5 Hobbies that Can Further Your Career

Do you dread that ‘hobbies and interests’ section of a job application? There are certainly ways you can put a prospective employer off by including the wrong thing. If you spend your spare time drinking at bars, that’s no-one’s business but your own; however it is not going to carry any favors when searching for a job. Here are five hobbies and interests that will boost your career prospects in certain industries.

Hobbies That Can Further Your Career

Photography & Video Production

Creativity is a desirable quality in many jobs, and not just those that are specifically creative. With the increasing competitiveness of the jobs market, any transferrable skills should be considered a considerable advantage. If you can put together high-quality visuals, this can help in a variety of work tasks. Giving a presentation to colleagues has more of an impact if presented in a stimulating way. If teaching or lecturing, then being able to use creativity in delivering a lesson or even helping students create their own presentations can be an excellent use of these skills.

Volunteer Work

If you have the time why not volunteer with a local charity or cause? This could vary from conservation work, to coaching a kid’s sports team. Employers will always look favorably on those with voluntary experience. It shows a civic-minded individual, and can help further skills such as leadership and teamwork.


The world is connected digitally in a way many of us could not have comprehended only a few decades ago. Digital literacy is a must to apply for a job these days. In the past skills at computing would have meant using a word processor or email software, but these are no more than the basics now. Competency in specialist software or even having a programming hobby will set you apart from the rest. 

Building & DIY

Practical skills are always useful, and although we just discussed how the world is connected digitally, we still need to work in the real world. If we can put together or build items around the home, such as garden furniture, shelving, etc. it shows we are skilled with our hands. Repairs and maintenance are also good skills to have. Many jobs require an eye for keeping things in good working order.


Literary skills and being able to convey an idea in an engaging and informed manner are indispensable skills in the modern world. But blogging is more than just writing skills; it requires a flair for promotion and marketing as well. A blog will never be successful if nobody knows about it. Effective use the tools of social media to get your reader numbers up is a difficult task to master. You do not only have to write on your blog, but others also allow guest writers to submit articles for consideration, ourselves included. Guest posting can open your writing up to a new audience. Many jobs now require social media management and blog writing as part of the role. 

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