6 Reasons Why No One Comments on Your Blog

Blog CommentsWe know that comments are the thing that validates a blog’s existence. Comments allows us to see what other people think about our posts, inspires new ideas and, above all, it does not make us feel like an idiot talking to our self. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to build an audience that cares enough to speak up. Is your blog struggling to get responses from readers? Then you may be committing one or more mistakes listed below.

1. You are not responding to comments

You come into the room, make your little speech, and leave the building. No one wants to talk to a wall (except in Facebook). Commentators will expect reply for their comments and if they don’t get that they will not be interested in commenting on your blog. The blog conversations are not meant to be one sided, if we are not willing to use our own comment section why our readers would? Don’t hesitate to interact with your readers. Your blog’s comment section is where the relation between you and your readers begins. Replying to comments may consume some of your time, but it is well worth it.

2. You make it too difficult to comment

Make your comment section an easy place to access and hang out. A combination of Akismet and GASP plugin prevents spam to almost 100% then why we need to add captcha’s and puzzles? We can’t expect readers to stay in our blog solving puzzles whole day, so adding captcha’s will pull back them from commenting. Comment implementations like Disqus and Intense Debate may help you to manage comments efficiently but at the same time it can also set a barrier to comment. Even too many options are confusing and prevent people from commenting. Do you want readers to login to comment on your blog? If you really like the idea of having a login system, host a forum!

3. You don’t network with other bloggers

People who blog themselves will be much more likely to comment than those who don’t. Reach out to other bloggers by commenting on their blog and linking to their posts on your blog. Treat people like you wanted to be treated, so be generous with your own comments on others blogs. When the blog owner sees you contribute a relevant comment, then they’ll be happier to leave you a comment on your blog in return. It’s the concept of “give and take”.

4. You are not rewarding commentators

Let’s accept the fact — many blog commenters are self-serving and looking for links back to their own blog. There is nothing wrong in that because they are spending their valuable time for dropping a comment in our blog. As the blog owner it is our duty to reward them for their time. If you give them what they want, then they’ll be happier to leave a comment. CommentLuv is a fantastic plugin which helps commenters get more out of their commenting experience. It includes the commenters’ last blog post link at the end of their comments, which is an “incentive” that encourages your readers to leave their comments. You have to give special recognition to your top commentators and Top commentators plugin make it easy.

5. Readers do not comment because there is no comments

It isn’t fun to go to a party with no people at it. We feel more comfortable getting to the party after a few people are there. The same is true for your blog also. Our world is populated in such a way that there are more followers than leaders. Most people want to become followers rather than leaders. It’s easier to add a comment when somebody else has been there. The first comment is the hardest one to get, but there is an easy way to get it – simply do it yourself 😉  Get a cute name, gravatar and leave the first comment yourself.

 6. You don’t ask for it

If you want readers to speak up, ask them a question or two at the end of your post. If your post is so complete, readers may not know what to say except ‘good job’. So instead of commenting they read and move on. Don’t close a post such that your readers will be in confusion whether you want them to comment. You can ask a simple and related question at the end of the post, and ask your readers to share their thoughts.

As you can see, there are a lot of different reasons that people might not be leaving comments on your blog. Comments play a huge role in the structure of a blog, and if your blog has no discussions going on, you have to realize that something is wrong with your blog. Experiment different things and find out what works best for you.

What techniques do you use to encourage your readers to comment? Let’s chat about them in comments.

This article is written by Rojish Roy. He is a 21 year old blogger who loves to write about blogging tips, affiliate marketing, SEO and his favorite CMS – WordPress.

7 Tips To Be A Hero On Blog Commenting

Everybody wants backlinks for their blog to increase their search engine ranking. Lots of people comment on 100’s of blogs. But do you know blog commenting is also a great art. Today I am focusing on how to comment like a hero and become a hero in the comments section. Well it is not as hard as we think really. Remember Branding your Comments can drive Traffic to your Blog too.

