expect cool and attractive design of your blog in their mobile. Think once again! All they need is a decent design of your blog. That’s all. And the posts and articles should be in reverse chronological order.

So do I need anything special for it?

You don’t anything special except your blog’s feed URL. Even you don’t need a Google account for doing this!

Google Reader generates a excellent view of your blog obeying all the things explained above.

This is will be the format : –

Now all you have to do is to replace Feed_Address will your Blog’s Feed address.

Mobile Site generated by Google Readers
Mobile Site generated by Google Reader

Need example or Demo? Then consider HellBound Bloggers. Check ours :-

where feed:// is the Feed Address of our Blog.

Some of your Web Hosts may provide you the option to have subdomains. Then you can create one like ours.

Then redirect that subdomain to the URL generated using Google Reader. That will be very easy to remember and also very easy to guess. Most of the people prefer m and mobile as subdomain for mobile sites. I preferred m.

You can easily redirect a website [Eg : ] to the Google Reader URL by adding a file in its server.

Open notepad . Paste the following code in it.

Header( "HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently" );
Header( "Location:" );

Now replace the new-url with your destination URL and save the file as index.php and upload it to its directory. That’s all.

WordPress users are blessed with a plugin. It automatically detects a user who is accessing your blog through mobile and renders a mobile version of your blog.

UPDATED : HellBound Bloggers (HBB) Mobile Site Revamped

16 thoughts on “Make A Mobile Version Of Your Blog Using Google Reader”

  1. Nice explanation but I really didn’t get the part where you explained haow to get the domain i.e. I have my blog at so How would I do all this sub domainwork for my mobile site if i use the process you mentioned above using Google reader. Do I also have to make any changes in my CNAME records as such.
    Please help me out….
    Overall its a great explanation

    • I’m so sorry I didn’t mention this, I am using but I have my own domain i.e. and it is all aboout Tech,Life, News and Facts and a lot of things like that.
      So now tell me what should I do like where to upload this file and what should be my DNS settings for that.

      • Sandeep, just create a subdomain (using your domain registrar) and redirect it to your mobile site (powered by Google Reader). Most of the domain registrars have the option for redirecting, temporarily or permanently. 🙂

  2. Thanks friend I wasn’t known to this and so I am using Mobile Press for the mobile site of my blog.

    But I think now I should shift from Mobile Press to Google Reader.

    Thanks Again!! 🙂


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