Linode: A Developer’s Paradise

Linode is a cloud hosting provider that specialises in Linux powered machines. In 2003, when Linode was launched, people applauded the company for its revolutionary idea of virtualizing cloud computing. Linode was way ahead of its time. The company has since grown into an attractive alternative to larger cloud providers like AWS and Microsoft Azure. 

Linode A Developers Paradise

To understand how Linode started, one needs to look at the SaaS revolution. This shift in computing completely transformed the landscape of storage and networking for businesses. The virtualisation of hardware made it possible for companies to scale up their businesses as and when required without worrying about infrastructure.  

However, establishing one’s own cloud infrastructure was expensive and complex. This kept  many small and medium size companies from moving to the cloud.   

But, the founder of Linode, Christopher Aker, saw a way to make cloud computing simple, affordable, and accessible to all. His fundamental aim when founding Linode was to allow developers around the world to get access to cloud infrastructure irrespective of their location and resources. 

Today, developers around the globe love Linode because of its unique approach to cloud computing:

  • Linode’s pricing model is different than other providers. Not only do developers only pay for what they use, but Linode’s pricing is consistent and transparent across each of the 11 data centers we operate around the world (including Mumbai).
  • Linode’s server fleet is built on the same powerful hardware that powers the big hyper-scale clouds. AMD EPYC and Rome processors for its dedicated CPUs. NVIDIA Quadro for its GPUs. Nobody is delivering on price-performance like Linode today. Linode’s cloud manager, API, and CLI make it simple for the provider’s customers to deploy and scale their apps faster and easier using nodeBalancers, block storage, and object storage. All of the core primitives that finally give customers a choice in the cloud. And the company recently launched the Linode Kubernetes Engine into general availability, further simplifying the cloud by stripping the complexity out of container orchestration.
  • Lastly, nobody provides support like Linode. It’s unheard of in this industry to see a company providing 24x7x365, no tiered, all-human support.

Linode recently announced its brand new Linode One-click App Marketplace.

Linode Marketplace

It is a free community where Linode developers and business customers can come in contact with makers of third-party tools, such as software, applications frameworks, games, websites, database etc. 

Through the Linode Marketplace, developers can search for pre-configured applications and easily install them into their Linode cloud infrastructure. The idea behind the Linode Marketplace is that it’s not possible for one single company to create all the tools a developer need. Instead, the company is creating a community to help its customers grow and develop in today’s dynamic business environment. 

Linode Marketplace Redis

Linode’s customers now have the best third-party tools so they can focus on their projects without worrying about the infrastructure, continuing the cloud pioneer’s longstanding commitment to making the cloud accessible. And for the third-party application developers, the Linode Marketplace will provide visibility and opportunities without them drowning in cut-throat competition. 

Although there are several players in the cloud computing market, Linode provides the best storage, networking and developer tools along with the industry’s best price performance, and incredible customer support. 

And now with Linode’s One-click Marketplace, it’s set to achieve greater heights in revolutionising the cloud by bringing developers and businesses closer through easy Linode channels. 

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