7 Important Email Marketing Tips for the B2B Marketer

It is difficult to make your audience notice your email let alone engage with it in the sea of emails all shouting for attention. So what can you do to make your emails stand out? There are so many methods from using email marketing software to crafting your content with greater diligence. All these methods have their own relative advantages and limitations. However, the following tips should be followed by ever B2B marketer if he wants his emails to stand-out above the rest.

Important Email Marketing Tips For B2B Marketer

Start with a great subject line

According to Invesp, 69 percent of recipients report their emails as spam by the email’s subject lines while 47 percent of recipients decide to open their emails by the subject lines too. Therefore, starting with a great subject line is of vital importance. It determines whether the reader wants to engage further with your email or not. It is like your first impression, and if that is ruined, then the rest will be as well.
Therefore, it should be short, it should be clear, and it should state the incentive to make your reader open the email. And you should try to avoid cliches because nothing dulls the senses than the repeated expressions one hears all the time.

Keep your sentences brief

Although brevity is a high virtue for writing in general, for the web it is ever more necessary. It is because people read less and skim more on the internet.
Therefore, if the message is not brief and focused, then chances are that they will probably not be read and understood. Come up with something clear and memorable. Don’t beat around the bush come to the point along with some creativity.

Make your messages personalized

All of us are a bit ego-centric. We all respond more to any information if it feels like it is just directed towards us. If the message is delivered acknowledging our date of birth, then naturally we all are likely to respond more. Likewise is the case if we receive a thank-you message after we have subscribed to anything. It is the personalized messages that are the most effective.

Therefore, collect information from your potential audience and use it for directing personalized messages. But don’t be too hasty in this regard. Asking up front for any info can put off your audience, and you will never be able to build your relationship in this way. Instead, go step by step to collect the required information bit by bit. For example, you can ask your subscriber for the reason of their subscription in your welcome email. If you see them responding and engaging more, then you can ask for more and more information. Remember to build your relationship if you want to increase your revenues.

Make your emails interactive

Instead of leaving your readers the trouble of opening web-pages, make your emails interactive and save your readers the trouble. Because as easy as clicking on a link looks; your readers might not have the incentive to do even that. Besides the internet speed would not be right all the time.

An interactive email will function like a web-page by allowing the recipients to perform tasks from the email itself. Those jobs could include the rating of your content, the filling out of forms and respond to your quizzes, etc. Increasing the capability of your emails in this way makes it far more likely that your readers will engage with it.
To create interactive emails, you need to choose a particular platform supporting this technology. Decide the platform based on the goal that you hope to achieve. If information collection is your goal, then the embedded forms supporting platform should be your choice. While if you are bent towards creating more engaging content, then quizzes and animations supporting platform should suit you the best.

Ensure mobile Optimization

Smartphones and mobile devices are the newest trends these days. According to Statista, the worldwide percentage of web page views through mobile devices was more than 52 percent, with the Asian region leading with 65 percent. Therefore, if your emails are not mobile optimized, then it means that you are missing out on a massive chunk of your audience.

Mobile optimization starts with your email template, but it is not the only thing that you should look out for. Your content should be structured accordingly as well. That means including the most essential information at the top along with brief and concise sentences for easy reading, with your buttons and links big enough to be easily trappable.


Unless you made sure that your emails are working, don’t send them. Check that all your personalization is working and so your links also. If they would not be working, then you will lose your credibility. At least check it on all the primary providers of Yahoo, Gmail, and Outlook and then send them. There are tools available for this type of testing.


Check what is working for you and what is not working for you. If one subject line is leading to more open-rates, then you will know what type of subject line to use more the next time. While the types of calls to action and body content should also be experimented to know what works more and what does not work.

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