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I became a die-hard movie freak when I started to learn from movies. That’s why I used the word “Gold Mine” in this blog post title.

You can learn stuffs that your teacher didn’t teach you in School or College. All you have to do is spend 2 quality hours and watch a movie.


How Watching Movies Benefited Me?

  • English Vocabulary: If you watch an English movie you have the chance of learning at least 10-30 new words. English is not my first (or primary) language and I don’t know that much of new words. So whenever I watch a movie I get the chance of learning new words and phrases. You can also use subtitles while watching a movie.
  • Geographic Locations: To be honest I don’t really know the capitals of several states and countries, quite weak in Geography right from my School days. So by watching a movie I get to know some of the popular places in America, Russia, India, etc. Now I know three famous cities in America which starts with the word “San” – San Diego, San Antonio and San Jose.
  • Cinematherapy: It is like watching or using movies to improve Mental Health. It actually works. Movies have the power to make us cry, laugh, think, react, surprise, etc. They have the power to change our mental (not those psycho stuffs) problems. Normally when I watch a movie (a good movie) I give my full attention towards it and involve myself into the story. After completing the movie I get a great satisfaction and I’ll have a great day.
  • Learn Biography: When you watch a biographical film or biopic you’ll get a chance to learn the life of an actual famous person. For example you can consider the movie “Ed Wood (1994)”, where Johnny Depp played the role of “Edward D. Wood, Jr.” I was able to learn about his history and stuffs.
  • Learn History & True Events: I think most of us would have watched the movie “Titanic” (1997) and you also got the chance to learn about “RMS Titanic” ship and how the disaster occurred.

And much more…

Don’t just watch a normal silly movie, pick a good movie and watch it. You can refer IMDb, Wikipedia and other popular sites for checking the reviews of awesome movies. You can also interact with movie freaks on our MoviesDrop Facebook Group.

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  1. Many congrats for the launch of much awaited project. Movie freaks are going to love this initiative. Would love to see awesome updates from MoviesDrop in future.

    All the very best for new venture.

  2. very nice tips i am agree with you that by watching movie we can boost your vocabulary
    thanks for sharing..


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