Text Ads or Visual Ads? Which is Better for Social Media Marketing?

Advertising Social MediaAdvertising through Social Media Marketing networks had given new scope to the advertisers to popularize their products and services among the regular visitors of these networks. There never had been a point of debate in the initial days of popularity of Internet among the users to opt from text ads and visual ads on a social marketing network. But with the popularity of internet all over the world people had started differentiating in both the concepts due to their different features. Almost all the businesses are running smoothly online, thanks to the best webinar platforms available out there. Most of the entrepreneurs investing in online advertising are now considering the effectiveness of both the mediums of advertisement on social media marketing networks. You can find a number of advertisement packages on the websites for PPC campaigns, SEO services, Text Ads and link building assistance to choose from for your business. Before deciding for the prominence of any advertising method one should know about visual ads and text ads along with their advantages.

Visual Advertisements

Visual ads were earlier considered as the best marketing tool that can be used to popularize your Online Business or website. The main reason of their prominence was that they can be widely viewed due to their multicolored and noticeable appearance on internet, similar to TV ads that were popular previously, than any other medium of online advertisement. In this way advertiser supposed to become successful in attracting the attention of the visitors to their website or ads. Billions of dollars were lost to make the concept successful but individually these ads did not prove to be that much effective and the visual advertisers were compelled to revaluate the concept of advertising, especially through visual ads, on internet.

Advantages to use visual ads:

  • Visual ads provide branding to your business by popularizing your logo and your name on internet. The attractive visual ads usually entice people to visit social media marketing sites.
  • Visual ads provide visibility to your product or services so that viewer can get their overview.
  • Visual ads convey more information about your business and products or services elaborately and visual ads can do it much perfectly.
  • Visual ads are usually tempting for the viewers to click on curiously.
  • These ads on social networking and marketing sites can be viewed by their visitors.
  • The only constraint with visual ads is that they contain only one ad in one unit.

Text Advertisements

Text ads on social media marketing networks had started to become popular along with visual ads on internet as they are a kind of visual ads on other’s website which provide a link to the visitors to reach your network. Text ads need some surety to be downloaded on some social media marketing network to be popular among their visitors.

Advantages of Text ads on social media marketing networks

  • Text ads are more prominently accepted by social media marketing sites.
  • Cost of text ads is much lower than visual ads. Visual ads cost more due to the artistic excellence needed in creating them.
  • Text ads are simple to be created and executed.
  • The ease to create text ads allow you to present them in different variations and as they do not need any graphic designer to create they can be easily rotated.
  • Text ads can present more than one ads in one ad unit to make it more affordable.
  • The chances of clicking these ads can be increased by displaying them in different colors along with your text posts.
  • You can display more related topics in the text ads alongwith your text post.

Choosing between visual ads and text ads

Though both the concepts of advertising on social media marketing sites are found effective to attract the visitors to the advertiser’s sites but both of them provide different facilities to the advertisers. And to choose out of these two depends upon the effectiveness of your advertising campaign on the prospective consumers as you are spending a handsome amount on this campaign to make your business successful. Now to decide that which style of advertising on social media marketing will suit you you will have to consider the nature of your product.

If your product is a kind of service or commodity like insurance, financial service etc., then text ads on social media marketing network can be beneficial for you. But if your product whose style and appearance makes effect on the demand of the customers like electronics, apparels, decorative pieces, furniture and several other things, then visual ads must be your choice to make your purpose achieved. Though these guidelines to make your choice true to some extent but they are not hundred percent functional all the times. Sometimes it becomes difficult to put a product into either of the category and sometimes products without any visual ads succeeds in receiving heavy traffic of viewers than with visual ads. Though these guidelines must be followed while starting your advertising campaign but if you are doubtful in this respect then you can consult the experts in this field. You can easily switch over from one style of online advertising through social media marketing sites to the other for your satisfaction.

New concept of contextual ads

On the other hand several networks like Google Adsense etc., had successfully launched the concept of contextual ads which presents a blend of text ads along with visual ads to attract the prospective customers more effectively than either of the two. In this style of advertising both the previously used style got equal prominence in the field of online advertising on social media marketing networks. This new concept has proved that neither of the two, visual ads and text ads, is inferior to other. Both have their own prominence in making a product popular among the customers. As colorful visual ads are able to attract the customers through their visual beauty, text ads attract the customers by providing them complete information about the product and both of them are equally important to attract the customer to your website.

Thus, to decide which is better for social media marketing, text ads or visual ads, you should take the help of your own reasoning.