Improve Your Interpersonal Skills to Excel at the Workplace

An ability to communicate and connect with people can take you to higher echelons of your career. These are interpersonal skills that help you to relate, cooperate, and work with others in a congenial environment. 

But, you need to understand What are Interpersonal Skills? and how they can help in your career progression. It is a lifelong journey where you can always make adjustments as needed. Also, follow the tips given here:

Improve Your Interpersonal Skills To Excel At The Workplace

Start Slow and Early

While some interpersonal skills may require years to become perfect, you can target some low-hanging fruits to start your journey. For example, a positive attitude is a good start and easy to practice. Remove your negative thoughts and boost your thinking with a positive inclination. Similarly, smile more often at your workplace. You can start with one person and see how well you get along with them. 

Also, learn how to do active listening while communicating with others. Small gestures like nodding or asking questions can help you get better at this. Always try to give constructive feedback and improve your non-verbal communication skills like smiling, making eye contact, or improving your posture around others. 

Work on Your EQ or Emotional Intelligence

EQ or emotional quotient is as important for excelling at your workplace as your IQ. EQ gives you an ability to understand the emotions and assess how they affect people working around you. 

When you have high emotional intelligence, you not only know about your emotions but also respect those of others. If you believe research, it says emotional intelligence leads to around 80-90% of success at the workplace. 

Learn How to Work With Teams

While working within a group or leading a team, a positive attitude and leadership abilities make a lot of difference. Here, you should know how to contribute your ideas, share the responsibilities, give positive feedback, learn from negative results, and respectfully assert your views. 

Remember, you needn’t be forceful when asserting your views and opinions. When working with a team, it is all about being open and forthright. 

Find Good Qualities in Others

Although you may not necessarily like every person you work with, it never harms to make some efforts in the right direction. Do not let your personal opinions or preferences impede the working of your team. If a person’s personality clashes with your views, learn how to handle the situation by finding a positive quality in them. 

For example, a colleague may not be a pleasant talker. Still, if they are experts at other skills like designing or management, you can focus on this quality to interact with them in a professional capacity.

Learn to Manage the Stress

Managing and dealing with stress is crucial to perform well at your workplace. If you feel nervous before a presentation, you can practice stress management to control your nerves. Time management can help to balance the conflicting demands of your work and personal life. Also, keep your emotions under control when facing stressful conditions.

Apart from knowing what are interpersonal skills and making attempts to improve them, understand that it is a continuous process. And, you need to work every day on your soft skills to make them better.

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