How Each Type Of Native Advertising Benefits Your Business

The way customers reach new brands has changed significantly throughout the years. In early 2000, the click-through rates for banner ads was nearly ten percent, while today it is even less than one.

Many businesses now prefer the native advertising as a way to reach new followers. According to recent studies, people view native ads 53% more than traditional ads. It is though that this type of advert can increase the brand’s awareness by as much as 82%.

Native Advertising Benefits Your Business

In fact, the conversion rate is with 53% higher than standard ads. These ads are created in such manner that individuals believe that they are part of the content. Statistics show that publications with native ads rarely receive any negative response.

Types of Native Ads

1. Recommendation Widgets

When reading an article, you might see a widget beneath the content, which states something similar to this “Recommended Content for You.” This widget allows brands to keep the people occupied in their website for a longer time. It’s a great way to receive a reasonable traffic towards your other articles.

2. Promoted Listings

“Promoted Listings” can be found on e-commerce websites, where the business owner wishes to feature sponsored products on a category page. It is a very cost-effective method to gain some conversions. Nowadays, eBay doesn’t even charge customers for promoted listings until a sale is made.

3. Paid Search Ads

Similar to the promoted listings, these ads appear on top of customer’s search results, and thus they are considered highly effective. Some people believe that it goes under the hat of the search engine marketing, but it’s actually a method of native advertisement. Businesses receive leads based on individual’s search results, their location or previous experiences with similar companies.

4. In-Feed Units

This is a sponsored advertisement that blends into the articles and provides a natural experience. They are highly convertible as some customers don’t recognize them as sponsored content, even though that it is marked.

5. Native In-Ad

This is an entirely standard advertisement, which is absolutely relevant to the publisher’s content. This means that your ad will receive only targeted traffic. For example, your ad can offer car parts in a TopGear website.

Three Significant Benefits Of Native Advertisement

I. It Attracts More Attention.

Marketing professionals across the globe prefer native advertisement due to the fact that all statistics shows that it provides greater conversions, engagement, and more views.

You can even trigger a wave of likes and shares on the social media platforms, which will drive a notable amount of traffic towards your websites.

II. It Builds Relevance.

By using the audience’s primary language, you will be able to establish a highly valuable relationship. To build a network of devoted and repeat buyers, you need to encourage loyalty and trust within your brand. Brands must create tailored ads to use the possibility of having a post going viral when shared by your followers.

III. Customers Appreciate Suggested, But Valuable Content.

Every single individual that is entering your website with chances of being converted is searching for a solution to his problem. If you can provide them with reliable information, they would really appreciate it.

Native ads allow you to provide extra value to your website by providing interesting information to your readers. Business owners must convince their customers that their satisfaction is superior to the money. Doing that will reward you with your client’s loyalty, which is highly valuable.

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