Guest Blogging Will Be Dead In 2013. Is It?

When we came to the world of Blogging, I had never heard about Guest Blogging, as the system was not that much active. However, today, every upcoming blogger is well known about Guest Blogging before they get familiar with blogging in their own blog. The reason is quite simple! In these last two years, the popularity and demand of guest blogging has acquired a dramatic change, especially in 2013. We would have to say guest blogging got a partial death in this time, when famous SEO based decisions are taken by Search Engine Giant, Google. Now, let us analyze the change we see in guest blogging nowadays.

Agendas for Guest Blogging

The main agenda behind guest blogging has acquired some changes in the mentioned time-period. When the rush started, people were doing this for publicizing their blog and gaining traffic to their site or blog. Nowadays, rather we will have to say that Guest Blogging got a face of business and people are running behind content writers and guest bloggers, who can deliver a do follow backlinks from a high Pagerank website. In the world, where internet markets are becoming bigger than conventional marketing methods, people usually try to bring their web page to users’ search results, which is quite favorable by backlinks and Page rank.

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guest blogging

Problems faced by Guest Blogging

As we said before, guest blogging has to face some major problems in this time. It has come to a situation, where Web masters and editors hesitate to accept guest post and publish it in their blog. As you might know, Google’s search engine algorithms like Penguin and Panda is actually killing Guest Blogging; to be precise, killing the bad ways of Guest Blogging.

When the blog admin gets a guest post request from someone, he usually get into trouble in determining whether the guest post is a genuine one or will be penalized by the Mountain View Giant. If you are publishing a guest blogging that is specialized for getting back links from high PR sites, Google will surely penalize your blog. Regarding this decision changes, majority of top blogs are now hesitating to accept guest posting. This also makes a big confusion about guest blogging.

Tips for Effective Guest Blogging in 2013

For Guest Bloggers

  • Do not guest blog for links. Always keep a desire of traffic and exposure as well.
  • Focus on not only PR but also Traffic and DA.
  • Try contacting the web master directly rather than using the ‘Write for Us’ page.
  • Try to be a contributor to the blog rather than blogging under the label ‘Guest Author’. We hope this is possible only if you are linking back to your own website or blog.
  • Choose the most appropriate website for the title. We hope you know how Google will consider your link to a tech blog from a SEO based blog.
  • Use the correct anchor text because a bad one can make Google confuse about it.
  • Only accept the guest blogging work (if you are doing so) only if you think the targeted website is trustworthy and popular.

For Blog Editors

  • Confirm that the Guest Post is genuine.
  • Check Backlink and accept the post if the link is to a personal website [Will help in preventing spam links from your blog].
  • Do not label it as a Guest Post. Never let Google know that the post is written by a person, who is not even trusted by webmaster. [If the webmaster does so, he would have given the author name instead of label].


Analyzing the current issues on World Wide Web and the Mountain View’s decisions, we shall say that Guest Blogging is in a path of partial death and you should be very careful while publishing a guest post as well as submitting a guest post in order to publicize your blog. In addition, this post is not for who undertake bigger Guest Blogging works of SEO Companies and to spread spam links among high PR blogs.

HOW TO: Use Pinterest For Business In 2013

Pinterest for BusinessThis guide to Pinterest for Business will help you get started on Pinterest for local businesses in 2013. Your brand/small business can make the most out of Pinterest with this ultimate guide. I will quickly brief out what Pinterest is, who uses Pinterest and how business can make the most out of Pinterest. Pinterest is a virtual pinboard that allows users to organize and share all the beautiful things they find on the web. You can create your own pin boards based on your interest and hobbies. You can even browse other people pin boards. Suppose if you’re a fitness freak, you can collect motivational posters, fitness related images and creates pinboards such as motivation, daily workouts, as boards and manages them. You find something interesting in the web, you can pin them across your boards. You can repin other images from pin boards.
When you analyze pinboards users, 80% are women under the age 25-34.

Before we get started with Pinterest, you should know the Pinterest slang.

Pin – an image added to Pinterest.

Repin – Sharing a pin with the user’s followers.

Board – A set of pins usually organized by themes (travel, fashion, etc.)

Pin it button – You can embed the button on any website where it grabs the images from website and adds it one of your pinboards.

