How Webinars Can Help Your Blog Thrive

A personal blog that starts generating income can turn into a career if you continue to build your audience. This is going to require patience and targeted marketing when it comes to attracting readers. Quality content being produced is imperative as visitors are not going to return for generic or poor quality content. Taking a proactive approach at diversifying the content that is being put out by a blog can do a myriad of things. The most important thing is to target demographics that might only consume content via video, podcast, or webinar. Webinars can be quite a versatile tool, whether it is being done for a company or personal blog.

How Webinars Can Help Your Blog Thrive

Help Teach Readers Useful Information

When you have a  blog, you are going to want your loyal readers to be able to listen in on discussions, as well as participate. The webinar is the perfect way to do this, and some of the content of the webinar will be directed by those participating. A custom hashtag is going to give people the ability to ask questions via social media to engage with those hosting the webinar. Listeners can refer back to the webinar as well if they found a specific answer intriguing or valuable. Showcasing knowledge to potential customers, if selling any services or products, allows that sales prospect to get to know what your blog is all about. Small details like the quality of the webinar platform are important, too, as this is something that can instantly make a viewer log off.

Getting Others In The Industry Involved

Hosting a webinar with some big names in an industry or with a celebrity can be a huge draw for the blog. This will take quite a bit of outreach to different personalities in your niche, but free exposure is something attractive to nearly everyone. The guest is obviously going to want to promote something, so they will need to plug something during the webinar. Make sure that this event has engaging conversation and presentations rather than sounding like a commercial for all of the guests.

Webinars Can Help Build The Brand Of A Blog

Webinars showcase knowledge first and foremost, which can significantly impact the blog of a business or individual, turning it into a thought leader, where people flock to for relevant or entertaining information. For this reason, you are going to need to plan out the content of the webinar very carefully. The last thing anyone wants is to host a webinar that makes the staff of a blog look unprofessional. Blogs that only have one type of content can seem a bit boring as people like variety in their content. An article could be a great read while someone else might want to kick back and watch a video. Another could participate in the webinar as they are trying to educate themselves on a specific subject matter.

Increasing Sales

The main goal of hosting a webinar should be that of generating revenue, whether through clicks on ads or generating leads. The leads that are generated via a webinar are going to be of high quality as the lead spent the time learning from the online event. After all, people do not spend time on things that they feel will not be valuable to them in one way or another. The sales team should have some sort of input on the content that is being discussed during the webinar. A blog of a business-to-business (B2B) company would want to sell to other agencies or businesses rather than the individual. Talking about the benefits of a service or product during a seminar regarding the B2B demographic will only increase the quality of the leads.

Building Links Back To The Site

Hosting a webinar once a month that people in a specific industry or interest niche consider as a “can’t miss” event will build links to the blog easily. There are plenty of sites that do roundups of events like webinars, conferences, and interviews that large amounts of people are looking forward to. For this reason, transcribing the webinar for later publication can be wise as it will also help your SEO or search engine optimization. Doing outreach to let those relevant websites know about a webinar can also be beneficial. Linking to one of their events or in-depth blog posts might be just enough to convince them to promote your blog’s webinar. Link building can be done by writing articles with a link back to the webinar as it will be seen as a resource. Linking to a sales page has benefits, but many editors of websites will not incorporate a link if it adds no value to the readers of the article.

There Are So Many Options If Webinars Become Popular Enough And Build A Sense Of Community

Podcasts, as well as webinars, can create a sense of community among the listeners and viewers. Webinars that have gained so much traction in a specific niche can lead to conferences or other events. Barstool Sports is a great example of a blog that uses podcasts and articles to throw events like boxing matches, even having a show on Comedy Central. Generating revenue through webinars is also a huge possibility as people are willing to pay money to hear certain individuals speak on subjects.

The webinar is going to continue to be a useful tool to help build a blog’s traffic, as well as revenue. If you have a blog and have yet to do a webinar, start to plan one out today. A competitor’s blog might have one that helps them with traffic monthly, so take a look at a few examples of popular ones in the niche. Do not underestimate the power of the webinar as it could do amazing things for the blog’s future.

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