It’s Hard To Earn Money From Blogging, But Not For The Reasons You Might Think

I am sure; you have been read several blog posts before that claims making money from blogging is easy. But, I would like to know about you.

Have you ever earned enough money from Blogging? If not, you are not alone; there are many bloggers out there who never make a single penny from their blog. Almost every blogger start a blog for money but, most of them the end up with nothing.

It’s Hard To Earn Money From Blogging, But Not…

Hard To Earn Money From Blogging

It is not because they do not follow the golden rules of blogging suggested by experts, but the pieces of advice which they never been heard of. In this post, we are going to discuss those reasons why you could not succeed to earn money from blogging.


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Let’s dive in the post then:

1. Targeting The Wrong Audience

Targeting the wrong audience is like shooting an arrow in the dark and believing that it will hit the goal.

It only cost you time and money. Many beginner bloggers make this common blogging mistake. They create content without knowing their right audience.

The understanding audience is critical to the success of any types of business whether it is online or offline.

Imagine, why people will take out their wallet to buy your product or services if they are not interested in it.

You may ask, how would you know who is your target audience?

The simple answer is, buyer person.

The buyer persona is market-based research data; that shows how and why your potential customers decide to buy a product or service. A single buyer persona covers a large group of people who has similar interest. So, next time when you create content first understands your customer’s need.

2. Blogging Is Not Easy

I don’t want to break your heart but the truth is blogging is not easy. It was never easy for the people who don’t have patience.

You have heard it before that blogging will make your life easy, and you can do whatever you want, right? It’s true; I do not deny it.

Blogging is the best way to generate passive income.

If you take blogging seriously, then it is not going to be easy for you. You have to work hard consistently in a smart way. You don’t only follow the basic blogging rules, but also, you have to provide the information which people never have seen before.

3. Huge Traffic, But No Money

Getting lots of traffic to your website does not mean that you can make money.

You may ask, why?

I know all the years you have read that to make money you need traffic, and you are getting that. Then how can I say that you can not make money?

Web traffic does not always guarantee you money. Unless, it is right traffic. Let me clear this the visitors who visit your blog is not your ideal customers. So, it is simple if you are attracting wrong people then you will not be able to turn them into paying customer.

The truth is, you don’t always need lots of traffic to make money from your blog.

If you are selling high converting goods or services, you can make money with low traffic. You need to focus on the right kind of web traffic rather than the crowd, who has nothing to do with your business.

4. You Are Neglecting Your Audience

I know you don’t do it intentionally, but the truth is, you are doing this.

You might be surprised and thinking how would you suppose to do that? Your visitors are important to your blogging success, without them, your blog is like you are talking to yourself.

In the other words, no blog readers mean no blog. Show your audience that they are important to you. Therefore, making your audience feel special, involved and serious in your blog can help you in many ways.

How to make your blog readers feel different and satisfied?

1. Write in a friendly manner – This is the most important element of a blog to make your blog readers special.

Write like you are talking to them personally, or as if you are talking to a group of individual people.

People are more likely to take the interest in content which is written in a friendly manner.

2. Add your own touch to writing – It is the second vital element of friendly writing.

When you write a blog, add your personal touch in that. People love to know their role model’s struggle and how they overcome with that.

Make sure you don’t bore them with your story, try to mix it up with fun.

3. Make your readers engage in the conversation – You already know the importance of the audience engagement. Your blog post should not look like that you are talking to yourself.

Make your readers as if they are the part of the conversation.

Do the following activities to increase audience engagement in your blog post:

  • Ask questions about their problem.
  • Use call-to-action in your post.
  • Ask for the suggestion.
  • Offer them something valuable in return for their engagement.
  • 4. Put your audience in the center – At the end of your blog post, request your audience to contribute their personal stories, experiences, and strategies.

    Motivate them to participate in the conversation, and be a part of your blogging community.

    5. You Like Complicacy

    Many bloggers love to show their knowledge and intelligence to their readers. They use complicated words that normal people do not easily understand.

    They assume that people will influence with them. But, the truth is people like simplicity rather than complexity.

    If they don’t understand your content, they will not convert. Next time when you write a post make it as simple as you can. So, when a reader read your blog post, he easily learns what you want to tell him. Simply written post helps readers to understand the topic in less time and provide them a better user experience.

    6. You Are Too Focused On Quantity

    Are you publishing a new blog post every day without adding value to it?

    If you are doing so, you should stop it right now. When you publish a blog post, your focus should be on the quality of content that you are providing to your audience rather than the quantity.

    A visitor visits your website and clicks a post to find the solution to his problem. If could satisfy him, he will be your subscriber whom you can convert into paying customers.

    Don’t publish a worthless post. Only write when you have something valuable to say. Your audience will love to read that one useful post rather a multiple inferior blog post.

    7. You Give Priority To The Word Count

    You have been heard it before that long post performs better. It is the topic of debate among the bloggers that how long post should they write. Many bloggers got success with short blog posts.

    Curious to know, how?

    Because they only focus on the quality of the information. If you can deliver your message in two hundred words, do it. Respect your audience’s time; they are busy people.

    People will love to read your 200 words post which provide them value rather than worthless 1000 words.

    Final Thoughts

    Blogging is not a rocket science. There are some blogging rules which you need to follow.

    You can do this, but the problem is, how seriously you are taking it. If you treat your blog like your best pal, it will reward you name, fame and money. Honestly follow the rules as mentioned above. You will be successful to earn money.


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    I would like to know your blogging success. Please share your thoughts and experience in the comment section.

    6 thoughts on “It’s Hard To Earn Money From Blogging, But Not For The Reasons You Might Think”

    1. hii umesh,
      the problem is people come into blogging because of money if you come in blogging with intrest and passion it is not hard to earn online.
      thanks for the great article.when i came into blogging i dont know how to make money online but now i am able to make around 3000@$ per month

    2. Hi Umesh,

      Right, People starts blog but target wrong audience and result they lost somewhere in crowd once lost making money from blog became too difficult for them.

    3. Nice article, the problem is that most bloggers to have the perfect model defined at the beginning. They believe that once you start posting money will come automatically. You’ve shared an interesting and insightful article that will make a beginner build a profitable blog.



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