How to Make Extra Cash At Home during Lockdown

With the rise of the pandemic, many things seem uncertain. No one knows when the pandemic will be over, and things will return to normal. However, there is no doubt about the effect it has on the budget and lifestyle of many.

Therefore, the bid to survive these days is quite challenging with rapid financial uncertainty. The chances are that you’re already thinking of how to make extra income this season. Best Essay Help can help you get your college papers cheaper than other companies. Also, you can apply for writing jobs at their website. We know that not all of our readers are students, so the following tips may be more useful.

If you are thinking of taking responsibility for your financial situation, here are a few money tips on what to do to make extra cash this season.

Cash in Your Cupboard

Are you aware that by clearing out your cupboard, you can find items worth sharing? When you eventually find things to sell, eBay is the perfect place to sell such items. You will be responsible for sending the items while you adhere to the post office’s social distancing rule.

Aside from eBay, Gumtree and Facebook Marketplace are also perfect for selling these items. If the buyer is local, you can easily hand over the items. However, adhere to social distancing rules and stay safe. 

Clear Your Book Shelves

Books are treasures, especially for book lovers. Getting rid of books, especially a well-loved book, can be a tough call. However, when you do, they can become a good source of income. Amazon is undoubtedly the best place to sell books from your bookshelves. 

You’ll need to register as a seller with your mobile, means of identification, payment card, etc. Then, you post what you are offering for sale. Music Magpie or We Buy Books are also platforms to sell books. They operate similarly to Amazon.

esports betting sites

Do you like sports? Sports betting can be beaten with a bit of sports knowledge as you need to understand the math and a calculative approach. Just try to predict the outcome of a match in order to make money;  you can make money from being on the right side, try to go to one of the best sports betting sites, and create a situation where you have a 50% probability of winning.

Cash in Your Foreign Currency

Research result shows that an estimate of €3 billion in foreign currencies sits in various UK households. Are you one of those holding on to some foreign currency you brought from travel? Now that you need some real cash is the best time to trade them for some local money.

How do you do that? Bidgewedge is the answer. The platform allows you to create an account for free, present the amount of currency you have, and tell you the price. If you agree, you post the money, and they pay the amount directly into your bank account. 

Search for Junks

You may wonder, how can junks bring money? Well, not every junk will make you money; only the valuable ones will do such. However, the definition of value is subjective in that what someone considers valuable, you may not find it so.

In case you have some vintage items in your home, but you do not love that much, then it’s high time you found someone who values it and will trade you money for it. VintageCashCow will do that for you as they collect vintage materials and pay you for all materials received the same day. 

Become Creative

Are you good at making some crafts? If you’ve not considered making things for money in the past, now is the time you need to consider it. Whether you can create something out of yarn, paper, or recycled materials, they can become income sources for you.  

Just make sure you create something that others will buy. When you do, there are several platforms where you can sell the things you create. Check out platforms like Shopify,, etc.

Earn By Using Your Computer

If you like using and sitting in front of your computer, then convert that time to monetary value. Taking online surveys is an obvious way to do it.  

You only need a computer with an internet connection. However, you have to be careful and only do business with legitimate sites. Check sites like Prolific, YouGov, Swagbucks, etc.


We hope you have found one or two of the above suggestions helpful. They are proven opportunities to fill your time and pocket during these uncertain times.

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