Anyone can open an account with Pinterest, it’s free. Visit and create your account now. Then build a list of people to follow based on your interest. If suppose if you open a Pinterest account for your business or brand, follow people related to your niche. You can use the search bar to find ideas on the theme. Find new people to follow and organize more ideas for pin boards. You can allow more people (co-workers and fans) to contribute to one of your boards. You can even pin videos to your boards.

Why I suggest Pinterest for brands?

Because it has large number of users who spend more time on the site, later part of this article will deal about average time spend on Pinterest. You get targeted audience. When you take the average time spent on social sites, Pinterest leads the board with 15 minutes average, followed by YouTube and Facebook. Why Pinterest is so addictive? People fall in love with Pinterest design, lot of conversions for brands. Not every brand finds success on Pinterest. Only certain brands such as fashion business, businesses targeted for women’s can easily find success with Pinterest. As said earlier, women users are more on Pinterest, 80% of the pins on Pinterest are repining, whereas only 1.4% of tweets are Retweets. For business, Pinterest has some serious potential to drive referral traffic. It drives more referral traffic than Google+, LinkedIn and YouTube combined.

Why Should Businesses use pinterest?

Pinterest drives more referral traffic than most of the social networking sites. Millions of people use Pinterest as their relevant search engines. Your brand’s online presence is much important; Pinterest ranks pages below your website on Google search engines apart from Google places and Facebook pages. By this way, your brand can gain much popularity on Pinterest. Next way is Pinterest are visually attracting, your brand products and services can be easily shared and viewed by thousands of people that click the picture and are taken directly to your website.

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Step by Step Guide on How Business/Brands should get started with Pinterest

Do a market research on Pinterest; find out whether Pinterest is a good fit for your brand or business. Analyze who your target audience and find out who uses Pinterest more and find out whether the content is something people are searching for.

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Once you’ve done creating your account, spend some time to complete your profile. Make sure you select your Pinterest username wisely. It appears in the URL of each pinboard you manage.
Fill up all the details on Pinterest, add your business Facebook page, twitter page, website URL, verify your website with Pinterest, and add description to your Pinterest page.

Once done, install the pin it button to your browser tool bar, so it will be easy to pin images to your boards directly when you find something interesting on the web. If you have Pinterest buttons on your website, you can pin it easily. WordPress blog owners can try out Pinterest WordPress plugins that lets users to easily pin images from your site.

Next step is once you login; Pinterest gives you 5 default pinboards which are pre-titled. Delete it completely and start creating pin boards which are meaningful related to your business. Avoid creating meaningless pinboards which will clutter your profile.

Keep your pins fresh and unique. A great place to start pinning is from your website. If your brand or service has a website, start pinning your own products first. Make sensible pinboards. If you’re wondering how to add, go to your website or any page, use pin it button which you installed in your browser toolbar. It automatically shows Pinterest pinboards to pin the website. You can create a new pin board if you need it at all. Don’t limit your pins to just your products and business. Show off your expertise with boards that teach your followers something new about your industry or trade.
Track whether people have pinned content from your website, such as picture of one can track if anyone has pinned content from your website, such as a picture of one of your products, by entering your name in the following URL:

If your business or brands deal with product prices, when you pin your product, you can enter the price in the description box that makes your pin to automatically add a price banner to the photo.
If your pins are re-pinned or liked by people you will get an email notification from Pinterest. You can also see if your pin has been shared by looking below its description.

How Local Business can make use of Pinterest? As a Pinterest user, I love viewing a lot of pins related to travel and food. If you’re a local travel agency or restaurant owner, you can make the most out of Pinterest. For example: Pinterest is an excellent resource for people planning a vacation. When they find a destination worth visiting they can easily store links and photos of the destination to one of their pin boards. On the flip side places like the local tourism department, travel agencies can use Pinterest to promote their area and local businesses.

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From what I found, Pinterest is a gold mine for business related to travel, hotel, fashion accessories, shopping, food, restaurants, resorts etc. For magazines and newspapers, they can build pinboards to show their cover stories, art, highlight certain sections etc. Industries like food, bakeries, cafes, restaurants, grocery stores find more value in Pinterest. Whole Foods Market has pin boards featuring recipes and creative ways to cook with raw ingredients, a pin board for current foods in season, gardening tips and holiday ideas.

Fashion clothing, accessories has huge craze on Pinterest. Women create pinboards to pin pictures of their favorite styles clothing and accessories. Outfits and styles are repined by thousands of people increasing website traffic and even gaining revenue from people make an online purchase.
Follow some big names on the Pinterest to get a sense of how they’re using it. Whether they’re big companies or individuals with huge following watch and learn.

