Personal Blogging as a Creative Outlet for the ProBlogger

Personal BloggingOccasionally professional bloggers feel burned out from writing content on a daily basis. This may be more common if you blog about a particularly dry subject. Don’t try to mix things up on your blog for the sake of alleviating your boredom. If you have a dedicated readership then they likely depend on your blog for consistent posting—posting random content in a fit of boredom might send the wrong signals. Do yourself and your readers a favor and quit posting for the day if you have nothing to post on your blog that isn’t relevant. If you’re feeling stir crazy within the confines of your professional blog, start up an unrelated personal blog and give yourself some creative freedom.

Separate personal and professional blogging

A personal blog can be a great outlet for professional bloggers who could risk losing their followers if they blogged about topics outside their normal routine. If you run a strictly professional blog aimed at small business owners, for example, it would be unwise to post your opinions on the latest political hot topic in order to generate discussion. Rather than risk your blog’s popularity, save your unrelated opinions for a blog unassociated with your professional work. Not only will this keep your professional blog on point, but it will provide you with a healthy outlet for your other interests. If you’re blogging to small business owners, you likely have other passions that can’t be tied into your daily posts. A personal blog may serve as a needed distraction and refresher from monotonous writing.

Look for Inspiration

When you’re blogging about your other interests, keep an eye out for things that inspire you as a writer. Write whatever content that you feel like covering, particularly if you couldn’t post about it on your professional site. Feel free to use your personal blog as a safe haven for new ideas or styles that you’ve been meaning to try.  If you’re too busy to maintain a full-blown blog, try to maintain a microblog like Tumblr where your posts can be as brief as a picture or a sentence.  Give yourself time away from your main blog: you’ll find that creative distractions on your personal blog will lead you to a renewed interest in your full-time money making blog.


One of the benefits of maintaining a personal blog unaffiliated with your other work is that it gives you the opportunity to vent without fear of the consequences. Use your blog to let it all out, whether you’re stuck on a post in your professional blog or if you’re just fed up with a particular matter that’s been irking you. Writing out your frustrations often helps soften their impact on your mood. If you make a conscious effort to separate your frustrations from your professional blog, you’ll be much less likely to make an impulsive post that you may regret later on.

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5 Things Which Can Help You Make Career In Blogging

Blogging CareersBlogging is a junction where only few can resist and carry on. The ones who do that are known to be ProBloggers and to be frank not many have been able to achieve that status. Making a career out of blogging has been in minds of many but executed by little, not because they dint want to! Rather couldn’t find a way to fit in. In this article I will focus on 5 things which you really need to make it count and take blogging as your career.

1. Learn to be patient

I hear many of them saying blogs run by luck and not everyone has that luck. I seriously oppose that, I have not seen one quality blog that has not been successful in this arena. Only those who lack the will power to withstand their blog end up really wasting their time trying it. Patience is one thing which must be inbuilt in a blogger. Blogs don’t become a massive hit in days but a little constant effort can. Never fix short term goals but longer ones. If you opt for short term then do mind keeping it simple and lower result based goal. This will make you happier when you actually see it succeed.

2. Build Quality Blogs

When you are going to pickup blogging as a career then there is no way that you can succeed without having a quality blog. A blogger always becomes famous with his blog not much with his writing skills on other networks. Blog is the medium through which you can expand yourself as an entrepreneur in the blogging field. Always concentrate on getting the best out there on your blog rather than just another regular article. Do this till you get a decent amount of people driving in regularly to your blog because more quality articles will interest people to look forward for more .

3. Target Sources of Income

Advertising is not the only source of income that a blogger can earn from. When you decide to get a living from your blog then certainly ads alone will not be sufficient. Affiliate marketing can be a great option, if it clicks then I am sure that you need not worry about income at all. Paid Reviews and Freelancing is one of the others option which you can add to your blogging which will fetch you more.

4. Networking

Not only is getting a network of people important for the growth of your blog but for your professional career as well. Interact with people and get along with them. Bloggers generally are good by heart and are always ready to help anyone/everyone. They can help you get lots of freelancing projects or projects for your blog which will help you earn higher.

5. Dedication Towards Blogging

This might look stupid but is very essential. Trying to make a career in blogging, then you can’t deviate of the line which you are supposed to be. Make a working plan, set timings for every work that you will need to do on a daily basis. Make a hard choice of leaving some unwanted plans for blogging which will increase you will power to withstand. Proper planning will always bring success and go by it.

This article is written by Sandeep Singh. He blogs at Technoleash, a blogging portal for tech enthusiasts.

HOW TO: Become A Successful Freelance Blogger

A freelancer is a writer or an artist who sells services to different employers without a long-term contract with any of them. In short, you will work for yourself. A freelance blogger is a writer who writes in blog instead of writing normal articles for newspapers or magazines. The below mentioned tips can also be used for becoming a successful blogger.

Some Tips To Become A Successful Freelance Blogger

  • Have a Blog : Create a blog to learn the art of blogging. If you already have a blog, well and good.

freelance blogger

  • Web Design : Have some basic knowledge on HTML, CSS and XHTML.
  • Marketing : Be familiar with SEO. Submit your blog to search engines and so on. Learn Marketing Tips for blogging and also read Viral Marketing eBooks.
  • Niche : Focus on your own niche and then blog about it. Pick a niche you are comfortable with.
  • Updating : Update your blog regularly. Updating daily is preferred.
  • Passion : Write articles for which you have passion. In short, blog with passion. Blog about something you love and admire.
  • Consistent : Maintain Consistency. Try to write on a regular basis. Update daily. Enable Guest Blogging. You have lots of sites to get guest bloggers.
  • Decision : Decide what you want to write. But, write a topic in which you are good at.
  • Advertisement : Don’t overload your blog with ads. That decreases return visitors.
  • Willingness : If you don’t know about a specific subject, learn about it.
  • Read blogs : You can gather information and be aware of what is happening in other blogs.
  • Analytics : Always check your stats and analytics. See if it is better or worse.

Why I wanted to become a freelance blogger?

  • Blogging is simple : Blogging is fun, easy and simple.
  • Making Money : Here I can get my money as quick as possible. I can receive my payment easily through PayPal.
  • Community : If I develop an established blog, I can reach a huge audience. I can make new friends in blogging field.
  • Blog anywhere : I can even blog wearing my pajamas! 😛 I can work from a beach or from a desert, if I have internet connection.
  • No fixed hours : I don’t need to have fixed time. I can easily manage time for both my personal and professional life.
  • Extra Income : If I need extra income, I can take an additional blogging job or two.

Are you a successful freelance blogger? Share your tips below as comments.