How to stay safe on a motorcycle

In the late 19th century, the motorcycle was born. Fast forward to modern-day, there are now countless models, events, accessories, and enthusiasts of this convenient mode of transport, which has developed significantly since its original conception. 

How To Stay Safe On A Motorcycle

Now, there are many great appeals to the humble motorbike – you can weave through gaps to reach your destination faster, you don’t need a great deal of parking space and they are (on average) cheaper to run than a car. However, they have some undeniable setbacks. Safety has been known to be a major issue with motorcycles, as riders are so much more exposed and vulnerable on the roads (see this motorcycle lawyer based in Atlanta if you have been affected).

Here, we are going to look into how to stay safe whilst riding your motorcycle on the road.

All the gear, no idea? 

Make sure you dress appropriately when you ride your motorcycle. A helmet is absolutely imperative to protect your head and reduce the risk of injury (or a worse fate) if you do happen to come into contact with another vehicle. If you invest in one piece of motorbike clothing, make sure it is this as you need to protect your head. Leather gloves, specialized textured jackets and resilient boots are all things you should look in to. 

Whilst you may think you’re ready to hit the road with all your uncle’s hand-me-down bike gear, think again. It’s all well and good having the right clothing but if it doesn’t fit you properly then it becomes futile and could become more of a hindrance than a help if you are busy pulling up your sleeves that are too long. Invest in your own gear. Your wellbeing comes before your bank balance.

Stick to the speed limits

The advantage of bikes being so agile can be something people take advantage of a little too much. Just because you have the ability to speed and overtake other vehicles easily, doesn’t mean that you should. Speed limits are there for a reason. The faster you are going, the less control you have over your bike, putting not only yourself at great risk but those around you. Also, take into consideration the weather conditions. If it is anything other than calm conditions, then take extra care – use your common sense. 

Make sure your bike gets regular checks and that you have the right insurance

Whilst it may seem obvious, people often overlook or put off getting their bike checked or updating their insurance. This is a mistake. If an accident were to occur and you haven’t got either of the above, then you could find yourself in a whole world of trouble. 

Don’t drink and bike

The common phrase ingrained in all our minds is ‘don’t drink and drive’. This goes for bikes too, as it carries the same risks. If you are going to be drinking alcohol, leave the motorbike at home. It’s not worth the potential repercussions it could cause.

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