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How to Choose a Logo for Your Business


Logos are often the defining feature of a business. It only takes 10 seconds for someone to form an impression of your business by looking at your logo. A large majority of businesses are recognized by their logo rather than their name or product. It is necessary to choose a logo that represents your business’s core values but is also memorable to clientele. A business’s logo can make or break it. According to Forbes when choosing a logo for your business, you must consider the design, the color, and how you are going to create your logo.

How To Choose A Logo For Your Business


Logo design plays a vital role in your business success. When it comes to design there is no right or wrong logo design, but it should simple and people should be able to recognize it easily. There are 5 major types of logos: wordmark, letter mark, brand mark, combination mark, and emblem.

Wordmarks are logos that are text only. 41% of the top 100 U.S. brands use this type of logo. It is simple and straightforward. There will be no guessing as to your business’s name or purpose.

When using a wordmark, your emphasis should be on color and font to ensure an effective logo. Wordmarks are best suited for businesses with short names and should use either a unique font or a word drawn by a professional to ensure your logo stands out.

Lettermarks are also text only logos, but are a shortened version of the name of your business. Lettermarks are similar to acronyms or initials. They use text for the same reasons wordmarks are used, but shorten the name of the business to ensure memorability and to help with difficult pronunciations. As with wordmarks, color and font type play an important role in these types of logos.

Brandmarks are symbols or pictures used to represent a business. These logos do not use words. Brandmarks are best for business with difficult names or that plan to reach diverse groups of people that may struggle with reading your language. A simple image may be more easily recognizable than letters or words. Brandmarks are best for well-known businesses that already have their name out there since they do not tell consumers your name.

Combination marks are combined text and symbol. This type of logo is an excellent option for businesses who want an icon, but are not yet well known as it lets consumers know your name.

This is the most popular type of logo. With a combination mark, you must be sure that neither the icon nor the wordmark stands out more than the other. You want the two to look like they belong together.

Emblems are similar to combination marks in that they use both text and symbol. The emblem, however, is a symbol containing words. Oftentimes, an emblem looks like a shield or badge.

The advantage to using emblems is that they are small, compact, and fit in areas of limited space. The downside to emblems is that if you make the emblem too small, the text may become too difficult to read. After deciding which type of logo you want, you should next choose the color of your logo. If you know less about all these elements you can simply use best logo maker tools to design the logo for your business easily.


Choosing the color(s) for your logo can be as important as the graphic. Not only can the color you choose to represent the core values of your business, but, because of its aesthetic appeal, color is most likely to be the first thing that a customer notices. So what color should you use?

According to Logo Factory, in a study of the top 100 brands, 95% of the logos had two or fewer colors. In choosing the color of your logo, you want to keep it simple. You also want to consider the mood or meaning of color.

The color blue is used by 33% of top brands. Blue typically symbolizes integrity and dependability because it is a cool, soothing color.

  • Red is used by 29% of top businesses because red is appealing to the eye and symbolizes strength and passion.
  • Green, also a cool color, can symbolize wealth, nature, adventure, health, and safety depending on which shade you choose.
  • Yellow is a sympathetic color that represents happiness, hope, and energy.
  • Purple is associated with royalty and as such represents sophistication. Purple is used to denote power and wealth.
  • Orange, being the mixture of red and yellow, has the properties of both of these colors: it can represent both hope and power, happiness and strength. Orange is also used to represent fall.
  • Brown represents the earth and nature. As such, brown symbolizes reliability and solidarity. Brown typically appeals to men more than women.
  • Black symbolizes elegance, timelessness, power, and intrigue. It also has the added benefit of being a neutral color that can easily be paired with any other color.
  • White is the symbol of purity, cleanliness, and innocence. White, like black, can be used in a variety of contexts as it pairs well with any other color.

The color you choose to represent your business says a lot about your business’s values and what you want customers to feel. Color also provides added visual aesthetics.

Choosing How to Create Your Logo

All of the decisions to be made when choosing your logo are equally challenging and important.

So how do you decide who is going to create your logo? You could pay someone money to create your logo for you, or you could create it yourself using Renderforest. Renderforest is an online marketing platformer used to create videos, websites, and even logos to promote your business. Depending on your needs, they offer packages ranging from no cost to $59 per month. Renderforest as a fast, affordable and easy logo maker tool.

Renderforest offers tutorials on how to use their website and services and provides a viable option for creating your logo. Why deal with the hassle of having to send a logo back to someone multiple times when you can easily make the changes you want yourself? Start with a simple idea. Add or take away color, graphics, and words as you please and as your idea develops. If it doesn’t work for you, you can alter your own logo until you have the perfect logo for your business. You will also have the satisfaction of a job well done and the pride in knowing you created the viewpoint of your own business.


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