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How to get backlinks from high authority sites?


Earning high-quality backlinks can be a real pain if you don’t know the tips and tricks. There are tons of data available on the internet and it is hard to extract the useful ones from them. SEO people often struggle with questions like how to gain high-quality backlinks, how to find high domain authority sites forbacklinks etc. Well not anymore. This article will present you with some top-notch tactics to create quality backlinks. Read till the end to master link building. 

How To Get Backlinks From High Authority Sites

Some may say that backlinking requires a great load of effort but those people certainly don’t know the smart tactics and techniques. Yes, backlinking can be fun. You can build a strong backlink profile without putting much effort- andtheywill be high-quality backlinks. Yes. You all must be wondering how is it possible. Let’s dig into it without any further due.

We will be discussing the following points in this article:

  • What are high-quality backlinks?
  • How to find high DA sites?
  • How high-quality backlinks can benefit your site?
  • How to find high-quality backlinks? 
  • Creative ways to get your site quality backlinks
  • Conclusion 

What are High-quality Backlinks?

Backlinks are links that come from another website to yours. They can be from social media sites, directories or some other websites. Backlinks from the siteswhich have a great score over the following metrics can prove to be very beneficial for your website. 

  • Moz rank
  • Citation flow
  • Trust Flow 
  • Alexa Global Rank

Moz is the most common used SEO tool. Domain authority is a scoring tool developed by Moz to rank websites. Domain authority let you analyze the credibility of the site. Higher will be the DA of the site, the stronger would be the backlink from that particular website. 

How to find high DA sites?

At this point, some of you might be thinking how can we find high DA sites and how free high DA backlinks can be created? Well, it isn’t a great task. Find the websites related to your niche.

 Here is an example for you. Consider your niche is digital marketing, and you want to find out high authority sites to get your content published in a particular niche. You’ll require a Mozplugin installed on your browser. Turn it on. Now put the following search query in the search bar:

“Blog” “Digital Marketing” “Write for us”

Google will return you with thousands of editorial sites within digital marketing niche. Moz plugin will show you to analyze the domain authority of every site appearing in the search result. Create yourself a backlink sites list to improve work efficiency.

How high-quality backlinks can benefit your site?

Till here we all have a fair idea about backlinks. What are high-quality backlinks? And how can we analyze that a particular site can provide a strong backlink?

Now, the question is which backlink can be considered a quality backlink? It’s simple. A backlink from a site which is well trusted by Google and other search engines and have high domain authority is a quality backlink. Such backlinks are precious and we all content marketers are constantly striving to create backlinks with those sites. These strong backlinks can provide the following benefits to our websites:

  • They give a boost tothe site’s domain authority and SEO ranking
  • Every link contributes to the reputation of the website
  • Relevant backlinks from reputable site enhance credibility 
  • Drive quality traffic tothe website

Creative ways to get yourself High-quality Links: 

Gaining yourself quality backlinks is an art. It requires little effort and more creativity. Coming up with new and ingenious ideas which intrigue and motivate people to pay attention to your content is necessary. There are several practices to gain authority backlinks like you can use some reliable guest posting service. Besides that, we have gathered the most effective techniques for you all,which can gain you backlinks from high DA sites. 

Make use of Data-driven content: 

Maybe the term data-driven content confuses you. But it is something all of the content marketers are already utilizing in their routine tasks. Data-driven content contains stats and researched data for a specific type of audience to make them a repeated buyer of your brand. Such precise and laser-focused data when is crafted creativelycan gain youstrong backlinks.

MattCuttsaid that “The purpose is not to make your link look natural, but it should be natural.” Creating quality content with authentic numbers and stats can naturally get you a high-quality backlink. And trust me on this a valuable piece of content which shows unique research and authentic stats can get you the quality backlinks without putting much effort. No website reject well-researched content. Rather they welcome them and promote them because they are equally beneficial for them as it is for you. 

There are several sites which allow you to get your content published without paying anything. Whereas some sites do charge you for a backlink. 


Infographics are a great way to create high-quality backlinks. SEO sensation Neil Patel calls infographics aTrojan horse for link building. They have the power of getting you into the thick walls of high DA sites. How can you form an effective infographic? Following steps can help you craft a smashing infographic which no high DA site can reject. 

  • Perform a solid research 
  • Create a simple and elegant design 
  • State facts and figures 
  • Utilize color scheme that actually pops audience’s eyes up

In order to provide your info-graph a built-in shareability, you can exhibit surveys conducted by experts within your niche. Doing so will providevalidity and authority to the content which makes iteven more shareable. 

Target Citation Sites: 

Citation sites commonly known as local business directories are also an effective backlink building source. The following graph from Brightlocal shows that SEO people extensively use citation sites to create quality links. Many citation sites may not provide any link juice (do-follow backlinks) but mere mentions or no-follow links. But several major sites do provide do-follow links which involve giants like Google, Bing etc. 

Image Source

Many of you may not know the difference between do-follow and no-follow links. Well, to be very simple and precise, do-follow links basically provide your link juice from the particular site you created a backlink with. Whereas a no-follow link will only be a vote to your site from a credible high DAsite which contributes towards your website’strustworthiness. 