Super Hero

#1 – Before start commenting

First of all you should do some simple job for integrating yourself in the blogoshpere. Register yourself in leading comment plugins such as CommentLuv. Why I choose CommentLuv is because of its great feature, whenever you comment on a blog which is powered by commentLuv you will see a link with your recent post which is automatically published in the comment box. So never forget to register yourself in CommentLuv. You should also register on Gravatar, which is a global avatar recognizer.

#2 – Move to the first step

Search the blogs in your niche, I recommend dropmylink for that. You can read the full story on how to use dropmylink here by Nikita Mishra. After finding your niche blog start commenting. But never forget some great blogs which really give quality backlinks such as Problogger, Copyblogger, Shoutmeloud, and ofcourse HBB.

#3 – Common mistakes you should avoid.

  • Don’t ever comment without reading the whole article.
  • Avoid linking to your site, as you have a great box “Your website” to use it.
  • Never try to be over smart, like using “You are wrong”, “me too” words because the author of the article knows much as compared to you (May be you are but…:) )
  • You are human don’t use keyword in the name section, hmmm you can something like this name@yourkeyword.

These are the common mistakes which should be avoided while commenting, mostly on High PR blogs. Always read the Comments Policy of the blogs if they have one.

#4 – Make this routine

Try to make daily routine just for commenting. Take atleast 30 minutes for Commenting on 5 different blogs. So you have to become a regular commentator for increasing your profile on blogosphere.

#5 – Start with the headline

Headline gives you lots of information about the article, so it is easy to understand that the article is compatible for you or not. Read the headline, read the whole article this is most important for commenting never comment until you read the whole article, because sometime what we think is not happen (I think you are getting me 🙂 ).

#6 – So you read the article

Now you understand the article, so if you have any doubt you can ask the author about that. The author will surely love to answer their readers. Believe me asking question is really a great art of blog commenting because both author and the readers love to converse. Sometime the author fails to answer but remember many people answer you. Start conversation with them this let you make the people to know you.

#7 – If you can?

Remember other readers also ask questions, if you think that your answer will help that person, so why not to move one step ahead give the solution to him with the reply button. Let the person know you for next time and will ask you directly. At last try to build relationship with author and other readers.

By doing this simple task you can become a hero on the blog commenting section. Let us know if you have some more tips.

This article is written by Ifham Khan. He is the author of geekspalace and dailytechtips.co.cc. If you wish to write for us, kindly check this.

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We Are Having A New Comments Policy From Now Onwards!

New Comments PolicyFinally I introduced Comments Policy in HellBound Bloggers. Don’t worry it is just a formal Comments Policy which tells you what to do and what not to do during a blog’s conversation.

You can see this line “By commenting in this blog, you agree to abide by the Comments Policy of this blog.” above every comment form present here.

I know many of my beloved readers are experienced probloggers and good commentators, I don’t need to teach them how to comment ! 😉 But this Comments Policy is mainly introduced for the newbies and for the protection of this blog.

A Comment Policy can really protect a blog. If you feel uneasy with a comment and you deleted it, you can show your blog’s comment policy and tell the commentator that you violated the rules if he/she gets offended.

Comments Policy – Responsibility Statement

Below are some of the main topics and points I mentioned in this blog’s Comments Policy. These key topics and points are essential for every blog’s Comment Policy.

  • Moderating Comments

– If you comment first time in this blog, your comment will be moderated. Well known rule.

  • Adieu Spammers and Advertisers

– Any comments regarding ads and spam will be killed.

  • Language and Racism

– Avoid harsh language and racist comments.

  • Linking To Your Blog And Others

– I don’t mind using links in comment if it is relevant to the topic and comments

  • Signature In Comments

– I don’t discourage or encourage leaving signatures in comments.

  • Subscribing To Comments Via E-mail

– If you want to sign up for comments, leave a tick mark near to the “Notify me of follow up comments via e-mail” before submitting your comment.

  • Comments May Be Edited

– I have some reasonable rights for editing or deleting comments whenever I feel it is necessary.

As a blog owner, you and I have the rights to edit, delete, censor and prevent comments !

Check Out HellBound Bloggers’s Newly Introduced Comments Policy !
A Comment A Day Keeps The Doctor Away !