How Do Online Indian Stores Offer Products At Huge Discounts

indian ecommerce discountsIf you have ever purchased anything online; be it mobile phones, cameras, TVs or even incidental items like beauty products and spices, one thing you will notice is that they often come at cheap, even irresistible rates that no offline retailers can offer. The discounts received can be much greater when shopping from large stores like Myntra, Flipkart, Yebhi and Zovi.

Not forgetting that these sites usually allow buyers to use coupons, such as those from RetailMeNot, CouponCabin, Coupon Lava etc. to further cut down on their shopping costs. One of the best places to look for Flipkart, Yebhi, Myntra and Zovi coupons is from Moreover, for new buyers who have never shopped online, many of these online Indian stores will provide signup bonuses in the form of coupon vouchers sent to buyers via mail that immensely help to reduce the price of whatever you intend to purchase. A website like Myntra sometimes gives signup bonuses of up to Rs 1500 to new shoppers! Buyers also get to enjoy free shipping of ordered merchandise and thanks to the cash on delivery system that many Indian online stores are now adopting; you will only pay for the products once you have received them. What’s more is there’s always a ‘No questions asked return policy’ on purchases, hence if the items don’t quite meet your expectations you can simply return them for a replacement or refund.

There are many reasons why online stores in India go to such extent to ensure customer satisfaction. The most prevalent reason is to help change the conservative mindset of Indians towards online shopping. A good number of Indians are still cynical about the whole idea of buying things online. Therefore online stores have to do a great deal of marketing and sales promotion to entice them to consider purchasing something over the internet. In addition, Indian online websites take into consideration the fact that many potential buyers may not necessarily have credit cards or debit cards for online purchases. This is essentially why online stores are opting for the Cash on Delivery system, to ensure no willing buyers are left out.

Competition is yet another reason why most Indian stores are doing all it takes to win the hearts of online shoppers. Many online Indian stores have been springing up in recent years and competition is getting stiffer as we speak. Consequently every online seller is looking for ways in which they can stay ahead of their competitors, remain in business and make a profit.

But with all these going on, one can’t help wondering how are these online stores making money? Or rather, are they really making money? Well, the answer is a resounding ‘YES’ and given below are the reasons how.

How Online Stores Are Making Money?

1. To start with, you need to take into account that by operating online, these stores do away with the need to work with middlemen who often increase the overhead costs of offline retailers, making it easier for them to make profits. Starting an ecommerce business is much cheaper than building and running brick and mortar stores. Thus, due to the comparably little expenses incurred, online stores are able to lower their prices substantially.

2. Keep in mind that an online store has a larger ‘geographical radius’ than a physical store, which can only operate within their location. Due to the larger reach of online stores, they can lower their prices and still make profits because of the higher volume of purchases. But for offline retailers, they don’t have the same level of sales that online stores have, hence are forced to increase their gross profit margin. So that even if they sell less volume, the profits made can still support the business.

3. Lastly, most Indian online stores use drop shipping suppliers. These are suppliers that hold and ship the stock to the online consumer directly. These suppliers relieve the need of large, expensive warehouses to keep the stock which is unavoidable for offline retailers. All these work to their advantage, enabling them to make profits even though they offer huge discounts.

Nonetheless, even when online Indian stores incur a loss caused by the huge discounts they offer their buyers; it still works for their benefit, as they win many loyal customers that the business can rely on for future success and growth.

ZAPstore: Online Shopping Made Interactive

ZAPstoreWait, before you ask me “Why I should count on another e-commerce portal?” It is not just an e-commerce portal, it is an interactive online shopping portal and a transparent one too. People can buy products at the price they’d like to pay for them. ZAPstore is what I’m talking about. It is different from other online shopping sites because they have introducing a new thing called “ZAP”. It’s design is also unique, and it shows how interactive it will be.

Every customer would have to “ZAP” to reveal a new price for the selected product. The customers will have an option to BUY the product at the price revealed or if they want the price to be much lower they can always come back later and “ZAP” to reveal a much lower price.

ZAPstore is developed by two friends from University of Texas, Balaji Gopalan (CEO) and Gokulraj GK (COO). They both aimed at making shopping an enjoyable experience.

How ZAPstore works?

1. Sign up on ZAPstore. You should have an account, so that they can send you a confirmation email as soon as your order has been placed. By default you’ll get 5 free ZAP.

2. After sign up, you can choose and buy one of the ZAP Packs. You can see the available packs below.

ZAP Packs

3. Now, you can go to your desired section and pick your favorite product. Click on the “ZAP It” on the product of your choice to reveal your price.

Suppose if the market price is 30,000 INR your price will be like around 25,000 INR

Now the ZAP It button turns into BUY It and you’ll have 10 seconds to buy the product. After that you can confirm the shipping and then payment. ZAPstore offers free shipping fortunately.

To know more about this “ZAPPING” process, you can [check this].

ZAPstore – How it works [VIDEO]

ZAPstore – Video Advertisement

Why I’m Going To Try ZAPstore?

Because by Zapping I can drop the price of my desired product for 70% or more. The drop varies from each ZAP to ZAP. ZAP points can be purchased at ZAPstore starting from as low as 30 rupees. I also love their in

Please remember you should have ZAP points (which you can purchase) in order to ZAP and the delivery address should be in India.

EXCLUSIVE FOR HBB READERS: ZAPstore provided a promo code for HBB Readers. You can use zaphbb30.You can avail 30% off on purchase of ZAP packs. The minimum check out price is Rs.20/-. Valid till Jan 2nd 2012.

Friend’s Recommendation: New Face Of Online Retail

Online RetailThe online purchasing pattern has evolved a lot since the advent of e-commerce. There has been a major shift in the way people decide to buy a product, basing their decision on various sources of information. According to a Nielsen survey, people show only 37% trust in the online banner ads shown on the websites. People are more likely to believe the consumer opinions posted online and the highest level of trust is shown when people receive recommendation about a product from someone they know. The trust level is as high as 90% when our friends recommend us something.

This increase in the Consumer Generated Media has major implications for the online retail stores. Most of us go to online review sites to get the user comments but these comments are not entirely reliable since they are from people whom we do not know. Below you can see the Implications for Retailers and other ways.

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Buying Online: 5 Things You Should Keep In Mind

Buying OnlineHow many times has this happened that you buy a product and then realize that it lacks some features which might be important to you or has some minor flaws which would have been obvious had you done some market research?

Well, we all have been in such situations at least once, especially when we are shopping on the internet which makes the things all more difficult because of the choice of options that it provides on click of a mouse.

There are even several hundreds of websites, where you can find the best mobile phone deals online easily. Also make sure that you are dealing with right website, tonnes of phishers out there.

Here are 5 things you can do before buying online which can make your life easier. Simple 5 things that you should keep in mind.

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