Largest Airports in the World

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Largest Airports In The World

Dubai International Airport

Dubai has become one of the most visited countries and a pass-through destination for many travellers. Due to this, the country decided to expand their airport and it has become one of the largest ports in the world. According to statistics which were published out by the Dubai Aviation, they highlighted that over $26 Billion has been injected into the country’s economy through visitors who come to the country.

Since 2016 the airport has welcomed over 83 million passengers from different parts of the world. These are foreign national statistics, they do not include Dubai citizens.

Salt Lake International Airport

This port might not be the busiest in the world but the surface area it covers is quietly remarkable. The attractive airport of Salt Lake occupies nearly 3,116 hectares of land.

The port is located 6.4 kilometres away from the Downtown side of Salt Lake City. There is a world-class architecture that comprises of features such as three asphalt runways, one concrete runway, along with three asphalt helipads. Did you know that there are best online gambling sites where you can play airplane related games and stand a chance to win great prizes?

Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport

Due to the fact that the port was named after the former France President Charles de Gaulle it has become the largest airport in France. Being one of the largest in Europe, the port covers approximately 3,200 hectares of land along with three huge terminals and four asphalt runways.

Two years ago the airport was named the second busiest port in Europe behind Heathrow Airport in London. In 2017 they served approximately 66 million passengers.

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