How to Monetize Your Blog in 2020!

Most people always have blogs they love where they can always read their favorite topics and bloggers can gain a lot from this especially when it comes to making money while educating and entertaining their readers. The question most people ask is how to make money from blogging which is easy but it takes consistency and other things to make it possible.

How To Monetize Your Blog

How to make money with blogging

Start a blog

Creating a blog with a targeted niche is always the first step but everyone can create a blog but what makes that blog unique is the content of the blog. 


There is no blog without content and every blogger needs to focus on creating engaging content for their readers. Bloggers have to create content that changes people’s lives, the content they can relate to, and always center on the demographics of the target audience. 

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Find readers and grow your audience

Bloggers can use social media to build an audience by sharing their content on different social networks that will generate traffic to their blog site. It could be twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. Once the audience has been built – the blogger can now use their audience to make money. This could be done in one or all of the following means.

Advertising income

This usually the first bus that starts for many bloggers. As the traffic grows so does the brand, bloggers will come in contact with advertisers who are willing to pay to get exposure to the blogger’s audience. 

Sell memberships

A different alternative to make money is selling memberships to selected corners of the blog or website. As an example; a career blog may charge $15 per month for readers to have access to their job sector. Same as a new business blog can sell memberships to their audience where people can get detailed and personal advice about their business.

Sports bloggers can also make use of this opportunity by giving out tips on how to win lottery online.

Affiliate income

Affiliate marketing is another way to make money via blogging – all the blogger needs to do is put a link to a product that is up for sale on a different site. If one of the followers uses that link to purchase a product, then the blogger will get a commission on that sale.

Sell digital products

For bloggers with a wide audience who would not want to advertise the product of others on their site, they can consider selling digital products as another means of making money through a blog. The items that can be sold include;

  • eBooks
  • Images, video, or music which people can make use of their content
  • Online courses/workshops

Bloggers with a wide audience can use their blogs to do several things including building credibility for their brand which can make them have huge partnership deals.

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