How Do Coupon Sites Become So Popular

How Coupon Sites Make Bucks!It is a high strung economy that we have in the world at the moment. Almost everyone would like a little extra cash fall sometimes. Although, it does sound kind of fanciful, yet this is a possible fancy. In fact, couponing is a very easy and quite popular method for people nowadays to get some extra cash or saving going for them.

Coupon sites have sprung up quite literally in hordes on the internet. These sites have, since their inception, gained constant popularity, I can present a brief look on how exactly coupon sites get so popular.

Concept of couponing gaining momentum

The basic reason for online coupon sites to even startup is the amazing popularity that couponing received. People have been quite desperate in a very dark economy nowadays. They look forward to ways and means that can bring down their everyday expenditure or help them to start some savings.

Discount coupons and vouchers give them a steady nudge in this direction. As a result, more people get in to couponing. This is the reason why online coupon sites start up and then continue to gain steady popularity.

Internet- a fast and cheap medium

The internet remains one of the most convenient mediums of this century. It is very fast and also it is quite popular with a large section of the society. It is only natural that online coupon sites will find it easier to target a customer group that is ostensibly larger than any amount of people that they might have attracted with clipping coupons.

Also, it is easier for customers to check on the new deals and offers on an online coupon site. It is because of the internet, we find that it is easier for us to share auto trader and woot coupons.

Target the youth

Online coupon sites target the young generation as their primary customers. This is basically due to the fact that people just starting out in their lives will definitely seek out stores and other services that offer some discounts. This group is also potentially more internet savvy.

As such, it only stands to reason that they will seek out the best coupon sites to avail of the most profitable offers on their favorite services. This is also one of the reasons for the increasing popularity of online coupon sites.

Consumer interest first

With the online coupon sites, the power invariably shifts towards the consumers rather than the retailers. This is a very big advantage and most people would like to benefit from these sites if only they were more aware of the idea. Online coupon sites work in the interest of the consumers since they get them some remarkable discounts.

All the consumer has to do is to search for the relevant coupons or in some cases codes on the coupon sites. When they preset these coupons or the code in the shop, they can get their offered discount.

Couponing for money

The concept of couponing is not limited to just availing the discount. Many people, nowadays, have also taken to collecting such coupons and selling them on eBay. This is a great way of getting some extra cash.

Online coupon sites are extremely beneficial in this regard as the information is already online and all the person has to do is mention the site and the code in their sale ads.

Affiliate programs

Many coupon sites also offer affiliate programs to their consumer groups. They offer bonuses to each person for referring new people to the site. The referrer gets bonus for each person that signs up with the site under their referral code. This makes sure that the consumer keeps earning even when he is not collecting all the coupons himself. This is a very handy program and has definitely contributed to making online coupon sites that much more popular.

Sponsor from large merchant groups

These coupon sites help the local as well as international retail businesses and stores to get more customers. This in turn gets the coupon sites sponsorships which the sites can devote to their marketing. This is also a very clear reason for the rising popularity of the coupon sites.

The internet is teeming with such coupon sites and they are also popularized by the retail stores and large merchant groups with whom the sites collaborate to bring such discounts to the customers.

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  1. At some point over the last three or so years, coupons became cool. Once presumed to be the domain of eccentric cranks demanding a measly 50¢ off toothpaste or canned soup, coupons are now regularly used for deals on skydiving trips, designer fashion, and fancy restaurants. The embarrassment of using coupons is gone—and so is the guilt of splurging on purchases you really don’t need.

    When exactly did coupons become cool? I’d say around the middle of 2009, when really began to catch on. Since then, the daily deals market has exploded, and some 23 million Americans bought daily deal coupons last year.

  2. People are really getting into coupons. I think the Groupons of the world will fizzle out in about 3 years. They will not go away just not be as popular.

  3. I can honestly tell you that coupon sites take alot of work, and ALOT of your free time. If your not prepared to spend most of your day scouring through thousands of coupons and deals, then testing them to see if they work then I would say stay away!

    • You can get updates from various leading coupon sites. Suppose if you are targeting web hosting and domain coupons, you can start to subscribe to their official blogs and Twitter accounts.

  4. People are really getting into coupons. I think the Groupons of the world will fizzle out in about 3 years. They will not go away just not be as popular.

  5. Jane, I have one big question that nobody seems to have an answer too…

    Can you help?

    I am currious as to all of these coupon sites online… Thousands of them. They all have great websites and fantastic savings coupons… Where in the heck do they get the coupons to put on their sites?

    If they get them from the manufacturers or from one central location, do they have to update them every single day, or is it automated with RSS Feeds to add and remove coupons as they are created or expire by the manufacturer?

    Can you help with this?


    • Hi Dale,

      That was a good question, such coupon site owners normally have lots of contributors or people who can get such coupons from various resources.

      You can use Social Media to find trending coupons and stuffs.

    • Dale, just as Pradeep says, you can get coupons by searching around. Alternatively (and I think most of these coupon sites run primarily because) you can "create" your own coupons. For instance Hostgator allows you to create coupons with certain discounts, so if people use those coupons created by you, no matter whose affiliate links they click, you will be credited you affiliate commissions. So if you manage to build a coupon site, you can contact the popular coupon sites and get your own coupons 🙂

  6. In this recession-laden times, a lot of people are really living through discounts and deals. Many people, though, are not convinced about this until they read or hear real people who save a lot using discounts and free vouchers.

    There is no cost in getting discounts online. All you need is just to browse your virtual community and check to see whether an online store is offering discounts and deals. These are short-lived, however. They sometimes last for days, a couple of weeks, or within a given month.

    The good thing about discounts and deals is when they are coupled with another promo. A free shipping and handling deal for example is a great way to maximize the coupon.

  7. Couponing is one of the correct directions to save money in that. so, those sites are more popular in the web 🙂

  8. Once during my blogging career, I had started giving away coupons for Pizza Hut, Mc Donald's etc. Trust me, it was a hit! But soon after, I ran short of them and had to shut down the scheme!


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