From concept to creation: Designing an online slot machine

Have you ever wondered how your favourite online slot machine came to be? Since the very first mechanical design, invented by Charles Fey back in 1894, astounding technological developments have taken place to bring us the online free slots available today. But just how are these slot machines created? What specialist skills do you need to make one and where do you start?

From Concept To Creation: Designing An Online Slot Machine

Gather a winning team

The first thing you’ll need is a team of professionals each with a niche area of expertise. Designers, Developers and even Scriptwriters will get involved in the process which usually begins with a brainstorming session. In these sessions the team will decide on a basic outline for the game and any features they want it to include. At this point the storyline or theme will also be decided on, in addition to the target audience to maximise the slot machine’s appeal. Caesars Games, for example, have hundreds of free Vegas slots all with their own intriguing themes and characters attracting thousands of players every single day.

Start creating

Once the basic outline has been decided on the team can get to work. The Software Developer will play a key role in the creation of your online slot machine and is responsible for designing, testing and maintaining the software. In effect, the Developer builds the game and ensures it keeps running smoothly for players to enjoy. The Designer also plays a vital role in ensuring the entire game experience is enjoyable. They’re responsible for creating all the visual aspects of the game that the player can see. As the popularity of many free slot games is down to vibrant designs and eye-catching animations the role of the designer is paramount, especially if the aim is to create an entirely immersive gaming experience. Finally, a Scriptwriter will work closely with both the Developer and the Designer to come up with an intriguing storyline or theme for the game. It’s their job to ensure the narrative fits with the design elements, as well as shaping the entire story and writing any dialogue.

Sell your online slot machine

Once your online slot machine has been rigorously tested it’s ready to be marketed to the masses. A winning strategy will be the key to drawing players to your game so make sure you know your target audience inside out. You could also carry out a competitor analysis to ensure you can make your game stand out. A great way to kick off your overall marketing campaign is to set goals. How many players would you like to see by a certain date? Decide on a figure and base your marketing activity around achieving this number. Outline any strategies you’re going to use, for example a push in social media activity or email, and record their results. Working out the best channels for engagement will be vital in pushing your player numbers up. Finally, listening to player feedback is extremely important and can help you fix any bugs you didn’t spot during the testing process. It’s also incredibly important to learn from these mistakes if you’re planning on creating more online slots in the future.

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