Internet and Pornography – Stats [INFOGRAPHIC]

Debate on pornography and you can talk for hours. Right from the methods they used and the bucks they generated. I’m against this act, but yet, I learned some tactics they used and compiled them here – 15+ Blogging Tactics I Learned From ‘Porn’. This interesting infographic reveals some information about this, and facts are quite amusing.

According to this infographic, the average time for watching internet porn is 15 minutes per session. “Sex” and “Porn” seems to be among the top 5 search terms for kids who are under the age 18.

Intenet and Pornography

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25 thoughts on “Internet and Pornography – Stats [INFOGRAPHIC]”

  1. Funny stats! Thanks! Really enjoyed reading it. It is just amazing that is such a big business, but only a few people are willing to talk freely about it. I am curious how this will be in the future. Maybe there will be more openness about porn then.

  2. OmG, this is a shocking infograph! And what kind of money is involved…I believe it is spent more on porn than education. Also, a proof that you don't need a university diploma to make for a good living. Funny…and sad at the same time. I remember hearing one parent complaining that his kid needed to make a school essay on history of slavery…so, he typed slavery in google search bar, and guess what sort of pictures appeared…quite inappropriate ones to be seen at his age…

  3. Wow.. But, informative dear.. But there is more to this huge industry which lost its share to Social Networking sites in last few years.

  4. Interestins reading about the internet and pornography stats. The funiest thing however is that if 15 minutes per session is enough, why than it is so popular?
    Regards. Robert

  5. Looks like the internet restrictions in china hasn't bought anything good to that country !

  6. Lol now this is what I say a real infographic 🙂 .Hatsoff to person who created it but how come I never new about Ron Jeremy till yet… Let me find this bad boy tonight 😛 .

  7. I not agree with internet pornography on the internet because anyone can see it, including kids under 18.

  8. this world goes down the drain if 43% of internet users looks at pornography on the Internet

  9. 35% of all internet downloads are pornographic, this is interesting.. I'am 100% sure that next year will be up to 40%

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