Here is do follow backlinks list 2019 for citation sites:

  • Google.com
  • Bing.com
  • Tripadvisor.com
  • Directory.independent.co.uk
  • Whitepages.com
  • Kudzu.com
  • Local.com
  • Local.botw.org
  • iBegin.com
  • 192.com
  • Elocal.com
  • Factual.com
  • Scoot.co.uk
  • Canpages.ca
  • Cataloxy.com
  • Cityfos.com

Major local directories have a significant impact on the local organic ranking of a website. 

For a great wide list of do follow backlinks sites 2019 visit here.

Guest Posting:

Guest posting is another way to attain quality backlinks. Reach out to the sites and pitch your idea to them. It totally depends on the webmasterwhether they provide you with a do-follow link or not. Some guest sites may charge for a do-follow link and don’t allow you to promote your product or business rather want you to provide content which is of value. 

Following are the do follow backlinks sites 2019, which gives you the opportunity of guest posting.

Above mentioned are very few of the tons of other sites. I’ve personally generated some great link juices from these sites and can vouch for them. The webmasters value quality content.

Press Release: 

Earning your website high-quality backlinks for free is actually a smart work.The press release is another effective method to generate a quality backlink for your blog or website. PR and marketing both have a complementary role in business development. Building an SEO friendly press release can be beneficial in building a strongbacklink. 

Previously a column in the newspaper, a radio segment or TVAdsused to cover pretty much everythingfor marketing. But now with the internet, everything has been revolutionized. This evolution screams for the SEO press releases. Now it is important than ever to have a backlink from a credible site to ensure that news you’re providing is authentic. There isseveral high PR backlinks sites list available over the internet. Some may provide high PR do follow backlinks whereas some may only provide you a vote of confidence with their no-follow backlink. Either way, it’s a win-win situation. 

Here is a high PR backlinks sites list 2019 by us:

Mention influencers and other bloggers in your articles: 

This is the easiest and most overlooked method to gain high authority backlinks. All you have to do is providea reference from an influencer or famous bloggers within your article. For example: if you’re writing an article about SEO, you can always provide a reference link from Neil Patel to provide authenticity to the content. There are several ways you can do it. 

However, my common practice is that I link every article with at least 4-5 bloggers. I simply do not mention and sit back and hope that those bloggers will notice. Rather I inform them that I’ve used their blog or guide for reference. You can use the following template as an example. 

Hi [Name],

I’ve been following your blog for a long and gave reference to your article in my new post. Here is the link [URL] to my new post. Please give it a read.

Best Regards,


If I couldn’t find their email address, I simply reach out to them through social media. I’d recommend all the bloggers out there to make this particular method their common practice. It is easy, savvy and delivers great results. Doing so will allow you to build a relationship with influencers and famous bloggers. A good review from these bloggers can give a boost to your platform’s credibility and DA big time. Generate an updated high authority backlinks list 2019 to ease this task for yourself. 

Broken link building technique: 

We all have heard that “No one gets poor by giving.” Well, it is certainly true, not just for our regular lives but also for SEO. Offering help to some website to fix their broken page for them is a great way to create a strong backlink. It’s a very simple method. Many blogs or websites unknowingly have a broken link like a redirected page or an old piece of article with page error over an anchor text. Or there is a possibility that some particular article provides old information which can be revamped with new facts and figures. Reach out to those websites. Inform them about the broken links and offer your help in fixing that problem. Well, who says no to free help. I guess no one. 

Here are a fewsample emails which you can utilize to reach out to the sites for broken link building technique. 

Hey Mathew,

I’ve been browsing through your site and I must say you have some impressive content over there. However, I found a broken link that leads to an error page over an anchor text “How to save on internet bills”. I have created a piece over a similar topic, which can be of interest to your readers. Would you like to use it instead? Looking forward to your reply.


After Positive Response:

Hi Mathew,

Thanks for the instant reply. Well, following are the broken links I identified earlier mentioned along with the substitute links. Let me know if you have any queries regarding the substitute links. 

Anchor text 1:____________
Substitute Link: ____________

Anchor Text 2: _____________
Substitute Link: ______________


You can utilize your high authority backlinks list 2019 here. You can easily find yourself broken links or articles which require revamping through these lists. Maintaining such lists are important for SEO people. You don’t have to do googling for every other thing. Just put some time in research and form lists for yourself and make use of them for the rest of the year.


The article provides simple yet creative methods to get high-quality backlinks for your site which will improve the DA and ranking of the site. Creating backlinks is more of smart work than that of the hardwork. Strong backlinks can be created through guest posting, broken link building, infographics, data-driven content, by mentioning influencers and bloggers, citation sites and through PR sites. PR sites are specifically beneficial for the bloggers associated with media. Creating a list of high PR backlinks 2019 is important. You need to find yourself the best websites of the year which are capable of providing strong backlinks. 


Ram Kumar blogs at DeviceBowl. He is a graduate in Computer Science and Engineering. Addicted to Blogging and Coding.

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