How to make the most of Pinterest?

Upload your own images; repining has less chance to go viral. Similarly how you consider SEO factor for blog images, use the same method with pinterest images. Add your keyword as image file name. Instead of 124w.jpg – name it keyword.jpg

Pin from variety of different sources as opposed to one specific site. Repining, liking, commenting all play a strong role on where your image will appear. After you upload an image, you should edit your pin to add your link. By default, Pinterest doesn’t add any link to uploaded pins. Don’t waste a great opportunity to drive traffic.

Learn how to use Pinterest to drive massive traffic to your blog.

Pinterest descriptions can use up to 500 chars, but a long description annoys many pinners who feel it messes up their Pinterest grid. Settle for a short caption using major keywords. You can use pin comments section to add more content. More engagement means more followers, more followers equals more power. So research Pinterest to see what catches your eye and compels you to engage with an image.
Make sure all your pinboards are keyword rich because they appear in the URL. For example: Places I love is worst. You can rename it to Miami beaches.

Pinterest is visual, so make sure your images are beautiful. Pinterest doesn’t limit the vertical size of the image, but the maximum horizontal size of the pic is 554px, anything wider than that will be resized. Limit your image length to 5000 pixels because people who scroll down are unlikely to scroll back up to repin or like it.

Pinterest for SEO

Most of the links on the Pinterest are no follow. But has a great value and strong signal in search engine algorithms. More repin means more links to your site, which brings more traffic since the repin keeps the original source link. Most of your pinboards are crawled by search engines and are shown up in search results. Whatever you title your board will be used as part of the Pinterest URL. So use keyword in both title and your description.

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Some stats before I end this article – Descriptions about 200 chars long are most repinnable. Pins about food are most repinnable. Also images about design are very repinnable.

Predictions Trends SEO and Content Strategy Planning 2013

SEO Web Content StrategyContrary to the predictions of content and should avoid your company’s come up the short on content. Let’s take a quick look at the details of web content and trends for 2013 compared to the previous year of the SEO techniques. Today development of SEO and content marketing has been focused on two things such as text and links because these two things are very essential factors for the Content Marketing. As with you have provided the new idea about your products with the initial iterations without any abuse and fake. If in-case you can reach the target resources with the support of easy way such as abuse, fake and duplicate. These are early day trick to reach the targeted resources and you should remember the font colors, hidden text and keyword stuff. The keyword stuff has very essential to improve your brand name and website visibility. In early Google updates only focus to create the content instead of text, but now you can easily place through the links and develop the content writing for your websites to meet the webmasters and SEO needs the carrying of the linked content.

At present, Google Panda will updates fundamental that will be changed the website creation and promotion. The website developers were used to slow roll out the content and random updates the content with the support of importance that consistently developing the readable content depends on your Business brands. Since there are varieties of standard method as mainly focus on the functioning of link building tactics. The number of high quality content creation companies and providers can explode along with your requirements. SEO has the best learned that content had to be goof and promote the content and get the links through the high quality content creation based on the content marketing plan.

Future of SEO and Content Marketing

The future of SEO and content marketing, before that should consider the present situation of data shows that SEO have learned that low quality content will not get the right choice of link building situation. So you can develop the high quality content that will be bringing the links with the little efforts and have the high risk based on their Marketing Strategies. The key factors are find the sustainable resources, high quality strategies based on the long-term brand name to build the links. Enter the paradox has easier strategy that more likely will be abused and lead to the penalties. This harder strategy is not scalable and profitable for the long-term link building.

The recent year of five clear view of trends are quality content rules, content will needs a voice, personality and branding, longer and more depth in articles, social media grows in a link building role especially for the search engine and multimedia support.

  1. Quality Content Rules 
  2. Content Needed a Voice, Personality, or Branding
  3. Longer, More In-Depth Articles
  4. Social Media Grows in a Link Building Role (Especially With Bing)
  5. More Multimedia

The initial thing has quality content rules are shifting not only to the higher end of writer, but to subject the real matters with the support of experts. In the recent year, demand will increase not just because of good writer, but you should know the stuff about the writer. The main aspect of content marketing has needs the quality content with the needs of voice, personality and branding name. Because of Google Panda push the meatier content has led too many players and them covering the same low-hanging. But, you should add the Google preference for the big brands of your companies that will face the challenge of separating from the similar vendors. The occurrence of well supportive content will no longer rank for your keyword phrases based on your competitors you should deliver the same content. Mostly marketer can face the challenging with the competitors not just because of price, brands and personality.

