HBB’s phpBB Powered Forums Launched

phpBBWe have launched a Discussion and Support Forum finally. If you want to create a forum for your blog, then you can check this list of free open source forums.

This Forum is exclusively powered by open source phpBB. You can use our forum for doing any healthy discussions.

Join this forum if you are really interested in knowledge sharing. I’ll be slowly making this forum much more efficient in the future.

Resource : 15 Free Best Open Source Forums

Currently HBB Forums has Avalon Blue theme. It is a simple and elegant theme, loads far more better than other themes. Now go ahead, and introduce yourself and share your Blog URLs there! Check the full screenshot of our forums.

HellBound Bloggers Forums
HellBound Bloggers Forums

HellBound Bloggers Forums Currently Closed For Maintainence & Security Purposes

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Pradeep Kumar

CEO and Founder of Slashsquare, Indian Blog Network and Web Consulting Media. HBB is a part of Slashsquare Network. I'm a Tech Blogger, Striving Entrepreneur, Atheist, and Proud Indian. Catch me on Facebook and Twitter.

38 thoughts on “HBB’s phpBB Powered Forums Launched”

  1. Yhello all,

    Nicholas here, a newbie and already luving it in this community. I’m just making a fast introduction

  2. forums have very presentable look but i see there is hardly any activity there, i will be willing to join the discussion once they are promoted enough.

        1. lol yeah, that can happen to the non-blogger commentators, they forget to add the .com in the urls, i find urls like lol, or put email in url field like this one, but its cool because you are getting the average/non-tech internet users and these people can become your regular commentators someday 🙂

  3. Congrats man and best of luck, starting a forum could be a great work but i wish you the best.

  4. Nice work, I like the theme. I’m always split on having a forum or not though….on one hand, it can drive a lot of traffic, but on the other, moderating it can be a nightmare.

  5. firstly congrats for your new forum pradeep… n my question is can i make forum with blogspot?? if yes then how??

      1. Thanx for replying pradeep.. i m a newbie so i don't know much about the forums.. got some usefull info from you n your blog..

  6. Hey congrats man, I know it will be work, but I'm sure you can handle the load. 😉

    1. Welcome to HBB Forums mate. To create a new topic, just go to respective category (like Technology, Blogging, and so on) and select “New Topic”. That’s it! 🙂

    1. actually that’s what i suggested on the other post as well that lists the opensource forum scripts. while opensource is free not every opensource script is like wordpress… vbulitin is way too good as a forum script and is absolutely recommended over any other forum script…

      anyways, best of luck for your new forum, hope it gets active 🙂

      1. yes its costly, no doubt on that 😛
        but it is worth every penny, and think about it, you are building an asset for a future, this is all investment 🙂
        go for it Pradeep, its worth it 🙂

  7. Ow nice ! this is what all missing in HBB.. 🙂 I will be contributing to the forum regularly !

  8. Nice work dude!!
    I know this will happen one day, but dint expect so soon you will launch your forum!! anyway congrats!! 🙂

    1. yep, that’s another reason why opensoruce is not so cool! when it comes to forum scripts…

  9. Congrats dude… I’ll also register myself here.. All the best for its success 🙂

  10. Congrats man …. Forums will help to interact more and users can ask their problem and get install replies …. Gr8 work m/

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