5 Most Valuable Advantages of Viral Marketing

Viral Marketing ProsBest way to define viral marketing is to call it word of mouth advertising that involves the efforts of your audiences. This kind of advertising spreads your message to the masses as well as helps you gain authority. You can check out the FREE eBooks Regarding Viral Marketing to be more comfortable.

It has worked miraculously well for thousands of marketers in improving the growth and success of their online businesses. It helps in getting tremendous exposure, visibility, and better traffic conclusively getting your increased sales revenue.

Here are some of the most valuable advantages of viral marketing you might be looking for.

1. An Enhanced Customer List

If you think what help does a customer list do, you need to know that a customer list plays an important role in your online marketing quite in the same way as it does in the off line marketing. Suppose you sell ice-creams, won’t you expect your already existing customers to show more interest in your newly introduced flavors over the new customers?

It is not just the quantity but also the quality of your customers that decides your business. Every loyal customer you gain adds to your customer list and viral marketing works quite well in enhancing this list of yours.

Suppose you have a customer A who is totally satisfied with your products, he introduces your name to his friend B who turns into your new customer, now he too finds your stuffs good and introduces them to a third friend say C. So, now from your older customer A, you have gained B, C and if this process goes on you’ll surely have really large list. This is what a word of mouth recommendation does.

2. Remarkable Growth in Comparatively Lesser Time

Did it ever occur to you why is viral marketing called viral by the way?  Well, you can say it has virus like characteristics – i.e. it develops in almost geometric progressively. You can also say that it is kind of contagious! And once it hits a group of people, it soon gets spread everywhere and this also affects your sales and profit. As a viral disease has amazing potential engulfing masses so has it, so you can expect huge traffic to your site and more clicks and conversion.

3. You Gain More Credibility

As it essentially works on personal recommendations, with time when you are known to lots of new people because of being recommended by their friends and network, your credibility is increased among your audiences. Also, you are being recommended and shared by masses, you get greater noise, and there’s a remarkable buzz about your products among the masses. It works like the links of a chain, i.e. one event leading to another and all finally getting you more credibility. You get higher traffic and better comments that works for your business on a positive note.

4. Better visibility

So your stuffs are being recommended, shared, commented upon, and discussed among your audiences, this creates a really better buzz which leads to greater visibility.

5. Cuts your Promotional Costs

Though this won’t happen at the very beginning, but with time it will cut down your promotional costs as you already get enough visibility and buzz around the internet, so you don’t need to spend extra amount for promoting your site.  It is indeed a great way to lower down your advertising expenses as enough advertising is done without spending a buck by being recommended by your existing audiences. There are many other advantages of viral marketing, the above mentioned ones are just a few of them.

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5+ Awesome FREE eBooks Regarding Viral Marketing

Viral MarketingViral marketing is a marketing strategy that relies on individuals rather than traditional campaigns to pass along a message to others. It usually refers to marketing on the Internet.

Viral marketing is so named because of the tendency for messages to use “hosts” to spread themselves rapidly, like a biological virus. [via wiseGEEK]

Last week, I downloaded several free eBooks and I came across some eBooks related to viral marketing, some provided vital points. Earlier we shared another free eBook for optimizing your WP Blog.

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I prepared a small & useful list of free eBooks regarding Viral Marketing. I provided some below. 🙂

#1 – Viral Marketing With Blogs :

Viral Copy: Trading Words for Traffic is your guide to creating content that gets attention. In this free 30-page report, you’ll learn:

  • The Four Viral Marketing Content Categories
  • Eleven Strategies for Getting Link Love
  • Why Headlines and Storytelling are Crucial
  • The Counter-Intuitive Rule of the Internet
  • Why Not All Traffic is Worthy
  • How to Avoid the Dark Side

#2 – The New Rules of Viral Marketing :

The smart marketers profiled in The New Rules of Viral Marketing.

How word-of-mouse spreads your ideas for free tell you exactly how they used viral marketing and provide advice in their own words. This book has been downloaded for more than 1 million times.

#3 – Viral Marketing Unleashed :

Here’s Viral Marketing Unleashed‘s table of contents:

  • Why and How Viral Marketing Works
  • What Works & What Doesn’t
  • The Many Facets of Viral Marketing
  • Your eBook is Your Viral Salesman
  • What an eBook Can Do for You
  • eBooks and Affiliate Programs

#4 – Link Attraction Factors: Getting Dugg and Going Viral :

Once a link “goes popular” and is listed on Digg’s homepage it is seen by many and perhaps even a majority of web geeks. Very often these readers have their own blogs, and if they like a story they may blog about it or link to it. This is why many webmasters yearn to be Dugg — not for the first wave of traffic, which is often substantial but hard to retain, but for the viral wave of traffic and links that comes as a result.

#5 – Get Viral – Get Visitors :

The Table of Contents of ‘Get Viral – Get Visitors’ are :

  • Understanding How Viral Marketing Works
  • The Many Faces Of Viral Marketing
  • Getting A ‘Buzz’ Going
  • Some Ideas For Your Viral Marketing Campaigns
  • Good Reason To Use Viral eBooks

#6 – How Will You Create a WORLD WIDE RAVE?

This eBook actually describes the process involved in making a viral video. Table of Content includes :

  • World Wide Rave – The Name
  • How can we spread the idea of the book?
  • Stories behind the photo and video clips
  • World Wide Rave Original Music
  • Video Production

#7 – Unleashing the Ideavirus :

Viral marketing is a special case of an ideavirus. Viral marketing is an ideavirus in which the carrier of the virus IS the product.

When you are able to devise a brand-new Internet business plan for a product that’s useful and also embodies viral marketing growing from nothing to a million users in a month and making you rich along the way.

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