SEO Web Content StrategyThe longer articles has tend to get more information according to the SEO software which helps with the link building efforts and build the brand name through the authority site that will be building the trust with your customers and improves the conversions. There is a tricky with the longer articles not the word, but it shows the basic ideas and concepts. The concepts has shows the knowledge with the usual result in a longer articles in nature manner. The social media grows the link building with support of adapting and perfecting content. Instead of creating the piece of website content have shared to the Twitter and Facebook.

This article is written by Jamie Noel. She is an Internet Marketing Manager at Ebrandz. She gives a wonderful support of Search Engine Optimization Reseller at Agency Platform.

How To Get Started on Twitter in 2013 – The Right Way

Twitter 2013 Right WayTwitter is one of the most popular Social Networks in the world, and they continue to grow everyday with tens of thousands of new members. For many people and Businesses without experience, getting started on Twitter can be a daunting challenge. You could follow some popular accounts, a few peers and a couple of your friends, and hope they follow back.

You could tweet something like “It’s 2013, and I’m just starting on Twitter! Follow the new guy and be astonished at my epic Twitter fails.” and hope at least a few people see it, laugh, and maybe even follow. You’re not here to read some awful Twitter failure story though – You want to SUCCEED, and that’s exactly what I’m going to teach you today!

The question now is, “How do I go from a nobody to a somebody, on Twitter?”.

First and foremost , there’s tweeting. You know, that little thing that you do with 140 characters on Twitter. Before anyone even wastes two seconds clicking that ‘Follow’ button, you have to convince them that you’re worth following – by tweeting.

Let’s Start Tweeting!

Cram as much quality content, useful information and awesome things that your followers would love, into 140 characters or less, and tweet it… often… but not too often. Don’t spam and don’t advertise – People hate that, and they’ll unfollow you before you can even blink.

Pay attention to what’s happening with your followers, brand, industry or just around Twitter; Stay up to date. Take the time to reply, @mention, #hastag, and react to things as they happen. This will help you stay up to date on Twitter, help you gain more exposure as people reply back, and mention you, and give your followers more and more reasons to keep following you. You can even add some multimedia to your tweets by posting relevant photos, videos, music, links and more – Everyone love some mix and variety in their timeline. Share your passion, tweet that funny picture that you just found, link to that article that just blew your mind a few minutes ago; chances are, some of your followers might enjoy your passion, they may find that picture funny too, or they could have their mind blown away from reading that article as well.

Tweeting isn’t an exact science, but these guidelines pretty much sum up what it means to tweet well and keep your followers happy. Twitter also offers a pretty awesome guide on how to get started here. Go ahead and bookmark that page, but keep on reading this article (aka The “Holy Grail” of Twitter Guides).

So, now that you’ve started tweeting like a pro, you should also look like one too. Getting more Twitter Followers can sometimes be tricky, but here are a few techniques to boost your following effectively.

  • You have a Facebook Account? Of course you do. Share it with your friends or fans on Facebook, and let them know you have a Twitter Account. Statistically speaking, more half of your friends or fans should be on Twitter as well.
  • You have a website!? That’s perfect! Add a Twitter link, icon or even a widget on your website. Most of your website visitors or customers want to be taken advantage of, so do it! Let them know that you’ll keep them up to date with new products, promotions, discounts, news, funny pictures, or whatever you’re into.
  • You have an email list?!  Well… aren’t you Mr. Perfect. You should add a link to your Twitter Account to the bottom of every email you send. That lets your subscribers know you actually have a Twitter account (Surprise!), and lets them know where they can find you. You can always had a little incentive as well, which I’ll get into later.
  • You own a Store?! Why didn’t you tell me sooner?!  If you’re trying to get started with a Company Twitter account, then simply print out a “Follow Us on Twitter” Vinyl Decal with your Twitter Username and a convenient QR (Quick Response) code.  Stick it to your front door,  next to a cash register or even in the bathroom, and watch as your everyday customers now become your followers on Twitter.
  • You drive a CAR?!  You’ve got to be kidding! Throw a bumper sticker on that bad boy with your Twitter Username, and a big ol’ sign that screams “Follow Me”. I mean, it should work. People Tweet and Drive all the time…  PSA: Drive Safe – Don’t Text Tweet and Drive.
  • You’re a nudist?! Well…. tough luck. But if you don’t enjoy walking around naked in public, then you most likely wear clothes. Use that to your advantage! Wear a custom “Follow Me on Twitter” T-Shirt and rock it out like you just don’t care. and CafePress both have nice collections of custom Twitter Shirts to select from.
  • You have a Business Card? Great! Once you run out, you should order new ones with your Twitter Handle (@YourUsername) alongside your email and phone number. This way, you can help peers and business contacts stay connected with you through Twitter.

