How to Write Clickable Facebook Ads Headlines to Get Your Campaign Noticed

In the age of the Internet, marketers and advertisers have a harder time trying to get the attention of their target audience. After all, there is much to compete against on the Internet.

How To Write Clickable Facebook Ads Headlines To Get Your Campaign Noticed

From interesting cat videos to funny images, getting the attention of your target market will be a challenge, but is a challenge that needs to be overcome.

With that said, if you’re using Facebook to advertise, then you know it is much simpler to advertise here given all the features that Facebook provides. However, they can only do so much for you.

If you find that your Facebook Ads aren’t getting as many clicks as you’d want it to, then maybe it’s time for a change to happen. There are plenty of things you can tweak here and there to get your Facebook ads to be better. One of these things is your Facebook ads headlines.

Since these are the first thing that people will read from your ad, it’s important that you make it count. Make it as convincing and direct as possible. On that note, if you want your Facebook ads to be more clickable and to get the attention that you want it to get, then check out some of these tips below.

The tips below are going to highlight some elements or changes you can try and incorporate into your headline. Soon you’ll find your Facebook ads are getting more clicks than ever.

1. Start your headline with a number

There are plenty of interesting things you can start your headline with, but the most effective one so far is starting it with a number.

By using a number, you will get more people interested in your ad and will make them click through to it more than the ads without a number at the start. This is according to a study made on which headlines resonated most with people.

Of course, in the study, it’s about headlines in general, but this can certainly be applicable to Facebook ads headlines.

Having a number on your headline makes your ad seem more legitimate, especially if it’s referring to a statistic as well. This may have a hand at why headlines with numbers are more clickable than those without numbers.

2. Make it a perfect 5-word headline

There is a specific word count that is best for a Facebook ad headline. The ideal count would be up to 5 words.

Given the fact that there is a limited space allotted towards the Facebook ad’s headline, five words should be sufficient. At the same time, it keeps things neat and clear and concise. That way, there is no confusion and no unnecessary words thrown into the mix.

Additionally, the length of characters in your headline will also depend on the type of ad you’re using on the platform.

3. Form it as a question

Another way your headline can get some attention and receive the much-needed clicks is by asking a question on the headline. A question on the headline creates a sense of intrigue, and curious minds can be left wanting for more with it.

Of course, not any question will suffice. In fact, it’s important that the questions are relevant to the people whose attention you want to grab.

That way, it is as enticing as it could be to them. Otherwise, you’re just asking baseless questions and you might be entertaining the attention of people who aren’t even worth your time and effort.

4. Include an obvious benefit

Getting straight to the point on your headline is important. This is because if you’re concise, you are less likely to attract unqualified clicks and leads. Instead, the ones who are in need of the benefit that you offer will be the ones whose attention you can capture.

Several Facebook advertising agencies list the headline as something that should reflect what people will receive or be greeted with once they click on it. With it, you aren’t wasting their time and yours.

By including the benefit in your headline, you also can properly lead the people who see your ads to act in order to reap the said benefits immediately.

5. Create a sense of urgency

Last but not least, creating a sense of urgency will make your ads feel more in-demand. This will entice people to look into what you’re advertising. At the same time, it can push them to make quick decisions on whether they plan on patronizing your business or not.

Getting your Facebook ads noticed amidst the tough competition of hilarious home videos and cool trick shot compilations is a hurdle, to say the least. However, these tips should help you overcome them easier than you would have before.

Make sure that you try these out for yourself and track your results before and after the changes. That way, you are in control of what is going on with your ads. Plus, you will know how to optimize and improve your Facebook ads headlines overall.

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