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How To Install WordPress With cPanel (Web Hosting)


If you are going to start a WordPress(.org) blog or if you are migrating from Blogger to WordPress or even Tumblr to WordPress, then you might be having some difficulties in understanding WordPress and installing WordPress, but hey, we are here to help. In this article, I’ll share the basic steps to install WordPress with cPanel, with the assistance of Softaculous. So let’s get started.


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Get ready, we are now going to install WordPress with cPanel manually. Just a bunch of small and sensitive steps.

Install WordPress With cPanel

Step 1: Log into your web hosting account. Usually, it’ll be Account Management Panel (AMP) or Web Host Manager (WHM). We are going to use the former now. Go to your account, and click on the ‘cPanel’ icon.

cPanel Web Hosting

Step 2: After that, head over to “Software & Services” section. Now, click on the ‘Softaculous’ icon. We can also install WordPress without Fantastico with the help of this. Softaculous is a library script program that provides installation of open source and commercial web applications.

Softaculous cPanel

Step 3: You’ll be now taken to a page where you can find plenty of applications like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, phpBB, etc. Go to the ‘WordPress’ icon and click on the ‘Install’ button.

Install WordPress With cPanel

Step 4: We are almost there. Now we are going to install WordPress on cPanel, and we should be very careful in this step.

  • Keep the protocol as ‘http://’ unless your website uses a ‘https://’ (SSL) certificate.
  • Select the desired website from the dropdown for the installation.
  • I want to install the WordPress software on ‘pradeepkumars.com’ and not ‘pradeepkumars.com/blog’, so I’ll keep this directory empty.
  • Install WordPress With cPanel Details

  • For security reasons, it’s advisable to avoid the term ‘wp’ for both your database and table prefixes. By default, cPanel will show something like ‘wp234’ for the database, but I suggest you to modify it as something like ‘bv734’ and for the table, by default it shows ‘wp_’, again change it into something like ‘bv_’. Please don’t copy the same, pick something unique which you can remember easily as well.
  • Enter your blog’s name and description. We can avoid the ‘Multisite’ option since we’ll be running a single blog alone.
  • For your admin username and password, I suggest that you should pick something that you haven’t used anywhere. For the username, don’t ever write your name, pick something that is entirely irrelevant. I’m stressing this point because it’s an essential step for securing your WordPress blog. For the password, make sure you get 100/100 score, not necessary but worth it. For both the username and password, pick something strong but at the same time that you can remember. (After creating the WordPress blog, keep this user account for administration purpose alone and create another user for publishing blog posts.)

    20+ Essential Tips To Protect Your WordPress Blog

  • Enter your email address and do check it twice or thrice. You’ll be getting all these blog information, so don’t ever mistype anything.
  • Pick your desired language. We picked ‘English’ here.
  • Login Limit Attempts is a good WordPress plugin for securing your blog, it’ll limit the login attempts for your WordPress blog, so that when people try to hack your blog, it’ll block them and temporarily/permanently suspend their IP to access. It’s up to you to install this or not.
  • Install WordPress With cPanel Admin Account

  • You also have some advanced ‘extra’ options, do check/uncheck according to your preference.
  • At the end, mention the email address to receive all the installation details. That’s it, click on the ‘Install’ button.

Install WordPress With cPanel Advanced Options

It’ll just take less than 5 minutes mostly, so just chill and wait for the installation to complete.

Installing WordPress With cPanel

And tada, we have finally installed WordPress with cPanel (Softaculous) and below you can see the final details:

Installed WordPress With cPanel

I guess it’s not that difficult, you just have to be patient and careful while doing this, that’s it. If you face any issues during the installation or if you are confused with any section, do let us know in the comments below, and we’ll be happy to help you.


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      great post, this is the best and easiest way to install wordpress, using filezilla it takes lots of time to install so i recommend using cpanel to install wordpress

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