Those are just a few fun ways of getting more attention and followers to your Twitter Account, by taking advantage of the things you’re already doing on a daily basis. Now, here is when it starts getting interesting.

Advertising and Promoting your Twitter Account online is another way of getting more Twitter Followers, and fast. Twitter now offers an Advertising Service to help get you more exposure to both your account and your tweets, right on Twitter. While this is a great approach, it can be costly and without a proper established credibility, it could be pretty ineffective when you first start off. Here are a few alternative approaches to advertising your Twitter Account, before jumping onto the Twitter Ads.

Buy Twitter Followers. Wait… what? Yes, you heard right. Buying Twitter Followers can be a very effective strategy if approached correctly and moderately. Purchasing a few hundred to a few thousand followers is perfectly reasonable, and while it won’t get you the followers you really need, it will give your Twitter Account the allure of popularity and strengthen your social credibility. This will make your advertising and marketing campaigns much more effective, and essentially help convey prospective followers that you’re actually worth following. However, these type of services are a little controversial; some people see it as unethical while others praise it for being so fast. You can use these services, but remember that moderation is key.

Sponsored Tweets is another creative approach to gaining exposure and followers, and is very similar to Sponsored mentions. has over 50,000 tweeters, from celebrities to regular Twitter users, ready to tweet your custom message to their followers, for a fee. You can search and find Twitter users in your exact target market (the ones that have the followers you want) and have them recommend to follow you. This method is great and can be very effective, but I can only recommend it if you have a high budget or are running a business Twitter account.

Blogging could be one of your pastimes, and it can also be your ticket to getting more Twitter Followers. If you blog regularly, whether on your personal blog, or a big company blog, you can easily take advantage of the thousands of people reading your article by simply mentioning your Twitter account in your “Author Biography”. I know when I’m reading a really good article, I always want to know more about the author and sometimes I’ll even want to stay connected – something I’m sure many people do. Now, by having a convenient link to your Twitter accounts in your biography, your readers will be able to easily find your Twitter account and follow if they want. Even if you don’t blog yet, it’s never too late to start blogging (or guest blogging) about topics that interest you. You’ll start gaining that online exposure and recognition that won’t just help you grow your Twitter Following, but also help you in so many other avenues.

Building your following, whether for your business or personal account, isn’t done overnight. It takes hard work, persistence and determination to become a success with anything, including Twitter. Don’t try to do everything at once and within a week. Take your time, tweet regularly and try some of the suggestions I mentioned. Remember, Rome wasn’t build in a day and neither will your loyal following.

Tweet well, my friends.

The 5 Hot Internet Marketing Trends For 2013

Internet Marketing Trends 2013Every year in Marketing things change. It’s designed to keep up with the changes in the marketing world and for users to see something different to keep up sales. The changes in marketing for 2013 are ones that should be implemented as soon as possible to reap the benefits.

Here are the changes in marketing trends for 2013:

1. Website Design Improvements

Changing the design of your website is very time consuming, but it does give you a boost in sales. People don’t really like changes, so, it’s best to keep the same structure, but make a design that readers will like. Adding new videos, ads, and banners will perk up attention to them and bring in more clicks.


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  • 5 Common Mistakes That Can Spoil Your Whole Website Design Work

2. Every Picture Tells a Story

Use more images that tell a story on your website. An image puts a visual representation of what you’re trying to sell. You can use infographics to tell a story of how your product will help your readers. If you pay attention to Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks, you’ll see when to add more images to your site. They lead the way to the visual look. Learn Why You Should Have Images On Your Blog Posts.

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3. Convert To the New Web Languages

Changing your site to HTML5 and CSS3 are the biggest changes you’ll make this year. The new web languages will perk up your site without adding any bulk. That is, it lets you include images base on CSS3, so your website loads faster. Using image slows down the load into a browser. Using the new HTML5 helps keep the load light, plus, you can do add more visuals to your website using the new web language.

