Seven Handy Tools for Everyday Office Fixes

An office is run by people. Without managers, staff, and office workers, it can’t fulfill its function. But more than anything, it is a structure made of walls, studs, cement, wood, and glass. It is susceptible to damage, and the people who occupy it need to be equipped with the right tools to maintain small everyday office tasks.

Handy Tools For Everyday Office Fixes

It’s important to keep a toolbox that contains essential tools that can be grabbed by any office worker whenever a small thing needs to be fixed in the office. This doesn’t necessarily have to be a toolbox. It can be a shelf, a cabinet, or even a whole storeroom—that is, if you’re thinking of storing more handy tools. Check out these seven tools you can add to your collective “office toolbox.”

USB Docking Station

Sometimes you have more flash drives and gadgets than your computer’s built-in USB port can handle. This why a USB laptop docking station (or two) needs to be in your storage room. Companies such as video-production and advertising agencies are some of the organizations that can benefit from this tool.

Stud Finder

What happens when you get a new certification for your company? What about if your department is awarded a plaque or certificate for excellent work? You will mount that source of pride, of course. With that, you will need a stud finder to drill into a stud so that enough support can hold the things you want to hang or attach to the wall.


This is a staple tool for any home, but offices need drills as much as any old home does. Perhaps a new shelf needs to be mounted for an influx of new documents. Perhaps a large bookshelf needs to be bolted into the wall to secure it better. That will be a difficult feat without a drill.

Screws and Screwdriver

If there is a need for a drill, then there is definitely a need for screws and screwdrivers. Any office will never run out of screws to tighten. There are also shelves to attach and pieces of furniture to assemble. If you have a screwdriver in your office toolbox, then you’re already half saved.

Leveling Tools

How many people have jagged perception? Those are the people who, for the life of them, could not form a decent straight line. For office workers, especially interns or new hires who are always on the task of building and putting up things for their superiors, leveling tools such as rulers, levels, and tape measures are lifesavers.

Allen Wrench

Allen wrenches or keys are used to tighten bolts and screws that have hexagonal sockets in their heads. Yes, screwdrivers can do the job, but the Allen wrench can be quite handy as well, especially with office furniture. This is a suitable addition to your office toolbox and can be handy in various office situations.

Electric Lockpick Gun

Use this tool only when absolutely necessary. A meeting room was locked, and the keys are nowhere to be found? An employee is stuck in a room because the lock was jammed? There are so many instances in an office where an electronic lockpick gun can be of use. Just be sure that you get a proper tutorial before using it.

These may be just small and simple tools, but keeping them in the office can at least make office workers feel a little bit at ease. There is a certain calm and satisfaction in knowing you can have something to grab whenever you are faced with some small inconvenience involving office things. They can even get you through a hard day.

If your office already has this useful assemblage in one of your storage rooms, then that would be great. You just have to think about what’s missing in your toolbox. If you still haven’t, then let this be a sign that you should start storing screwdrivers and docking stations now.

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