HOW TO: Create An Event On MySpace

MySpace was the most popular social networking site in the United States during 2006. Still many people use it even after Facebook and Twitter buzz. MySpace has lots of cool features which are not present on Facebook.

MySpace Events is as popular as Facebook Events, and I was suggested to make this simple ‘HOW TO’ tutorial for some online awareness groups. Creating an Event on MySpace is quite simple and here is the procedure for it. 🙂

#1 – Sign in to your MySpace profile first.

#2 – Select ‘Events’ from the top navbar or go to use this link.

MySpace Events

#3 – Now you will have two options to create events. One is Custom Event, which has several details and another one is Quick Event, which has very few details to enter. I suggest ‘Custom Event’.

Custom Event - MySpace

#4 – Now you need to enter all the details related to your event. For example, location, date and time, host, description and so on.

MySpace Event Details

You have several options like limiting total number of guests, enforce an age limit, and more.

After completing everything, select ‘Save and Continue’ and you will get a mini-preview of your event. That’s all your event is created now.

You can add guests by selecting friends, if you haven’t, and select invites to them. Cheers.

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Hope you would have found this simple tutorial useful. If you are using MySpace, then do connect with me and join HBB MySpace Group.

HOW TO: Create & Manage An Event Using DoAttend

doattendDoAttend is an online event registration service that allows you to create, publish and promote your event for free. Explore the WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) editor to explain what your event is all about.

Only events that you Publish will be available for the public to view. You can publish/unpublish an event whenever you want by editing it. Set it up on your personalized event page with their easy to use registration system and have your event visible to the world at, within a matter of minutes. You can provide your attendees with eTickets for that professional touch, even if its a free event.
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India Search Summit 2010 (Chennai) On Aug 28th & 29th

India Search SummitIndia Search Summit is India’s first & only search marketing event covers all of the search engine marketing topics: organic search, paid search advertising, analytics and conversions, local, mobile, and much more.

‘India Search Summit’ Third Edition to happen in Chennai on 28th and 29th August 2010 with special focus on Social Media

India Search Summit is a two day event aimed to bring together the best minds from the Search Engine Marketing space to talk about search engine advertising, including optimization and marketing issues. This event will feature workshops, debates and keynotes on the present state and evolution of Search Engine Marketing.

There is enough & more valuable insight in the fast emerging Social Media as well.

How Can I Participate?

If you are interested to be a part of this mega event, register online or contact Mr.Sorav Jain (9791134451).

Where It Is Going To Take Place?

India Search Summit 2010 is scheduled for the August 28th and 29th (Sat & Sun).

Venue : Tidal Park (Main Auditorium), Chennai.

The fee for both days including lunch is Rs 1000 per participant. Believe me, 1000rs is really a low amount for this mega event.

Event starts at 9:30 am & the Registration at 8:00 am.

About The Organizers

India Search Summit is being conceptualised, organised and presented by the Knowledge Foundation, a registered not-for-profit society, which consists of passionate technologists, entrepreneurs, professionals, artisans across India.

They were also behind the events such as Proto.IN, BCC, Blogcamp and Buzz140 among others.