4. Go With the Gusto of Mobile

Create a mobile site! Mobile is growing faster than most can keep up with, especially in marketing. They are scrambling to create ads that are easy to send to mobile users. Plus, the market of mobile users is over 500 million and rising. It’s expected to hit the billion user mark this year. Channel your business to your mobile audience to reap the benefits of how mobile can and will increase your business.

5. Videos Are the Boss

There are over 5 million videos that are watched online every day. You can’t beat that for bringing traffic to your website. Plus, video watchers share the links with their friend in the social sphere. Video are one of the best ways to communicate with your target market.

Of all the marketing trends working their way into the mainstream, videos and mobile are the biggest. However, any of the changes to your website can help bring in more traffic and more profits from your readers.

5 Social Media Predictions For 2013

social media predictions2012 was a show that revolved a great deal on Social Media! More and more individuals as well as businesses are joining in on the fun each year and all the signs lead to predictions of how 2013 will become an even greater year for social media.

Here are 5 predictions that you must look out for!

1. Facebook will continue to monetize its services

The social media site of humble beginnings has once again proven why it is the largest social network in the world. 2012 was the year that Facebook reached 1 billion members, something that is worth remembering indeed. The social network that has made Zuckerberg a billionaire will continue to do so. Facebook is surely going to continue monetizing their online social services for businesses and individuals as well who are in need of it. Although there were a few bumps here and there for the site, some of which had quite evident repercussions, do not expect this empire to crumble as other social sites have. Facebook will remain a well-built social media site that offers tools and services that have quality and have proven to be effective.

2. Content marketing will become a major strategy

2012 was truly a showcase of how powerful Content Marketing really is. People and Businesses alike have finally begun to understand and accept its importance and will begin to take it more serious. I anticipate that 2013 will be a year where content marketing will become an even more powerful marketing strategy. Businesses that have already experienced how effective it could be will double or even triple their efforts in implementing social marketing strategies. Expect to see a lot of companies from all industries around the globe taking up online armaments and charging full force in the social network.

3. Google+ will become more aggressive

Google+ never really caught on to majority of the populous, unlike Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. However, do not be so quick to consider Google‘s social site as dead, at least not yet! The search engine tycoon has secretly been doing feature upgrades and developments in their system. I expect 2013 to be the year that Google finally unleashes its reins and begin the quest for social domination! Google has already unveiled Communities, something in the likes of Facebook groups, but that is only the beginning. Soon pretty much everything you do on the web will in some way be linked to Google+, meaning you will be participating in this war that the search engine is waging, even if you don’t particularly choose to be in it. Basically, what Google is trying to do is to make you need their social tools.

4. More industries will start their online social presence

Necessity: The more traditional companies in many industries who have tried to keep things the way they are by staying out of almost any online presence has done so long enough. They have already started to realize that this is truly what the world is about and it is already time to lay down some of their traditional marketing strategies and adapt to what people/consumers have their eyes on. 2013 will open a lot of doors for many industries to set up their online social presence.

5. The power of images will increase

Everybody loved sharing pictures on social media sites in 2012, and in 2013 even more people will! Statistics indicate that pictures and images are shared over 5 times more than purely textual posts and content. Instagram, a social media site that lets its members post and share pictures instantly, can surely attest to how much fact this is and also how effective it can be as marketing strategy for businesses as well. You can expect social sites to become even more loaded with images this year!

One great trend to look out for this 2013 are is the development of bigger and better mobile social sites. Every year people are relying more and more on their smartphones and tablets to stay connected on their social networks and 2013 is definitely not an exception. So, if you use your gadgets for majority of your online activities, you can expect this year to be very beneficial for you!

There is a possible chance of new entry of creative social networks like (formerly It is a social network service founded in 2002 by Jeffrey Tinsley after meeting his wife at their high school reunion.

Your 10 Social Media Marketing Strategies In 2013

social media marketing strategies 2013

In the end, I hope you will definitely learn and try to implement 10 Social Media Marketing strategies for the year 2013. For more keep following our blog. 2012 is passing and 2013 is all set to arrive. Hence it is time to welcome 2013 and make new resolutions. In this blog, I will tell you 10 social marketing strategies for the year 2013.

