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Java – The Most Popular and Widely Used Language


One of the most popular languages that is still widely used today, Java has been growing ever since its introduction back in 1995. Because of the numerous features and advantages, Java found its uses in almost every software development field

Features Of Java

There are many ways in which Java differs from other languages which helped it reach its popularity.

Why It’s Popular

Widely Compatible and Platform Independent

One of the main ways with which Java acquired its reputation is platform independence. This means that Java programs can run on pretty much all different types of environments and computers, including Mac, Linux and Windows. The java download for windows 10 32 bit can give you the opportunity to discover different features of this awesome piece of software.

This wide compatibility is what caused almost 3 billion devices to run Java, as claimed by Oracle, its developer. Some of the biggest organizations in the world are using it – from different banks and retailers to massive companies like Amazon, Netflix and even NASA. Even today, there is no sign of declining use of Java among the technology world.

Major Comparies That Use Java


Java is an object-oriented language designed with simplicity and clean code in mind. It’s user friendly with an easy-to-understand syntax. It contains all the necessary tools to create anything from simple apps consisting of a couple of lines, all the way to programs designed to help with space-landing. Alongside that, it’s secure and robust.


Because of its scalability, many enterprises switched to using Java, including Twitter and Facebook. This means that it can perform up to standards even in the most crowded platforms without slowing down or causing problems. Since it’s been in development for over 20 years, Java had time to mature as a language and solve some of the problems. It provides the best performance while being simple to understand.

Where It’s Used

Desktop programs, mobile apps, web servers and numerous other software pieces have been written entirely in Java. In fact, there is a high chance that the device you’re reading this on has at least one app/program that is Java based. These are just some examples of its widespread use.

Scientific Applications

Many scientists require precise and powerful mathematical calculations, Java uses powerful algorithms to offer just that. With its multi-platform support, it can provide consistent results quickly with minimal errors. Even programs such as MATLAB (software made for complex computing problems) are partially created in Java.


Embedded Systems

Originally created with the use for embedded systems in mind, these are components that have a specific function in a larger, more complex system. They can range in size from tiny chips to much bigger computers. Most of the blu-ray players, SIM cards and more than 125 million TV devices use Java embedded systems. These systems are so sophisticated that they require only 130 KB of memory to be able to use Java.

Enterprise Applications

Enterprises require both top-notch security and good performing software to be able to function properly. Java is capable of organizing and working with extremely large amounts of data. Since it’s highly scalable, there is no fear of compromising that information in case of a sudden increase of users. Many front-end and back-end banking systems have been built on it including their relevant web services.

Mobile Apps

More than 90% of all apps on Android phones are written in a Java environment. This had a big impact on the amount of downloads and revenue generated from the Android’s Play Store, so much so that it even surpassed iOS’s App Store.

Java has been used ever since the early days of mobile phones, being at one point the most popular software for creating mobile-based games. Some of the most popular classics came with the use of it, including the original Snake and Sudoku games.


Programming Popularity

According to the statistics, Java is an extremely popular and important language even in this day and age. The vast amount of frameworks built around it for numerous different uses in all branches of technology serve as an indicator to its glory. Many books have been written on how Java got to where it is today, along with its troubles along the way. Today, it’s an invisible force that powers many of our everyday devices.


Ram Kumar blogs at DeviceBowl. He is a graduate in Computer Science and Engineering. Addicted to Blogging and Coding.

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