Speak Asia Online Conference [VIDEO]

I was not aware about this ‘so-called’ Speak Asia Online Scam until people around me started talking about it. As taken from the site, Speakasiaonline.com is a survey driven website, where you can participate in surveys and earn Online. As you can see the site has good stats and it is quite popular with ‘eager to make money’ youngsters. But it became opposite when bloggers and media started to digg, and finally concluded that they are not genuine.

This recorded video is a Conference held in Mumbai, kinda Press Meet, where reporters started to ask several questions and unfortunately they didn’t get satisfying replies for that.

Do you really believe they are scam or ponzi scheme? Or it is reverse? Do share your opinions below.

Beware Of Twitter Scams. Remove Unwanted Applications Access Now

Twitter has also grown to be one of the biggest social networking websites, though it is not yet that Popular with the youth in India, as compared to Facebook, it is still used a lot! Twitter has also become a popular medium for spammers, with all types of scams appearing on it. This time, the scam is named as “Your Online Timer”. It sends the user private messages and of course tweets, which read as follows :

“I have spent 379 days on Twitter. How much have you? Find out here: [LINK]”

Twitter Scam

The link takes the user to a rogue application, asking you to click on a bit.ly link, which asks the user to authorize the ‘Your Online Timer’ application to access and update his/her Twitter account.

Twitter Scam

Once you allow the application to connect to your account, it posts tweets on your account saying the this text : “I have spent 379 days on Twitter. How much have you? Find out here: [LINK]” .

Beware of such Scams. In case you have fallen a prey of this Scam, immediately remove the application access from your Twitter account by browsing to Settings -> Connections (Click here).

Remove Unwanted Application Access

#1 – First go to your Twitter account > Settings.

Twitter settings

#2 – Now go to Applications. Check whether you have any unwanted or mysterious applications, if you find any, feel free to select “Revoke Access” option.

Revoke Access

Do you know of any other Twitter scam? Let everyone know. Share it in the comments section below!

What Really These Cheap Traffic Offers Are? Scam Or Not?

Like you, I tried most of the so-called guaranteed traffic sources out there. But I’ll just speak about few of them now, some of the most obvious ones. I am sure you will recognize at least one if not all. Even some of them can be labeled scam.

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Cheap Traffic Offers#1 – Traffic Exchanges

Don’t waste your time and money. Whether bees or alligators or whatever logo is used. Whether free or paid services you rarely get good results. That is because each one of those members is looking for the same thing like you…BUYERS.

#2 – Blast Your Ad To 1,000,000 Opt Ins

Blast all you want…nobody reads the ads.

#3 – Email 10,000s At The Push Of A Button

If I were you I would stay away from this one because you might get sued for spamming or even worse than that.

#4 – Viral Marketing

Viral marketing is not so bad. You will see some good results after a while. If you can stomach all those emails in your inbox from other viral members, then go for it. Though it is not suitable for me.

#5 – Guaranteed Signups

The companies tell you that these are people who have not been paid to signup to your program and that they are people who are looking to start an online business. If that is the case, then out of 25 signups, all are from the same US city, state and even same area code.

Furthermore, a group at a time sign up right behind each other. For example 3:01pm, 3:02pm or 3:03pm. And none of them clicked on the confirmation email. This type of practice has scam written all over it. There are too many traffic systems in cyber space to count. Some are scams and some genuine. Some even promise you to give 10K visits. But how do we know that we really get 10K visitors? Furthermore, If we do, they just stop by and go somewhere else. They do not purchase anything.

While reviewing this article I discovered that not everything is lost. Let’s not cry over spilled milk. The best low cost means of getting quality traffic, that I know of, is article submission. You are marketing to people who are interested in your product and to people who will buy your product. Some home businesses come with a free article submitter.

If you are not comfortable with writing your own articles, they will show you where and how to get your article written and submitted. Whether you write and submit the articles yourself or have them done for you, you can work from home and earn a substantial income using most affiliate programs.