Social Media is growing very rapidly and anyone cannot afford to ignore the power of social media marketing. Therefore, it is necessary that you strategize social media marketing for 2013 in advance. In the coming year, you have to learn from your mistakes in the past and plan for the future. So here are 10 social media marketing strategies for 2013.

1. Review what you did in Year 2012

First thing to keep in mind, while strategizing a Marketing plan, is to introspect your past. You need to learn from all your mistakes that you did in the year 2012. You have to analyze why your social media marketing failed or didn’t do well as you expected.

A serious brainstorming is required from all of your team members. You need to identify all those points that led to the failure. It is of utmost important that you do not repeat same mistakes in the New Year.

2. Set-Out Targets for 2013

Social media is vast like an ocean. There is small nitty-gritty associated with it that you cannot come to know in few days. You need to understand all the dimensions of social media marketing and it cannot be done by one person.

Hence, you need a team of experts with a responsibility to set out targets for 2013. On a whiteboard, you have to chalk out a plan in a right manner. Whether it is reaching out to customers or clients you need to have a well laid-out strategy. Therefore, it is better to set targets that you will achieve in a limited time period.

3. Humanizing Social Media with Your Personal Presence

Normally, while marketing on social media, companies and marketers commit very obvious mistakes, like they tend to overlook the importance of human touch while running a campaign via Facebook or Twitter. They usually forget or neglect the human aspect of marketing through social media. Therefore, you must create your personal brand on Facebook and Twitter.

When people come to these websites they must feel that they are interacting with a person with human touch rather interacting an autopilot program or software. Hence, start building a personality and give a feel to people that you are listening to them.

4. Exploring all Your Local and Targeted Social Networks

You need to try your best to find out all Local social networks in your niche. Social networks which are more local to your city and town give you an idea what is going on to the streets. For social media marketing, it is very important to know what people are talking on the ground and the best way to know it is through engaging with local social networks.

Secondly, you can target other social networks in your niche. It will help you to know the exact competition in your niche. Moreover, you can join them and market your product or services more effectively. Hence local and targeted social networks are very important to know while marketing on social media.

5. Creating Synergy Between Online and Offline Advertising

Now this is one more important aspect of social media marketing. This year you need to bring together the online and offline advertising together. All your advertising campaigns whether online or offline must develop a synergy.

Hence, it means your left hand should know what your right hand is doing. This year your team of marketers should run all advertising campaigns online and offline in tandem. Bring both forms of advertising together to get best out of social media marketing.

6. Creating More and More Viral Content

If you want to get more traffic to your blog or website then you have to create content that goes viral. Creating viral content has always been a great challenge. This coming year you have to put an extra effort to create viral content because it is not that easy.

You need to set a goal that how many people will be visiting your content in one day. You have to learn from others how they are creating content which goes viral. Recently, Gangnam or “Charlie bit my finger” videos went viral on Internet; you also need something like that. Viral content needs a lot of research and fact finding.

7. SEO Optimization for Social Networks

I know SEO optimization is an old trick and you will say you do not need to do anything extra. But my dear friend, for social media marketing SEO, is a bit different than for ranking in organic searches. To rank high for social media, you need a great presence on social media.

Your SEO team should know how to rank high in organic searches through Facebook or Twitter. Therefore, this year you have to re-strategize your SEO plans for social networks.

8. Incorporate all Possible Multi Media Tools

To make the best use of marketing efforts you need to incorporate all possible multimedia tools. It means your content should be dynamic and vivid only then your marketing could stand out. These tools could be gif images, videos, info-graphics etc. You need to use these tools to make your content more relevant.

You can also use certain apps and extensions from chrome web stores. As a social media marketer, you must always be looking for new tools that are coming on the Internet. They can be paid as well as free to use.

9. Keeping an eye on Mainstream Media

If you want to learn to market then you have to look how the big boys like MNC’s are doing through mainstream media. As we all know social media is going to replace mainstream media but still later one reaches out to the masses much effectively than the former one.

Hence, in social media marketing, you have to include the strategies that MNCs are doing through mainstream media. So this year in 2013 follows mainstream media and advertising running on them.

10. Finally, Going beyond Facebook & Twitter

Finally, this year in 2013 you need to go beyond Facebook and Twitter for social media marketing. You have to explore other venues through which you can reach out to people. You can try paid medium for getting more exposure. It could be expensive but still you should prepare your mind to try everything in the store.