How to Get Things For Free Online

Getting things for free is the best, isn’t it? No matter who you are or how rich you are there isn’t a person among us that doesn’t love getting a freebie. A good example I can give is when I went to a big football game in corporate hospitality through my cousin’s work and these guys were serious business people, at half time there were ‘free’ pies and you wouldn’t believe these guys racing to the room to pile 3 or 4 each into their arms. They could afford their own so why the rush? Simply because they were free! So let’s explore how to satisfy our pie-munching urge, so to speak, online.

How To Get Things For Free Online

Group Offers

If you are looking at organizing an event or a trip for a large group of people, then there are so many offers and discounts available online if you look around. Most tourist attractions have these types of offers but so do leisure activity providers such as bowling alleys, theme parks and so much more. Even if you are not physically part of a group you can still take advantage of group offers by teaming up with strangers online through sites such as Groupon to get offers and discounts.


Did you know that you can get freebies, offers, and discounts just by participating in online surveys? Marketing firms value your opinions and are prepared to incentivize you for this. You can even be paid cash in some of these schemes. There are so many places to find these different sites, there are a good few to be found in this guide here.


Running a vehicle is an expensive thing to do so any help in this regard would be good. You can easily save money on insurance by searching via an online comparison site, and there are too many of these to even mention here. Another good option is discounted gas cards which will make fuelling up less of a burden.

Booking Travel & Accommodation

Going on vacation or even traveling for business can be a huge cost to get travel and accommodation. You can save a considerable sum if you do this online, but that’s hardly news. The existence of sites offering low prices on hundreds of hotels have been around for a long time. What you may not know though is that you can get further discounts on these prices by searching around online for codes such as this great offer here.

Financial Services

Everyone needs a bank account these days, unless you live on a hippy commune or are a survivalist extremist it’s how we all get paid and pay for everything in our lives these days. The downside is that you can get excessive charges and fees from a regular bank that you can walk into and open an account with. These days though there are online-only banks, where you never have to or even can do, visit a branch. The fact that they save on these expensive commercial premises allows them to offer better, and cheaper, services.

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