Scribble And Share Customized Google Maps Easily

I have been a fan of Google Maps, that made me create a small web app for finding the postal address of any location. Using Google Maps, you can find the exact location or get the postal address of any part in the World, and it is free yes. But they don’t provide an option to edit or customize them. If you want to make it more entertaining and detailed, you can add your own details and drawings to the maps. Scribble Maps allows you to do that for free.

Scribble Google Maps

They allow you to create custom Google Maps without an account. You can also export them to Google Earth. You can check the above picture, kinda messy, but you can apply your creativity here. Planning for a vacation or plotting for a hiking trail, this is your tool!

You can also try a similar tool called QuickMaps for customizing Google Maps.

HOW TO: Customize Feedburner Confirmation Email Body

FeedBurnerYou might have seen some blogs offering free ebooks or other stuff in their blog but in order to get the download link you’ve to subscribe to their blog first and when you finish the subscription process you get an email having the download link.

Most of the blogs uses Aweber for this but in my today’s article I am going to tell you how you can customize the Feedburner confirmation email body and place any link you want.

Customize Feedburner Confirmation Email Body :

  • Open Feedburner, and choose the feed title that you want to customize.
  • Now at the top, click on Publicize.
  • In the left hand side, under Email Subscription click on Communication Preferences.
  • There you will see different options that you can change and one of them is Confirmation Email Body. You can change the email body from there by typing anything you want. You can also give any link you want by giving the anchor tag

< a href=”your-link”>Your Text</a>

  • At last, at the bottom click on Save and you’re done. For more help, here is the screenshot below

Customize Confirmation Email Body

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