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How Blogging is Making People More Interested in Online Gambling


Casinos are just like any other business. They are in a very competitive market where they need to employ the latest and best marketing strategies in order to compete for a limited pool of potential customers. One way that the best online casinos are attracting new players is through blogging and content strategy. Utilizing this modern marketing tool, smart casinos have found a way to leverage blogging to get a leg up on the competition. Here is how blogging is making people more interested in online gambling.

How Blogging Is Making People More Interested In Online Gambling

Boosts search engine rankings

The goal of search engine optimization (SEO) is to have your site rank as high as possible and show up first in Google search results. In fact, statistics show that around 70% or more of people never leave the first page of the search results. A very important component of boosting your SEO is blogging. Blogging creates relevant content that the Google search algorithm likes and can also be filled with valuable keywords that will make Google see your site as more relevant to searchers. When people begin their search to find a new online casino and google things like “best online casino” or “online casino with the best payouts” a casino’s blog will go to work and get that casino listed higher up the page, drawing in more people and, ultimately, more clicks and players.

Creates a relationship / Makes it more social 

There are a lot of reasons that people gamble. According to this Weekly Slots News article about why people gamble, mingling, making new friends and being social is among the top reasons people like gambling and casinos in particular. In a land-based casino, the social aspect takes care of itself with the real social interaction you partake in. In online casinos, that dynamic is more difficult to replicate. This is why blogging is so helpful. When people read a blog, they begin to create a relationship with the writer. They carry on conversations in their heads about the content they are reading and they can interact with both the blogger and other readers in the comments section. These aspects of blogging are what allow online casinos to feel less impersonal and more closely replicate the social piece of a brick and mortar establishment.

Attracts a younger generation 

All casinos, whether they are the most well-known ones on the Vegas strip or the smallest internet outpost, are in competition to attract the same basic pool of gamblers. For the long term health of their businesses, both types of casinos are doing everything they can to attract young, millennial gamblers to their establishments. Traditional casinos are doing things in Las Vegas to attract a younger crowd like adding high-end shopping to the strip. For online casinos, blogging is a great way to attract younger gamblers because that is something that most are very familiar with. Young people today rely on blogs as both a source of information and as a way to confirm the credibility of a website or online retailer. A great blog will help bring in the young, tech-savvy users all casinos are looking for.

Gives users more confidence 

Every gambler is looking for an edge. As Gambling News Magazine explains, the chance to beat the house and win money is one of the psychological reasons that the global gambling market is a $495 billion industry in 2019. Writing a blog about strategies, tips, and tricks on how to be a better gambler will give people more confidence in their abilities and entice them to take a shot at winning big. While not every (or even many) gamblers who read the blog will become an “Advantage Player”, they will all gain more confidence that with their improved strategy and a little luck, they can take down the casino and win their fortune.

Talks up the experience

For players who love real casinos, playing online can be underwhelming. Sitting at your computer and clicking a mouse will never be as immersive and pleasurable to some as feeling the real dice or cards in your hand. However, in 2019, online casinos have become incredibly realistic with the implementation of new technology that increases the social capabilities and improves the user interface and makes the graphics see much more life-like. A great blog will be able to tout these improvements in the online casino experience and, at the very least, make people curious about how the online experience compares. An enticing blog that can capture how good the online experience has become will go a long way to drawing in players who traditionally have not been all that interested in an online experience.

Collects emails  

A blog can help develop a following that will entice people to hand over the key to online marketing… emails. When you are able to curate a substantial email list, the marketing you implement will become much more powerful. Email marketing is still one of the most cost-effective and efficient ways of marketing to consumers. Collecting emails through click or subscribers to a blog means that you will have a quality list with relevant users who you know are pre-qualified for any offers you send out. Once you have this list, you can run all types of promotions such as free-plays or deposit matching that will get people to play more frequently or with more money in their online account. If an online casino’s blog functioned only to collect relevant emails, that would still be a huge win that would generate the desired ROI alone.


Blogging is a decidedly 21st-century marketing tool and the online casinos that are utilizing it in 2019 are reaping the rewards. The best part of all is that it is relatively easy and cheap to implement. Many casinos can do it themselves with someone already on staff or they can pay a professional writer to do it at a reasonable price. The key is consistency though. A consistent blog is a successful blog and more and more online casinos are finding this out all the time.


Ram Kumar blogs at DeviceBowl. He is a graduate in Computer Science and Engineering. Addicted to Blogging and Coding.

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