How to Quickly Write an Essay on Philosophy

An essay on philosophy is a written work on a specific topic that is usually offered by a teacher. However, in some cases, the student has the right to propose a topic himself. But it must be agreed with the teacher.

How To Quickly Write An Essay On Philosophy

Main Features of Essays

To know how to write an essay, you first need to get acquainted with its distinguishing features. They are the following:

  • Its size is not big. 
  • This work is written on a specific topic.
  • The essay does not have a strict composition, so it can be written in a free manner.
  • This work should express the personal opinion or experience of the student on a particular issue.

As can be seen from the above information, the essay is a small volume work. Writing an essay, a student needs to highlight a specific topic or question.

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Stages of Writing an Essay

If it’s hard for you to start writing an essay, then you can heed our advice. It may be useful to you in practice. You need to do the following:

  • Start writing an essay by analyzing the essence of the issue, try to make your own opinion about it. The more you learn about the topic of an essay from books and articles, the more accurately you will be able to understand what is being discussed.
  • Use various literature to find different opinions on your subject. So you can consider it in more detail. And most importantly, you will see it from different angles.
  • It will also be useful to check additional literature. This is necessary to be able to find suitable examples and quotes for yourself, with the help of which you can confirm your point of view or critically analyze those author’s positions that do not match yours.
  • In the final part of your essay, you should formulate a general conclusion with which you can put a bright final point.

Writing an essay requires a certain amount of perseverance, as well as systematic work with additional materials. In addition, when writing an essay on a philosophical topic, you will have to think carefully about the so-called eternal questions.

It is worth noting that in this case, the essay can be represented by reflection on a specific topic. You can also reflect on the concrete dictum of a famous thinker. In addition, an essay on philosophy may take the form of a review written in a philosophical book.

Fast Essay Writing Algorithm

Although, as we said earlier, the essay does not have a clear structure, it is still divided into three parts in terms of content. These are the introductory part, body paragraphs, and conclusion. To write an essay quickly, you need to know the sequence of everything. We have compiled a simple, understandable algorithm that should make it easier to work on this task:

  • Start writing with an introduction. There you should introduce the reader to the problem that you decided to consider in your essay. In this case, a problem means a difficult practical or theoretical question, which requires a certain solution.
  • Then comes the main part, which should contain an analysis of the topic of an essay or a specific utterance. In this part, you need to show how well you know this material, as well as how logically you can express your thoughts. It is the main part that will be able to show the teacher how correctly you understand the topic. You can start writing this part of the essay with a thesis, that is, with the position that you are going to prove. Next, you need to bring two or three arguments in favor of your thesis.
  • Having finished the main part, you need to summarize everything written earlier. The conclusion should be short but capacious, as well as related to what was said earlier. In some situations, it is perfectly acceptable to express your own opinion about the problem addressed in the essay. It is worth noting that the author’s opinion must be expressed carefully. You need to avoid excessive emotionality.

Editing Tips

You can edit the work in several directions at once:

  • Structure. Check how logically one part of the essay is related to another. Are they equal? If this still happens, then try to make the conflicting parts equal.
  • Sincerity. Try to avoid insincere and loud words. The more sincerely you write, the stronger the reader will respond to your words.
  • Style. In this case, it should be single, without any changes in different directions. It is best to use a journalistic style, trying to write in a simple and understandable way.
  • Volume. If you see that the essay turned out to be too large, then you can cut large parts, only leaving the things that you need in the text.
  • Grammar. Read the work several times, try to fix all the spelling, grammar and stylistic errors that are present in your essay.

Be serious about editing your draft. If you have some time left, then wait a few days before reading. In this way, you can move away from the written and then look at it more carefully.

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